I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 499 - Battle 499 The Game Between The Heavenly Saints

Chapter 499 - Battle 499 The Game Between The Heavenly Saints


Zhou Xuanji entered enlightenment mode. He was alone in a vast world, and there was no one beside him. There was no preaching site, no golden tower.

The boundless blue sky was above his head, and under him laid the undulating and ceaseless cloud sea.

He was practicing the sword.

The sword in his hand was the Crimson Dragon Sword, and he was practicing the White Crane Sword Technique.

It was just like his first time practicing the sword.

He practiced peacefully, without majestic sword Qi but just simple sword moves.

After a while, he created two duplicates of himself and continued with the practice.

The world was vast, and he was practicing the sword on the clouds.

He had no goal in his consciousness but was practicing tirelessly like ants carrying leaves. He was like a majestic eagle soaring endlessly in the sky. He was like a drop of water in the river, not knowing where he was going, and not a trace of him could be found.

More and more duplicates appeared, and all of them were practicing the White Crane Sword Technique.





Sometime later.

Under the sky and above the clouds were filled with Zhou Xuanji’s silhouettes.

At this moment, his consciousness was slowly awakening.

“Everything has their own Dao. The humans have Dao, demons have Dao, fiends have Dao. The Dao can be small, but it can also be big. All Daos in the world converge into the Great Dao…”

Sage Daojing’s voice suddenly appeared in this world, and Zhou Xuanji began introspecting his own Dao.

He learned many sword techniques and had mastered many divine abilities.

Before this, he sought after 10,000 swords to create a world of the Sword’s Way.

As time went on, that was no longer his final goal.

He had so many years ahead, and it was easy to obtain 10,000 swords.

Then what was his true Dao?

Sword’s Way?

All of Zhou Xuanji’s duplicates began attacking each other. They were not just using the White Crane Sword Technique but all sorts of sword techniques.

Tri-source Vein Severing Sword, Vibrant Raindrops Sword, Soul-eater Slash, Heavenly Lights, Ancestral Dragon Sword, Sky Dominating Divine Sword, Thirty-six Paths Jade Xiao Sword, Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, and so on!

It was a battle that belonged to Zhou Xuanji’s Way of the Sword.

From the outside world, Zhou Xuanji was surrounded by a gust.

Looking from afar, it looked like a tornado had enveloped him. It was an impressive view.

Everyone around him was in the Meditative State and was not affected by him.

Sage Daojing nodded satisfactorily. Zhou Xuanji was a genius who he had chosen indeed.

At this moment, the Heavenly Saint opened his eyes and looked up.

He saw three comets with blazing trails falling from the sea of clouds.

“They are here!” Sage Daojing mumbled. His face was filled with worry.

But strangely, his preaching never stopped, as though there were two of him speaking.

Ten years later.

Zhou Xuanji finally broke through to Universe Heaven Level One.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached Universe Heaven. Gacha begins! ”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Celestial-shaking] Zhuyuan Luo Sword, [Ancient Gazing] Wind God Sword, World Guardian! ”

Everything went on smoothly without difficulty. With the Heavenly Saint, he did not even need to go through the tribulation. But his mind was constantly in enlightening contemplation.

He did not even hear the Sword Spirit’s voice.

His Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power grew tremendously, and his aura put pressure on the entire preaching site.

Most of the cultivators were shocked to see Zhou Xuanji’s mighty aura and his spiritual Qi rippling. It was like a volcano eruption.

Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, Xiao Jinghong, and the others opened their eyes too. They looked at Zhou Xuanji with admiration.

Zhou Xuanji was always walking ahead of them. Just the aura was beyond what they could seek for themselves.

He did not open his eyes. After momentary awe, the others closed their eyes to continue cultivating as well.

Above the cloud sea, Giant God Huang Hao stood proudly. The setting sun blazed gloriously and majestically.

The Old Star Lord appeared beside Giant God Huang Hao and said, “Did you feel the three auras just now? ”

Giant God Huang Hao nodded. He said with a solemn face, “A very powerful force covered their auras such that we cannot trace them. They seem to have come from the 33rd Heaven.”

33rd Heaven was Still Thought Temple.

However, the 33rd Heaven was not the highest heaven.

Legends had it that once a person reached 36th Heaven, one could face the Heavenly Law face to face.

“This is very like related to the Heavenly Saint. Don’t you feel that it’s a strange thing for him to open a preaching site?” the Old Star Lord asked with a frown. His words made Giant God Huang Hao think deeply.

In the recent hundreds of years, too many things happened in the Center God Province. Even the Great Emperor Dao Court, who had always been acting secretly, came out from the shadows and wreaked havoc in the world.

“No matter what, I will protect the Center God Province,” Giant God Huang Hao said peacefully with determination.

He was not only the War God of God Palace but also the Center God Province.

If not for the fact that God Palace was transferred back to the Center God Province, he would not have returned to God Palace and obeyed the Master of Gods.

“We better be careful,” the Old Star Lord sighed and left.

When Zhou Xuanji reached 234 years old, his consciousness awakened.

He opened his eyes and was shocked to find himself in Still Thought Temple rather than in the golden tower.

Sage Daojing sat in front of him.

Two people stood beside him. One of them was Wang Hou and the other a stranger.

“You are finally awake,” Sage Daojing said with an amiable smile.

“The preaching is finished?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a frown.

Wang Hou snorted, “No. The preaching site is still there. The Sage has a mission for us.”

The more he looked at Zhou Xuanji, the more unpleasant he felt.

Zhou Xuanji could sense his anger, and he was confused. Did this guy lose his mind?

“The competition between the Heavenly Saints has begun. You three shall be my chess pieces and enter the other Heavenly Saint’s realms,” Sage Daojing said, gaining their attention.

Zhou Xuanji had heard Sage Daojing mentioning this before.

But he did not expect it to come so quickly.

Fortunately, he had already broken through to Universe Heaven Level One and grown much more powerful. The Disaster Releasing legendary sword was also unlocked for him to use, so he had no fear.

“The Heavenly Saint that is playing chess with me has already sent three of his pieces into the Center God Province. The Heavenly Saints cannot be involved personally in this competition. The goal of the chess game is to plunder the fate of the opponent’s world. Plunder by killing and snatching. Kill reputed people in the opponent’s world and snatch the treasures of the world’s creation,” Sage Daojing said. His words made Zhou Xuanji frown.

The competition between the Heavenly Saints was to kill?

“When one Heavenly Saint’s realm collapses, his opponent will be the victor, and the chess game is complete. Power and speed matter. If you are defeated, the Center God Province will all be turned into ashes,” Sage Daojing looked at Zhou Xuanji and spoke with emphasis on each and every word.

Zhou Xuanji could not hold it and asked, “Why do you Heavenly Saints have such games? Are you bored?”

Sage Daojing looked at him and said, “It’s against our will. This is the will of the Heavenly Law. Each realm cannot grow limitlessly. Do you understand? It’s just like endless wars in the mortal realms and the replacement of empires.”

Zhou Xuanji’s frowned even deeper.

Heaven’s selection?

Survival of the fittest?

“It’s just like your hair. You trim it when it’s too long. The trimmed off part had also sheltered your head before. Just like your tendons and bones, with breakthroughs, the things that you rely on for survival will become waste that needs to be expelled. They cannot remain in your body forever,” Sage Daojing explained further. His words were straightforward and ruthless.