I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 500 - Chapter 500 – Battle Between Two Worlds Begins

Chapter 500 - Chapter 500 – Battle Between Two Worlds Begins


Zhou Xuanji fell silent. The Heavenly Saint’s words were quite heavy, and he understood that he had no other choice. At the very least, he could fight for the Center God Province.

“Honored Sage is brilliant, expounding the Dao ahead of time. It will be difficult for the opponent to win,” Marquis said as he chuckled, feeling quite amazed.

How would those three Otherworlders be able to kill the Center God Province’s outstanding figures?

They had all been present when listening to the Heavenly Saint expound the Dao.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji came to a realization; this was indeed a brilliant tactic!

Sage Daojing shook his head and said, “The expounding of the Dao will finish soon; I just wanted to help everyone become stronger. Are you all ready to leave?”

Zhou Xuanji hurriedly asked, “Is that Heavenly Saint also in the Great Thousand World? Which Province are we going to?”

The other man who had not spoken this entire time also looked at Sage Daojing with curiosity.

“There is not just one Great Thousand World under Heavenly Law; this time, the chessboard will be the Center God Province, and next time it will be another Province. This rotation maintains fairness. The Center God Province is not the first to participate, nor will it be the last. Don’t be careless; three Provinces have been wiped out already and will be unable to recover within millions of years,” Sage Daojing said.

After speaking, he waved his right hand and took Zhou Xuanji and the others into his palm.

He stood up and directly left Still Thought Temple, arriving in the starry sky.

He looked into the distance and opened his right hand. He blew into the palm of his hand, and an orb of light was blown out.

“Zhou Xuanji, Marquis, Wuwang, don’t disappoint me,” Sage Daojing watched them travel into the distance as he gently murmured.

At the same time, within the orb of light, Zhou Xuanji and the others looked at each other.

Marquis began to make introductions. He pointed at the man beside him and smiled as he said, “This is Great Emperor Wuwang, I’m sure you’ve heard of him before. Speaking of which, it’s quite a coincidence that the three of us are all from the Northern Wilderness.”

Great Emperor Wuwang!

Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed and he examined the other person.

Great Emperor Wuwang wore a gray Daoist robe and had an elegant aura. His skin was white and he had an amicable smile on his face, looking like a noble scholar.

“Zhou Xuanji, we finally meet,” Great Emperor Wuwang said as he lightly smiled, a profound look in his eyes.

Zhou Xuanji understood his gaze and smiled as he asked, “Do you want to steal the Violet Demon Monarch Heart from within me?”

Great Emperor Wuwang shook his head and said, “The Violet Demon Monarch Heart can condense and pass on as a legacy; my heart is still the Violet Demon Monarch Heart. Your Violet Demon Monarch Heart is from my heart’s legacy and is still an item created by the heavens and earth. It is completely pure and flawless; I wonder how many generations this legacy has been passed down for.

“Perhaps it was the arrangement of the Heavenly Law.

“In the unseen world, heaven’s will is everywhere.”

His words caused Zhou Xuanji to think to himself; they sounded like they made sense.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji asked him about his cultivation.

Marquis was at Universe Heaven Level Five.

Great Emperor Wuwang was at Universe Heaven Level Four.

In the Northern Wilderness, Marquis had nearly eradicated the demon race. After he ascended, Great Emperor Wuwang had almost eradicated the human race. Who would have thought that today, they would be fighting side by side. The Northern Wilderness’ beings definitely would not be able to imagine this.

They even more so would not have imagined Zhou Xuanji fighting with them too.

“That’s right, why did Sage Daojing choose the three of us? I know my talent is good, but surely you guys don’t rank in the top three in terms of talent in the Center God Province like me, right?” Zhou Xuanji asked teasingly.

Hearing this, Marquis felt like hitting him.

Great Emperor Wuwang gave a slight laugh and said, “The Great Emperor Stele does not represent much. As for why he chose people from the Northern Wilderness, the Honored Sage most likely had his own reasons; we are unable to guess it. Let’s put our attention on the upcoming battle. We are facing an entire Province, countless beings.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded; he had too many questions in his mind.

After all, he was only 234 years old and did not know much about the Center God Province, much less the Great Thousand World or other Great Thousand Worlds.

Marquis harrumphed and said, “Stop asking questions, just do your best to fight. We might very well die over there, so we all have to treat each other honestly; we must not harbor selfish desires at a time like this.”

He looked at Great Emperor Wuwang, his meaning clear.

Great Emperor Wuwang continued to smile amicably as he said, “I’ve lived an open and honest life; I never use underhanded tactics.”

Zhou Xuanji did not pay any mind to their talks and continued to look forward.

The light around them gradually became transparent, and he could slowly see more and more of the starry sky around them.

It was as resplendent as a milky way.

In the vast universe, where was earth?

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and smiled, and he did not think too much about it.

He already had his own home in the Northern Wilderness, and things of his past life were no longer important.

The only ones he cared about in his past life were his parents; after so many years, they had most likely already reincarnated.

As for love, he was currently protecting it.

At the 9th heaven, Sage Daojing suddenly stopped expounding the Dao. A bell sounded out, causing everyone to come back to their senses.

“The Heavenly Law Tribulation has begun; the Center God Province has been chosen to be one of the places of calamity and will fight with another world. That world will send three Children of Destiny to try to steal the Center God Province’s Fate, and I have also sent three Children of Destiny to their world,” Sage Daojing told everyone at the Center God Province.

Everyone in the world was shocked, and those present were shocked as well.

“This is not just their battle, it is yours as well. Your task is to do all you can to kill the enemy world’s three Children of Destiny. If the Center God Province is defeated, all creatures in the Center God Province will be slaughtered. If the Center God Province is victorious, your memories of this period will be wiped, but you will be able to continue to live.

“The three Children of Destiny heading to the enemy world are Zhou Xuanji, Marquis, and Great Emperor Wuwang.” Speaking to there, Sage Daojing abruptly stopped talking.

He looked at the million beings present.

“Your task is to focus on cultivating; ten years later, I will send you all down, and you will be hunted down by the enemy world’s Children of Destiny. Of course, you can be the ones to hunt them down as well. The expounding of the Dao will now begin.” Sage Daojing continued to expound the Dao, but everyone present was greatly startled and unable to calm down.

Jiang Xue looked at the sky, remaining silent.

By now, she no longer panicked; she believed that Zhou Xuanji could do it, and she would wait for him in the Center God Province.

She would wait for him to come back.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Chen Bantian, and the others were also sent into an uproar. They were not afraid and instead felt quite excited.

In the boundless universe, the orb of light covering Zhou Xuanji and the others dissipated. Their bodies gave off a light, and they turned into shooting stars that shot out.

Zhou Xuanji found that he could not move, as there was a mysterious and powerful energy restraining him.

He could not even telepathically communicate with Marquis and Great Emperor Wuwang.

Soon, an ocean of light appeared in front of them, and the three of them fell into it.

A powerful light flashed, and when Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, a sea of clouds was rushing up at him; he was falling down.

At that moment, a voice sounded in Zhou Xuanji and the others’ minds.

“I forgot to tell you, the world that the Center God Province is facing is very powerful, more so than the Center God Province. It is almost guaranteed that the Center God Province will lose; this is why I hurriedly expounded the Dao. I hope that the three of you can create a miracle for me.”