I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 495 - Chapter 495 First Rank Giant God

Chapter 495 - Chapter 495 First Rank Giant God


“Oh? What will happen if I join the Great Emperor Dao Court?”

Zhou Xuanji asked as he laughed coldly with a fierce expression still.

He was already in a frenzy for blood.

The pockmarked old man replied, “You will be like us, to have a standing in the Great Emperor Dao Court and enjoy all its resources.”

Zhou Xuanji asked with seemingly a smile, “What resource does the Great Emperor Dao Court have?”

The pockmarked old man was enraged again. He said, “If you surrender now and declare your defeat…”


The Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword was shot at him with extreme swiftness.

The pockmarked old man tilted his head instinctively.


Zhou Xuanji pierced a sword into his chest with the Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, and the thrust sent him flying backward.

Simultaneously, the sword on Zhou Xuanji’s left hand pierced into the cat-faced man’s chest. With both men pinned on his sword, Zhou Xuanji sent them flying to the horizon.

Yao Shilong glared at the red-haired man and cursed, “Useless! Get up now!”

After that, he pursued Zhou Xuanji.

On the 33rd Heaven.

Still Thought Temple.

The Heavenly Saint sat on the stairs in front of the main gate. He fixed his gaze on the crystal ball in his hand.

The floor-sweeping boy behind him bent down and observed the battle curiously.

“Grand-Teacher, is Zhou Xuanji the Child of Destiny you are looking for?” the boy asked. His eyes were filled with confusion.

The Heavenly Saint replied calmly, “You can consider it as preparing him. If he can pass this test, then he will be qualified to become the Child of Destiny.”

The boy shook his head before continuing to sweep the floor.

The Heavenly Saint observed the battle without blinking.

An hour later.

The red-haired man knelt before Zhou Xuanji. He grasped Zhou Xuanji’s clothing on his right hand while he gasped for air. He did not even have the strength to stand up.

Zhou Xuanji looked down at him with a blank face.

“You are at your limit?”

The red-haired man heard his words but didn’t have the strength to retort. He could only sense that his consciousness was fading.

Far away, the other four cultivators stopped attacking Zhou Xuanji. They were already at their limits and were trying their best to recover their magic energy.

They did not believe that Zhou Xuanji had endless magic energy.

Seeing that the red-haired man did not even have the strength to speak, Zhou Xuanji smiled. He pierced the Bloodbath Sword into his body and enjoyed his despair at the brink of death.

The Bloodbath Sword absorbed the red-haired man’s sword, but he had no feelings. Instead, he could only sense a boundless tiredness welling up in his heart.


He was dead.

The Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss absorbed his soul.

Zhou Xuanji walked toward the other four with his swords.

The next one was the cat-faced man

The cat-faced man did not reveal his name before he was shredded into ash by the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow. His soul was also absorbed by the Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss.

Before he died, he was decapitated, just like the red-haired man.

Zhou Xuanji drained their energy on purpose to kill them slowly.

He had three days after all. There was no hurry.

The pockmarked old man also followed their fate.

A day later.

Only Yao Shilong remained on the Great Emperor Dao Court’s side.

The end was clear.

Zhou Xuanji had won, but time has not stopped yet. Yao Shilong was drawing closer to his death.


Yao Shilong crashed into the ruins. The giant saber slipped from his hand.

He could hardly open his eyes. Zhou Xuanji suddenly descended and stomped on his chest. The intense pressure made his face twist.

“You are powerful indeed, as well as arrogant. What do you have to say before you die?”

Zhou Xuanji looked down at him and asked.

After bullying his enemies for a day, he was sick of it.

Yao Shilong looked at him furiously.

“Make it quick!” he said with gritted teeth.

Zhou Xuanji heard him and gave him a decisive strike.

Sword Soul!

Yao Shilong died.

“The Great Emperor Dao Court will not be allowed to enter the Center God Province in 10,000 years. All immortal gods, please return to your palace,” the Heavenly Saint’s voice came. Everyone felt that they were enveloped with energy, and in the next second, everything was overturned. They were taken out of the small realm.

When Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes again, he found himself in Still Thought Temple.

His expression changed slightly.

Why was he still here?

He looked aside and saw the heavenly Saint and the boy standing beside and looking at him calmly.

It was an extremely peculiar sight that made him shudder.

“Don’t worry. I will not harm you,” the Heavenly Saint said. But Zhou Xuanji complained in his heart about not letting him leave.

“Do you want to break through to Universe Heaven?” the Heavenly Saint asked. His words made Zhou Xuanji silent.

After some hesitation, Zhou Xuanji asked, “What’s the cost?”

The Heavenly Saint shook his head and said, “If you can fully calm your mind down before Still Thought Temple, I will teach you this technique.”

After that, he turned around and was going to walk into Still Thought Temple.

To fully calm his mind?

Zhou Xuanji had an idea. He took out the Dumb Sword and pressed it against his forehead.

Shortly after, his expression looked like he was an imbecile.


The boy cried out in shock, and the Heavenly Saint turned around.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji’s condition, the Heavenly Saint had a weird expression.

In the Center God Province, the voice of the Master of Gods resounded across the entire realm.

“The Great Emperor Dao Court acted unrighteously in spilling blood in the Center God Province. Fortunately, the Heavenly Saint helped by sending the invaders and Zhou Xuanji into a small realm for a duel. Zhou Xuanji eliminated the Prison Suppressing Vajra, Yao Shilong, Evil Cat Wolverine, Vicious Ghost Ancestor, Blood-teared Man, and Qiankun Gang. The Great Emperor Dao Court will not enter the Center God Province for 10,000 years. This Emperor is the Master of Gods, and I shall promote Zhou Xuanji to First Rank Giant God on behalf of the Heavenly Law. All living things shall revere God Palace’s God of War!”

The majestic voice of the Master of Gods shook everyone.

Prison Suppressing Vajra, Yao Shilong, Evil Cat Wolverine, Vicious Ghost Ancestor, Blood-teared Man, and Qiankun Gang!

These were all reputed cultivators!

At the same time, the ranking of Yao Shilong and Evil Cat Wolverine disappeared on the Great Emperor Stele. The names under them ranked up by one or two.

All sentient living beings began talking about Zhou Xuanji.

How powerful was he actually?

Baihao Yixin and Feng Gule sat in a forest, and they both looked dumbfounded. They did not dare to believe their own ears.

Zhou Xuanji again!

How long has it been?

He did another world-shaking deed and was even promoted to First Rank Giant God of the God Palace.

“What stage…. is he in now?”

Baihao Yixin mumbled to himself. He looked totally discouraged.

The more he tried to catch up to Zhou Xuanji, the faster Zhou Xuanji grew.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not reach his goal. This was rather saddening.

Feng Gule had a mixture of bad feelings.

Back then, he used to be so close to Zhou Xuanji.

If he had been more decisive back then, wouldn’t he be enjoying Zhou Xuanji’s privilege?

In a prosperous city, the old beggar, who enjoyed the wine and meat in an inn, looked complicated. While the customers around him talked about Zhou Xuanji excitedly, he seemed to be in another world and out of place.

He sighed.

He did not expect Yao Shilong to die by Zhou Xuanji’s hand.

Although he was not sure what happened, he felt that his face had been slapped.

Because he often mentioned Yao Shilong to Zhou Xuanji, saying that only if you had the luck of Yao Shilong, then you would…

And now, Yao Shilong was killed by Zhou Xuanji personally.

This face-slapping was painful!