I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 498 - Chapter 498 The Preaching Begun

Chapter 498 - Chapter 498 The Preaching Begun


Soon, Zhou Xuanji brought Jiang Xue and the other ten to the boy who swept the floor.

The boy nodded and said, “You are here. On the third level from the top, there are 11 seats. You can sit with your people together there.”

“Thank you,” Zhou Xuanji replied.

It was such a convenience to be familiar with important personnel. He did not even have to say who he was, and seats were even reserved for him.

The group flew up toward the top of the golden tower.

Along the way, ZHou Xuanji saw many disciples from the Divine Cliff.

There were many Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortal in the Divine Cliff. It was not a wonder to see them coming up to the 9th Heaven to listen to the preaching.

“Seems like our master is very influential here!” Chen Bantian said in excitement. He looked around, and everything felt new.

Zhou Xuanji said to Jiang Xue, “Be serious during this preaching. If you perform well, I can recommend you to tStill Thought Temple. ”

In Still Thought Temple, many powerhouses were cultivating while listening to Sage Daojing’s preaching. In that place, there could not be conflicts or they would be driven out.

Jiang Xue nodded. She understood that this was great serendipity.

There weren’t many serendipities like this in the entire Great Thousand World.

Zhao Congjian asked, “Do we have a chance too? ”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and replied, “Are you guys my wife? ”

Beixiao Wangjian chuckled, “If you don’t mind, I’m willing to give myself up.”

Having heard him, Zhou Xuanji punched his face straight away. It was so painful that he almost teared up.

The other burst out laughing.

The preaching had yet to begin, and the entire preaching site was very noisy, so they need not lower their voices.

After Zhou Xuanji was seated, he began preaching for Jiang Xue and the others telepathically.

Sage Daojing had preached to him for more than 20 years after all, so he had some understanding of Sage Daojing’s teaching.

After they were seated, many more cultivators came up to the 9th Heaven.

The golden tower was quickly filled up.

The floor-sweeping boy waved his hand, and another golden tower erected from the ground. This made all the other cultivators greatly excited.

“What’s this boy’s cultivation? ”

“Don’t be rude. You should call him Senior. He only looks young.”

“He must be extremely powerful to represent the Heavenly Saint.”

“Such power. I could not sense any ripples in his magic energy at all.”

“When is the preaching going to start? ”

Powerful cultivators from each faction began discussing. Everyone who could come up to the 9th Heaven must be at least First Revolution Golden Immortal.

Other powerful cultivators brought their juniors up but were stopped by a mysterious power.

Millions of Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortals, Void Extreme Immortals, and Heavenly Law True Gods. Such an impressive scene.

Sage Yutian, Xuanyuan Zungang, Yang Yutian, and Tang Juetian were here too. The Heavenly Saint’s preaching attracted all the powerful cultivators from the Center God Province.

Even the Divine Emperor from the Great Heaven God Dynasty came.

The Divine Emperor sat on his dragon wagon that was driven by four dragons of different colors. Its majestic look attracted a lot of attention.

Zhou Xuanji did not notice what was happening on the outside but focused on preaching to Jiang Xue and the others.

This preaching was the greatest gathering in all the Center God Province’s history.

When the preaching was about to begin, a massive powerful aura came.

The two golden towers quieted immediately.

The cultivators levitating on the cloud sea were silent as well.

Everyone looked up and saw Sage Daojing appeared on the golden tower that Zhou Xuanji was in. He sat down slowly.

“I am Sage Daojing. Having become a Heavenly Saint, I want to lead all living beings in the Center God Province to pursue the Great Dao together. No one should clamor. No one should fight. How much you understand from this preaching will depend on your own level of comprehension,” Sage Daojing said without expression. At this moment, he was like the Heavenly Law. There was only fairness toward all living things.

Everyone’s heartbeat increased as they looked up to him fervently.

The Heavenly Saint was at such a high stage!

Could they reach the same stage also?

And control a Province of the Great Thousand World?

Just thinking about it made their blood boil.

“Everyone begin internalizing Qi. I’m going to begin preaching. From now on, we will lock up the preaching site,” Sage Daojing continued to speak. Although no one felt anything, the 9th Heaven was already hidden.

Those who came late reached the 10th Heaven straightaway and could no longer find traces of the 9th Heaven.

Zhou Xuanji and the others immediately began cultivating.

Sage Daojing did not wait for anyone but began preaching immediately.

He said the same things as when he had preached to Zhou Xuanji.

Although the words were the same, there was something special in his voice that could calm one’s mind down and place them in a vast and lofty sentiment.

The Heavenly Saint’s preaching began officially.

On the 8th Heaven.

Baihao Yixin and Feng Gule stopped. The two traveled to and fro but could not find the 9th Heaven.

“We are late. We missed it!” Feng Gule said with gritted teeth. If eyes could kill, he would have already slaughtered Baihao Yixin.

They were delayed because Baihao Yixin flirted with girls along the way.

Baihao Yixin was embarrassed and could only cover his shame with his laughter.


Feng Gule raged, “From today onward, we will part ways. You are on your own! You useless thing! You are good for nothing! ”

After that, he turned to leave.

Baihao Yixin was so angry that he almost exploded.

However, he felt guilty in his heart, so he could only clench his fist and endure.

“This Emperor doesn’t believe that there’s only one Heavenly Saint in this world.”

With gritted teeth, Baihao Yixin flew in another direction. He was going to leave the Center God Province in search of serendipity somewhere else.

Above a desolated hill covered with mass graves, the sky grew dim. Countless crows circled in the sky.

An eyeball began vibrating on the rocks.

It rose slowly, and strands of black Qi came from each grave and entered the eyeball.

A while later.

The eyeball began rotating. Blood vessels spread across the entire eyeball.

More black Qi gathered and conjured into a person.

“Xuan Daoya… Great Emperor Dao Court…”

“I will make it such that you will never reincarnate ever again!” a cold and shady voice came. A sharp murderous intent came from the eyeball.

Time passed quickly during the Heavenly Saint’s preaching.

Every year, there were breakthroughs in the preaching site.

It was the same for Xiao Jinghong and the rest. Their cultivation had not reached Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortal, and this place had abundant spiritual Qi, which was why they were one of the fastest to breakthrough.

Zhou Xuanji was focused on cultivation as well. Within ten years, he finally mastered the 9th level of the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique.

Now, he had eight chances to be reborn!

Other than this, he began deducing the World Buddha Art.

Sage Daojing sat high and lofty above them. He preached with his eyes open to look for talented cultivators.

There was no need to mention that Zhou Xuanji was the most talented one among all.

He suddenly locked his eyes on Jiang Xue, and then he looked at Zhou Xuanji with a tinge of confusion in his eyes.

Another five years passed.

Beixiao Wangjian broke through to Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal. Everyone from the Emperor Sword Court surpassed Great Realization.

Chen Bantian and Meng Tianlang grew the most. The Ancient Emperor Seeds received the preaching and began growing rapidly. They surpassed Lin Changge immediately and were next to Zhou Xuanji.

It was quite amazing that their cultivation progressed at the same speed.