I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 496 - Chapter 496 Sage Daojing

Chapter 496 - Chapter 496 Sage Daojing


Still Thought Temple.

The Heavenly Saint looked at the stupefied Zhou Xuanji with an eccentric expression.

He walked up to Zhou Xuanji and waved at him.

But Zhou Xuanji ignored him. He continued to look dumb with his mouth open unconsciously. Saliva was about to drool.

The boy asked, “Is becoming dumb considered being at peace? He’s thinking about nothing.”

The Heavenly Saint was speechless.

Zhou Xuanji’s move was unexpected.

This was too unusual.

Moreover, that sword looked very ordinary!

The Heavenly Saint took the Dumb Sword and began inspecting it.

After Zhou Xuanji lost the Dumb Sword, he slowly regained his consciousness.

Soon, he realized that the Dumb Sword was with the Heavenly Saint, and he quickly took it back.

“How can you snatch another person’s sword as the Heavenly Saint?” he asked with a low voice controlling his rage.

The Heavenly Saint was stunned and smiled.

“You are very street-smart. ”

He shook his head and said, “follow me.

After that, he walked into the gate.

Zhou Xuanji thought about it for a short while before making the decision to follow.

If he chose to reject the Heavenly Saint now, he might provoke the Heavenly Saint’s anger.

And so, he followed the Heavenly Saint into Still Thought Temple.

Once he entered the temple, Zhou Xuanji realized that the space inside was even vaster than it looked from the outside.

The smell of incense pervaded the entire space and refreshed his mind.

He saw demons and humans along the way. They were all cultivating and did not talk to each other. Even though Zhou Xuanji and the Heavenly Saint walked past, they did not open their eyes.

Soon, he saw someone familiar.

Wang Hou!

Zhou Xuanji walked up and said, “Wang Hou, it’s been a long time.”

Having heard him, Wang Hou opened his eyes, dazed.

After seeing that it was Zhou Xuanji, he cried out in disbelief, “How did you…”

But he quickly shut his mouth and was worried that he might wake up the other cultivators around him.

He got up quickly and caught Zhou Xuanji.

“Didn’t you just ascend? How can you come here so soon?” he asked softly.

His Heavenly Law Puppets could communicate with him through their mind. How long had it been since Zhou Xuanji ascended?

He had always been cultivating in Still Thought Temple. Thousands of years had passed since then, and he did not know what was happening in the Great Thousand World.

In Still Thought Temple, one could cultivate for 100,000 years and not die.

He was considered young among the rest.

But compared to Zhou Xuanji…

He just could not comprehend.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “Surprise!”

Wang Hou was at a total loss. He did not know what to say.

“My little friend, come here, quick.”

The Heavenly Saint’s voice came, and Zhou Xuanji could only follow.

“Little friend?”

Wang Hou’s expression became even more astonished. He was filled with curiosity as though a cat scratched his heart.

He suddenly thought of something.

“Ahhh — My Meditative State!”

He wrapped his hands around his head and broke down before sitting on the floor, paralyzed in despair.

He had been in the Meditative State for 10,000 years, and he almost fulfilled the Heavenly Saint’s requirement. And now, he was interrupted by Zhou Xuanji.

Must he restart all over again?

Zhou Xuanji did not know Wang Hou’s breakdown. He continued ahead, looking left and right.

Soon, they walked into a great hall.

There was nothing inside.

The Heavenly Saint turned to look at Zhou Xuanji with his calm expression as usual.

Zhou Xuanji waited for him to speak.

“In twenty more years,” the Heavenly Saint said, “I’m going to preach at the 9th Heaven. I want to inspire all living beings to pursue the Great Dao. Your teacher wants you to participate as well, right? ”

“You know that old man? ” Zhou Xuanji asked curiously.

In his eyes, the Heavenly Saint was already the most powerful being.

To play with the Great Emperor Dao Court within his palm, he had to be almost all-powerful.

“Not only him. You also come to know an old immortal, right?”

The Heavenly Saint continued to ask. Zhou Xuanji was not shocked but grew more curious about how they were related.

The Heavenly Saint did not explain but asked, “How many Heavenly Saints do you think there are in the Great Thousand World?”

How many Heavenly Saints?

Zhou Xuanji frowned.

“You mean that there’s more than one?” he asked.

He felt rather uneasy at the thought that others were as powerful as the man before him.

Could there be a Heavenly Saint in the Great Emperor Dao Court also?

Or else, why did the Heavenly Saint only kick them out for 10,000 years?

“There’s competition even between the Heavenly Saints… My title is Sage Daojing. I hope you can become more powerful and fight for me to obtain the Heavenly Law Lifeforce.”

Sage Daojing!

It was Zhou Xuanji’s first time hearing this title. But the words that came later shocked him.

Heavenly Law Lifeforce?

He remembered that the Sword Spirit told him that the Supreme Legendary Sword System was formed by the World’s Beginning’s Serendipity.

How was the Serendipity of the World’s Beginning related to the Heavenly Law Lifeforce?

The questions in his heart multiplied.

“Sit down, let me preach to you. See how much you can understand. During the process, you can begin cultivating,” Sage Daojing said as he sat down.

“How long will it take?”

Zhou Xuanji asked hesitantly, “Can I go back to take a look?”

“It might take a very long time,” Sage Daojing said, “But it will definitely be less than 10,000 years. I will not allow the Great Emperor Dao Court to enter the Center God Province. You should focus on your cultivation. Your families have their own serendipities. They should not always be reliant on you.”

Zhou Xuanji was convinced and sat down as well.

It was his first time having a powerhouse preach to him.

He heard from the old beggar that if a powerhouse preached for him while he cultivated, he would grow tremendously.

He even asked the old beggar to preach to him back then.

But that old man was stubbornly unwilling.

A powerhouse’s preaching could be dozens of years short or tens of thousands of years long.

A year was like a second to them.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at Sage Daojing and began channeling the World Buddha Art to continue his cultivation.

“Before you begin, remove all the evil Qi in your body,” Sage Daojing suddenly said with a smile. He waved his hand, and an eyeball flew out from Zhou Xuanji’s body and disappeared.

That was the eyeball that Zhou Xuanji obtained from the Nether Fiend Stream.

Evil Qi?

Zhou Xuanji was shocked in his heart. Could that thing be harmful?

He did not ask further but continued cultivating.

“The beginning of all things was the beginning of the heavens and earth. There was first the Heavenly Law, then came the heavens and the earth. In the vast and long history, it was passed down through the Law…” Sage Daojing said. His voice was light and soft, but there was also an indescribable sorrow. Zhou Xuanji felt that he was situated amidst all the heavens and the earth.

When a mayfly looks down at the entire world, it could only feel how tiny it was.

When an ant looks up at the entire world, it could only feel it’s small stature as well.

Just as the heavens and the earth were the biggest, the Heavenly Law was the highest.

Zhou Xuanji thought about this world’s power, Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power, and he quickly entered into a state of insightfulness.

The Heavenly Saint was surprised.

Such capacity for comprehension!

Under the thunderclouds, the ocean raged.

Xuan Daoya knelt by the seaside and worshipped the boundless ocean.

“So, Yao Shilong and the rest are dead?” a coarse and indifferent voice came from the ocean and asked faintly.

Xuan Daoya bowed down his head and replied, “Yes, Zhou Xuanji was selected by Sage Daojing. Within 10,000 years, we cannot touch him. After 10,000 years, he might be powerful enough to threaten us.”

There was reluctance in his tone.

From his perspective, Zhou Xuanji was his creation.

How could he accept that his chess piece and taken him by surprise?