I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 494 - Chapter 494 Domineering Sword Emperor

Chapter 494 - Chapter 494 Domineering Sword Emperor


Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

Nine Sword Souls hacked at Yao Shilong forcefully, and the impacts made the demon vomit blood consecutively.

Although his cultivation stage was suppressed, he still had great physical strength to withstand Zhou Xuanji’s powerful attacks.

The other five cultivators from the Great Emperor Dao Court were stopped by over 300 legendary swords and could not get close to Zhou Xuanji. All of their divine ability could not touch him either.

“Why? Aren’t you arrogant?”

“That’s all you can do?”

Zhou Xuanji mocked as he continued attacking him.

He always had a rage towards the Great Emperor Dao Court.

Ever since he was born, this faction was against him.

No matter where he went, these guys were always scheming against him.

Even God Palace suffered because of this involvement.

The more he thought about it, the more furious he was. His face already turned fierce and hideous.

Strands of fiendish aura flowed out from the Seven Emotions Evil Sword, which made Zhou Xuanji’s aura turn somewhat evil.

The fury was empowering him.

Yao Shilong was equally furious. He was even angrier than Zhou Xuanji.

Because while Zhou Xuanji was venting, he was the one getting attacked.

His pride was trampled upon. It felt extremely unpleasant.

He waved his saber wildly and wanted to force Zhou Xuanji to back off, but it was a futile attempt.

Zhou Xuanji’s sword Qi was too powerful, far beyond what he could suppress.

He could not understand…

Why was Zhou Xuanji so much more powerful than him?

He was a First Class Great Emperor and an unprecedented genius!

“Even my body was restricted to the Heavenly Saint stage… Damn the Heavenly Saint…”

Yao Shilong roared in his heart. He ignored this fact.

Now, his physical strength was equal to when he was at Complete Heavenly Law True God.


Prison Suppressing Vajra soared to 30,000 meters in the sky and swooped down at Zhou Xuanji furiously.

Even though the legendary swords pierced his body, he did not stop but charged on. Just when he had almost reached Zhou Xuanji…


Zhou Xuanji transformed into a Five-clawed Golden Dragon. His body expanded and soared with unstoppable impetus. He crashed into the Prison Suppressing Vajra.

This time, the Prison Suppressing Vajra did not stand firm like when he was in the Divine Cliff.

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon pounced him to the ground. It opened its dragon mouth, and countless sword Qi shot out from it. The sword Qi bombarded the Prison Suppressing Vajra with such intensity that he shrieked in pain.

A strange man with a cat-looking face leaped up. The metal hammer in his hand expanded into the size of a mountain.

He smashed at the Five-clawed Golden Dragon with the hammer.

In an instant, the dragon transformed back into Zhou Xuanji again. The hammer missed Zhou Xuanji but crushed Prison Suppressing Vajra’s leg.

“Damn you…”

Prison Suppressing Vajra was in so much pain that he cursed. Before he could finish speaking, Zhou Xuanji swooped down on him again. The two Ancient Gazing pierced into his throat.

Zhou Xuanji then used the Nine Hell Flame Extinction. The blazing flame engulfed the Prison Suppressing Vajra, and the cat-faced man backed off in fear immediately.


Prison Suppressing Vajra shrieked in pain. He wanted to evade, but it was too late.

The flame gnawed at him, causing extreme pain.

Zhou Xuanji stepped onto the Prison Suppressing Vajra’s massive body as he looked at the other opponents.

Among those painful shrieks, Zhou Xuanji asked word by word, “Are you afraid?”

His voice was soft and cold, just like a dagger that shreds the miserable cries of the Prison Suppressing Vajra. His words were sent to each and every one of his enemies.

Yao Shilong gnashed his teeth as he stared furiously at Zhou Xuanji.

The other four did the same too,

Before joining the Great Emperor Dao Court, they had already reigned over a region and were undefeated. And now, they were beaten by Zhou Xuanji easily.

The great Emperor Dao Court had always set their eyes on Zhou Xuanji. They knew Zhou Xuanji’s background.

A little kid that was not even 200 years old could put them at a disadvantage.

This was their greatest shame.

At this moment, they could no longer care about Xuan Daoya’s instructions and only thought of killing their enemy.


The Prison Suppressing Vajra died. He was burnt to ashes by the Nine Hell Flame Extinction.

“My divine ability is powerful, right?”

Liu Wuji laughed proudly in Zhou Xuanji’s mind.

The other souls praised him.

But Zhou Xuanji walked toward his remaining enemies with his sword.

However powerful these cultivators are, he must kill all of them within these three days.

This was declaring war against the Great Emperor Dao Court!

Until now, there could no longer be a peaceful resolution.

Zhou Xuanji’s murderous aura exploded. He slowly levitated up, and Sword Sect Immortal Cry was still in effect with extreme dominance.

Yao Shilong swallowed a mouthful of blood and charged toward Zhou Xuanji.

The other four cultivators charged along with him. Their auras wreaked havoc across the entire place.

On the other side of the small realm.

The Master of Gods spoke with a complex expression, “The Prison Suppressing Vajra was killed by Zhou Xuanji just like that.”

These words shocked all the immortal gods nearby.

The First Rank Immortals’ expressions were just like the Master of Gods.

They knew Zhou Xuanji was greatly talented, but his enemies were not less talented than him.

Fighting six enemies alone, and yet Zhou Xuanji could defeat one of them in such a short time.

“Zhou Xuanji is really powerful…”

“No wonder the Great Emperor Dao Court wanted him.”

“If Zhou Xuanji wins, the Great Emperor Dao Court can not enter the Center God Province in 10,000 years. 10,000 years later, will he become the most powerful person in the God Palace?”

“Possible. He’s too powerful. He should be ranked number one on the Great Emperor Stele!”

“Don’t speak recklessly.”

The immortal gods discussed excitedly.

The Great Emperor Dao Court invaded the God Palace with such arrogance, which extremely enraged them.

Giant God Huang Hao sat on a hill to heal himself. His eyes were closed but his eyelids were trembling.

He was captured by Yao Shilong, and he did not expect Zhou Xuanji to now kill them.

He had a complicated feeling. There was not a tinge of happiness but reluctance.

He should not be sitting here to heal himself but fighting the Great Emperor Dao Court himself.


The red-haired man was stomped onto the ground by Zhou Xuanji. Blood oozed from his mouth, endlessly.

He looked up at Zhou Xuanji with eyes filled with hatred.

Previously, he had looked up toward Zhou Xuanji when pursuing this brat.

Now, Zhou Xuanji stepped on him, and he had no power to retaliate.

All his divine abilities were useless against Zhou Xuanji’s surging sword Qi. It was like punching a brick wall, having to cause no damage to the opponent and only hurting oneself.

Zhou Xuanji looked at him condescendingly and said, “Not willing to accept defeat?”


The Thunderclap Sword emanated a brilliant bolt of heavenly lightning that struck both of them. Zhou Xuanji was not affected, but the red-haired man was fried into a crisp.

He could no longer hold it but shrieked in pain. No matter how much he tried, he could not get up.

Yao Shilong and the other three were stopped from closing in by Sword Sect Immortal Cry. They could only watch Zhou Xuanji torturing the red-haired man.

“Ahhhhh—” Zhou Xuanji!”

Yao Shilong went berserk. He was roaring uncontrollably.

“What can you do other than acting like a mad dog?” Zhou Xuanji said as he looked at him with disdain.

The World Fool Sword was in effect. It made Yao Shilong so angry that every pore on his skin was oozing out blood.

“Zhou Xuanji, the Great Emperor Dao Court never wanted to kill you. You are going to join us sooner or later. You are really foolish to fight us till the end!”

An old man with a face-full of pockmarks said with gritted teeth as though he was exasperated at Zhou Xuanji’s foolishness.