I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 503 - Chapter 503 – Mainland’s Terror

Chapter 503 - Chapter 503 – Mainland’s Terror


The formerly grand Great Sky Sect had been reduced to barren land. Not a single tree could be seen on the ground, much less flowers, grass, or people.

After Zhou Xuanji and the others left for a while, cultivators gathered from a distance.

Dust filled the sky, and the clouds had disappeared. The barrenness stretched for as far as the eye could see, seeming to reach the end of the earth.

“The Great Sky Sect has been destroyed… a great calamity has come…” an elder floated in the air as he said with a trembling voice.

Just like in the Center God Province, the Heavenly Saint of this world had told the creatures of this world about the event.

Because Otherworld enemies had not appeared in a long time, they had almost overlooked this matter.

Who would have thought on this day…

It was definitely done by the Otherworld Children of Destiny!

The news quickly spread on that day!

The entire Great Sky Sect had been destroyed, and none of the millions of people had any of their bones remaining.

Apart from the disciples on missions outside, none of them had survived. Even Sect Lord Lin Wuhong had fallen.

After this news spread, the world was sent into terror!

“The war between two worlds has begun.”

“Just how strong are the other side’s Children of Destiny?”

“Heavens, that’s the Great Sky Sect!”

“Even the Great Sky Sect was destroyed; doesn’t that mean that it will be difficult for us to survive?”

“What should we do now?”

All of the Abyss Pearl Mainland’s cities and sects were discussing this.

News about the war between two worlds madly spread to every corner of the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

On the other side, Zhou Xuanji and the others went to a mountain cave.

Marquis said in awe, “Looks like I can’t make an enemy of you in the future; you’re too overpowered.”

He finally understood why Sage Daojing had sent Zhou Xuanji to participate in this battle.

This boy’s swords were massive killing machines, and they were beyond comprehension.

Zhou Xuanji sighed and said, “After killing so many living creatures, I don’t feel a shred of happiness.”

He was not reluctant about killing people, but he only killed enemies.

In the war between these two worlds, how many innocent people were killed in the crossfire?

“No need to think too much about it; this is Heavenly Law. Have you felt guilty about the grass and flowers you’ve walked on? To the Heavenly Law, you and I are like grass and flowers. Rather than feeling guilt, it’s better to become stronger. Only by becoming a Heavenly Saint one day can you make new rules,” Great Emperor Wuwang said. He had once felt this way, but as he experienced more, he had thought it through.

Just like war, one had to fight whether they wanted to or not.

It was just that there were countless lives on the balance.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and asked, “Who’s next?”

Great Emperor Wuwang took out the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking and said, “Earth Dragon Clan, Dragon King Jiuyu.”

Zhou Xuanji took out the Furious Ape Sword and began charging.

Marquis said excitedly, “We’ll fight like this, continuously launching surprise attacks!”

However, Great Emperor Wuwang shook his head and said, “This kind of method is powerful at the beginning, but if we are countered one day, we will waste time without getting stronger. It might bring about great disaster.”

Marquis and Zhou Xuanji sank into their thoughts; this was indeed the case.

The three Otherworlders in the Center God Province would most likely strengthen themselves while killing enemies. That way, they would get stronger and stronger.

However, because of the Furious Ape Sword, Zhou Xuanji and the others had wasted quite a bit of time.

“Let’s head out now. We’ll strike down another one before splitting up,” Marquis said as he slapped his leg. Zhou Xuanji and Great Emperor Wuwang had no objections.

As such, Marquis used his magic energy to bring Zhou Xuanji and Great Emperor Wuwang away.

Zhou Xuanji continued to refine Heavenly Law Immortal Energy and send it into the Furious Ape Sword.

“Sword Spirit, transfer the divine ability from before to me,” Zhou Xuanji said in his mind. When breaking through to the Universe Heaven realm, he had obtained two swords, as well as a divine ability called World Suppressing.

Just the name alone made it sound extraordinary.

Following this, a wave of memories flooded into his mind.

He used Simultaneous Execution, and he quickly comprehended World Suppressing.

World Suppressing was a divine ability that manifested Fate as sword qi. It did not consume one’s own Fate, but the stronger one’s Fate was, the more powerful World Suppressing would be.

This divine ability had to be cast downwards from above; that was why it was called World Suppressing.

Zhou Xuanji memorized the way to use the divine ability; there was no need to practice it.

Seven days later, they landed on a cliff.

Great Emperor Wuwang was very smart, and he had purposefully avoided many powerful sects on the way. After all, after what had happened to the Great Sky Sect, the entire Abyss Pearl Mainland was definitely thinking of ways to capture them.

Ahead was a wasteland, and countless ravines criss-crossed, making it seem like the ground had split after being incinerated.

“The Earth Dragon Clan is below; are we going to directly rush down?” Great Emperor Wuwang asked. If they attacked from above, it would be difficult to threaten the Earth Dragon Clan; if they were below and the Furious Ape Sword’s power was too great, it might hurt them as well.

Zhou Xuanji nodded, and his swords appeared around him. The scene of hundreds of swords spiraling around him was incredibly majestic.

It was the first time Great Emperor Wuwang and Marquis had personally seen Zhou Xuanji take out so many swords.

Their gazes fell on the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword, Wind God Sword, and Seven Emotions Evil Sword, and they felt incredibly shocked.

The auras from these three swords were so powerful!

Apart from them, there were some other swords that were very strong too.

Where did this boy get so many swords?

Zhou Xuanji ignored their gazes and descended, and Marquis and Great Emperor Wuwang followed behind him.

“This boy is truly wild; he has the same spirit as I did back in the Northern Wilderness,” Marquis said in amazement, and Great Emperor Wuwang gave a slight smile.

Which of the Great Emperors who had ascended from the Northern Wilderness was not a proud and unruly figure?

They had not changed, only reigning themselves in a bit.

Just like right now, with just three people, they dared to charge into a dragon clan’s territory!

Clang! Clang! Clang…

The sound of the swords colliding with rocks could be heard, shaking the underground region.

Soon, dragon’s roars sounded out from beneath the ground, sounding incredibly violent and savage.

Zhou Xuanji directly unleashed Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep, and his body turned golden as a violet nine-sword Taichi diagram appeared on his forehead.

He completely exploded out with his aura; after he had broken through, it was the first time he had so wildly released his power.

Fiery light appeared from below as a massive dragon surrounded by intense flames rushed up, madly rushing through the rocks; its eyes were filled with killing intent.

Universe Heaven!

Within a snowy land, two figures stood on the peak of a mountain, surrounded by snow.

The one standing in front was an elder in red robes. His hair was bound by a golden thread, and he had a well-built figure. Even though he had an ancient-looking face, it still looked incredibly stalwart.

There was a woman in a blue dress standing behind him. She had a graceful figure and had snow-white skin. She was peerlessly beautiful, and her black hair was spiraled above her head. There were three jade hairpins in her hair, and she gave off an ethereal aura.

“Revered teacher, what are you worrying about? Didn’t you say that the Center God Province cannot rival our Abyss Pearl Mainland?” the woman in blue asked, a look of confusion on her face.

The elder looked at the snowy horizon and sighed as he said, “Fate has changed. Before, the Center God Province was going to lose without a doubt, but this fate has suddenly become hazy. Looks like Sage Daojing has made a good move; a good move that I cannot understand.”

The woman in blue frowned and asked, “Revered teacher, you mean that there’s a Child of Destiny who can defeat our Abyss Pearl Mainland?”

The red-robed elder did not reply, and his gaze became deep.

After a while, he said slowly, “It is just a bit hazy; reversing the situation is impossible.”