I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 501 - Chapter 501 – Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking

Chapter 501 - Chapter 501 – Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking


Hearing Sage Daojing’s words, Zhou Xuanji almost cursed out.

Why didn’t he say this earlier?

Almost guaranteed to lose?

He did not accept it!

Zhou Xuanji quickly calmed down and looked downwards.

He could already see the ocean, and countless continents were sprinkled across it, looking like little islands. He could sense that he was still far away from the ground; it was just that this world was too big.

He did not know how Marquis and Great Emperor Wuwang were, as his divine sense was not able to pass through the energy restricting him.

Fortunately, the three of them were not greatly separated, and they were traveling at the same speed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three of them slammed into the ground, flattening the surrounding 10,000 kilometers. A wild gale blew, and dust billowed into the air.

The instant he landed, Zhou Xuanji felt his legs going numb.

He inwardly cursed; if he did not have Universe Heaven cultivation, wouldn’t he have crashed to death?

It was definitely the enemy world’s Heavenly Saint’s doing!

He was truly vicious!

Zhou Xuanji dusted himself off and the restriction disappeared, and he quickly went over to Marquis.

Great Emperor Wuwang did the same.

“What do we do now?” Zhou Xuanji asked. Marquis and Great Emperor Wuwang were both his seniors, so he naturally asked for their opinion.

If they did not have any ideas, he would act by himself.

Marquis said in a low voice, “Leave this place first and go into hiding for a while. We’ll work out the situation in this world and kill those experts with the most Fate.”

Great Emperor Wuwang and Zhou Xuanji nodded, and the three of them left like a gust of wind, disappearing without a trace.

Not too long after they left, many figures descended from the sky, giving off powerful auras.

“Damnit, they escaped!”

“Looks like these three also have Universe Heaven cultivation.”

“So what? The Heavenly Saint said that the other world is inferior to us.”

“How can we catch them? We don’t even know what they look like.”

“Just wait, they’ll definitely act at some point.”

The powerful beings floated in the air and conversed. They were all in human form and spoke the same language as Zhou Xuanji’s Great Thousand World.

At the bottom of a cliff, Zhou Xuanji and the others were internalizing qi against the face of the mountain.

They discussed while they internalized qi.

“If we continuously act together and we’re all caught, everything will be over,” Zhou Xuanji said. He had confidence in his own strength.

Great Emperor Wuwang nodded, and he hesitated as he said, “But it’s also easy to be taken down if we act by ourselves. If it’s like this, you must have absolute confidence in killing your opponent; after killing them quickly, we need to immediately leave.”

This battle concerned the lives of countless creatures in the Center God Province, so they had to take it seriously.

If they were just fighting for themselves, why would they be discussing among themselves like this?

Marquis frowned and thought deeply.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly took out four Concealing Grass and gave them to Marquis and Great Emperor Wuwang as he said, “This is Concealing Grass, two for each of you. After consuming it, you can conceal your figure and aura for one hour. After consuming it, you need to quickly leave.”

Marquis and Great Emperor Wuwang took the Concealing Grass, feeling quite shocked that such a treasure existed.

“Since it’s like this, I can’t take it for nothing,” Great Emperor Wuwang said as he flipped his right hand. Two blood-red pills appeared in his hand and said, “These are Wonder Blood Spirit Pills. Once you consume it, you can return from death to life and restore all of your injuries within a few breaths of time.”

Zhou Xuanji received the Wonder Blood Spirit Pill and smiled as he said, “So powerful? I almost can’t bear to use it.”

Great Emperor Wuwang loudly laughed; he was quite pleased at Zhou Xuanji’s covert flattering.

Marquis took out two jade slips and said, “These are World Limitless Jades; once you shatter them, they can transport you hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. If you use it at a key moment, it can save your life.”

Zhou Xuanji took the World Limitless Jade and examined it.

Great Emperor Wuwang laughed and said, “World Limitless Jade? It’s rumored that they fell from above the 36th heaven.”

36th heaven?

Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity, “Rumours say that above the 36th heaven is Heavenly Law; is that true?”

Great Emperor Wuwang shook his head and replied, “I’m not sure, I’ve never been.”

Marquis shrugged, expressing that he also did not know.

They rested and prepared for two days before leaving.

This world was not any smaller than the Center God Province, and it would be very difficult for the experts here to find them. Unless they had actually fought before, wanting to find them would be like looking for a needle in the ocean.

They soon found a city, snuck in, and separated to look for information.

Zhou Xuanji walked into a small alley and found a beggar as he said, “I see that your figure is decent, but I wonder how your intelligence is. Tell me about what you know about this world; if I’m satisfied, I will take you as a disciple and give you riches.”

The beggar, who was lying on the ground, immediately jumped up.

Even though he was quite dirty, he looked quite young, and he started to endlessly talk.

This world was called the Abyss Pearl Mainland and was ruled by three great god dynasties. There were eight Sanctums that overlooked the eight directions in the world. There was a Heavenly Saint who lived in the sky and many mortal worlds below.

Zhou Xuanji asked if there was a ranking for experts.

No matter what world it was, there would be all kinds of rankings. After all, as the saying went, ‘there is no first in writing and no second in fighting’. Everyone wanted to know who was the best.

The beggar replied that there was!

The All Heaven Alliance’s branch in the city sold Abyss Pearl Hero Rankings, as well as all kinds of other rankings.

Zhou Xuanji took out a Level Three Spirit Stone and tossed it to him before leaving.

The beggar was startled.

That was it?

What about making him a disciple?

He was not angry, and instead he was quite pleased as he held the Level Three Spirit Stone; he could buy meat to eat.

Zhou Xuanji quickly found the All Heaven Alliance’s branch building and bought all kinds of rankings.

After doing this, he left.

An hour later, the three of them met together and stayed in the room of a tavern, preparing to discuss who to deal with.

It was difficult for them to be discovered in a bustling city like this.

As such, they did not leave this city.

Great Emperor Wuwang flipped through the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking and said, “The top 100 cultivators are all at Universe Heaven Level 7 or above; the top 50 are at Universe Heaven Level 12 or above…”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji and Marquis’ mouths twitched.

What kind of doomed plot was this?

Out of the three of them, Marquis was the most powerful, but he was only at Universe Heaven Level 5.

They were not even qualified to be in the top 100 of the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking?

Marquis deeply breathed in and said, “Looks like this battle is even more difficult than we thought it would be.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at Great Emperor Wuwang and asked, “Who is the closest?”

If they could kill the top 100 on the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking, they would most likely be able to win.

After all, the more powerful they were, the more Fate they had.

“30,000 kilometers away, there’s a sect called the Great Sky Sect. The Sect Lord, Lin Wuhong, is ranked 78th on the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking,” Great Emperor Wuwang said. He started to calculate their odds of victory.

Zhou Xuanji slapped the table and said, “We’ll fight him. If we can’t even defeat the 78th on the ranking, we might as well end ourselves.”

Marquis was spurred on by him and loudly laughed and said, “Indeed!”

Since Zhou Xuanji, who had only just broken through to Universe Heaven, dared to fight, he had no reason to be afraid.

Great Emperor Wuwang also nodded.

Early the next morning, the three of them headed out.

They followed the map and quickly headed to the Great Sky Sect.