I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 497 - Chapter 497 200 Years Old. Disaster Releasing sword.

Chapter 497 - Chapter 497 200 Years Old. Disaster Releasing sword.


“You overestimate Zhou Xuanji, just because he is your creation?”

The indifferent voice from the ocean came again. Xuan Daoya lowered his head and dared not to retort.

But in his heart, Zhou Xuanji’s talent was unprecedented.

After all, he could defeat Yao Shilong, Prison Suppressing Vajra, and the other extreme geniuses with the same stage.

For all Xuan Daoya knew, no one else could do it.

“Next, you should stop caring about Zhou Xuanji and the Center God Province. Go to the other provinces in the Great Thousand World. There’s a person that I want you to find. The person I mentioned to you before. ”

The indifferent voice came again, and Xuan Daoya could only bow and leave.

After he turned around, his face turned grim.

He really could not hold it back.

After working tirelessly for the Great Emperor Dao Court, he was only rewarded with endless reprimands for his hard work.

The Great Emperor Dao Court never helped him to recover his body and trapped him in eternal torment.

“Very good. You wait. ”

Xuan Daoya’s eyes sparkled as he thought.

After the Great Emperor Dao Court was kicked out, peace was restored to the Center God Province. Zhou Xuanji became a legend, and the Divine Cliff grew.

What’s worth mentioning was that, after Yang Yutian returned, he seemed to become another person. He became extremely stern and ruled the Divine Cliff with strictness. The old disciples who trespassed rules were punished severely. Great fear spread in the Divine Cliff.

He gave Jiang Xue control over the portal that connected to the Northern Wilderness Region. It was to be guarded by the Emperor Sword Court’s own cultivators.

Zhou Xuanji did not return, but Jiang Xue was not worried because Old Star Lord came to find her. He told her Zhou Xuanji’s situation and asked Yang Yutian to protect everyone around Zhou Xuanji.

It wasn’t just the Divine Cliff that had to rely on Zhou Xuanji; even God Palace was relying on him.

During the duel in the Heavenly Saint’s small realm, the immortal gods were convinced of Zhou Xuanji’s power.

They believed that Zhou Xuanji could become the most powerful person.

While different stories about Zhou Xuanji continued to spread, Zhou Xuanji focused on cultivating in Still Thought Temple.

Years passed.

In the blink of an eye, he was already 200 years old.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 200 years old. Gacha begins! ”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Armageddon] Enveloping Star Formation Sword, [Disaster Releasing] Nine Moon Execution Sword! ”

The Sword Spirit’s voice resounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind. He opened his eyes.

Disaster Releasing sword!

During all these years, he had obtained 29 legendary swords. But he was extremely unlucky, as the highest grade of the swords he obtained was merely God-slaying. He did not expect that he could obtain a Disaster Releasing legendary sword on his 200th birthday.

Information of the two legendary swords appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: World Enveloping Star Formation Sword

Grade: Armageddon

Description: It can cover the sky and the sun. Gathering the power of the stars, it can suppress and kill the enemy. The more stars it gathers, the more powerful it becomes.

Sword Name: Nine Moon Execution Sword

Grade: Disaster Releasing

Description: It was forged by combining nine divine moons. It can unleash the nine divine moons’ power, which can reverse the Yin and Yang and overcome the five elements. It can only be used by cultivators who are at least at Universe Heaven Level One.

Universe Heaven Level One?

Zhou Xuanji sighed. Although his cultivation had grown rapidly under the Heavenly Saint’s help, it was still a long way to go.

“What are you thinking about? You are feeling both joy and worry,” Sage Daojing asked. He was increasingly pleased with Zhou Xuanji.

This brat was very promising and had a chance to become his Child of Destiny.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and changed the subject, “Aren’t you going to open a preaching point? Can I bring my people up? ”

Sage Daojing smiled and said, “Of course. I will give you ten places. As for the others, if they can reach the 9th Heaven on their own, they can come as well.”

It was not easy to reach the 9th Heaven. One must at least be a Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortal.

Zhou Xuanji continued to ask, “When are you going to start? ”

Sage Daojing’s knowledge of the Law was profound. What he spoke benefitted Zhou Xuanji greatly. That was why Zhou Xuanji was very respectful toward Sage Daojing…

“A month later. The preaching point is already established in the 9th Heaven. You should head back to prepare first.”

Sage Daojing waved his hand and sent Zhou Xuanji back to the Divine Cliff straightaway.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes blurred, and he found himself in his courtyard the next moment.

He sighed in exclamation. The Heavenly Saint’s power was awesome, indeed.

He found Jiang Xue quickly and told her about it.

Other than Zhou Xuanji, no one had reached Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortal in Emperor Sword Court. They could only rely on his ten seats.

The two discussed and decided to choose Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin, Han Shenbo, Chen Bantian, Meng Tianlang, Ning Zifeng, and Lin Changge.

Along with Jiang Xue, there were ten in total.

As for Zhou Xiaoxuan, the little black snake, and the others, they would have to wait for another chance since they were not pillars of Emperor Sword Court.

Moreover, after Xiao Jinghong and the others listened to the preaching, they could preach in Emperor Sword Court.

The two quickly returned to Skyfall in the Northern Wilderness Region and told everyone about it.

“What about me?” the little black snake cried out.

Zhou Xuanji stepped onto his tail and snorted, “You are too weak. Even I’m not qualified, you think you are?”

The others burst out in laughter.

No one objected to Zhou Xuanji’s decision. Those who were selected looked forward to the Heavenly Saint’s preaching.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji came to the foot of the mountain.

The Second Class Great Emperor from the Heavenly Hall and the Thunder Demon Sovereign Zhang Kuanglan became good friends. The two chopped firewood every day and talked about life. It was a good life too.

After seeing Zhou Xuanji, the two were not very excited.

“From today onwards, you are free. Xuanyuan Shenhao, if you are not willing to join Emperor Sword Court, I can send you back to the Upper Realm. However, you have to find your own way back to the Heavenly Hall,” Zhou Xuanji said forthrightly, and the two were not surprised.

Zhang Kuanglan said with a smile, “Let me stay in Emperor Sword Court. Can you give me a raise, though? ”

Zhou Xuanji nodded.

“Me too,” Xuanyuan Shenhao muttered.

After so many years, the Heavenly Hall did not come to rescue him. He had already given up on them.

Zhou Xuanji smiled satisfactorily.

He allowed Zhang Kuanglan to stay in Skyfall but brought Xuanyuan Shenhao to the Divine Cliff.

This guy was a Second Class Great Emperor after all. It would be too much of a waste for him to stay in the mortal realm.

Half a month later.

Zhou Xuanji brought the ten people from Emperor Sword Court to the 9th Heaven. They saw many people flying past them.

On the right side was God Palace, and on their left was the preaching site.

It was very obvious. A tall and golden tower stood with spiraling stairs that stretched all the way to the top.

The golden tower was at least 30,000 meters tall, and hundreds of thousands of cultivators were already seated. Many were still chatting among themselves on the nearby cloud seas…

Zhou Xuanji quickly caught sight of the boy who swept the floor. The boy stood before the golden tower, and whoever entered it must pass by him. If anyone trespassed, the boy would transport that person out.

“What’s that boy’s cultivation?”

Zhou Xuanji was curious about him. To sweep the floor of Still Thought Temple, he must not be weak.

Xiao Jinghong, Lin Changge, and the others behind him exclaimed in awe.

It was their first time on the 9th Heaven. All of them were very excited to see so many powerful cultivators.

Zhou Xuanji brought them toward the boy.