I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 493 - Chapter 493 Next, It’s Your Turn To Despair!

Chapter 493 - Chapter 493 Next, It’s Your Turn To Despair!


Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes wide. His pupil reflected the image of the person in front of him.

It was a white-haired old man who wore a pure white robe. His face was calm, and a tinge of blush could be seen on his cheek. His eyes were green in color.

His right index finger rested on Zhou Xuanji’s forehead without moving. He seemed to be observing Zhou Xuanji without a word.

Zhou Xuanji was immobilized and could not even talk.

After a while, the old man said casually, “My little friend, you have many fates intertwined in you. It’s complicated.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He wanted to reply, but he could not make a sound.

At this moment, the restriction on his body suddenly disappeared. He trembled and instinctively took a few steps back to keep his distance from the other person.

“The Heavenly Saint that you are searching for. I am. The request for you, my little friend, I have already settled it.”

The white-haired old man continued to speak. These words made Zhou Xuanji open his eyes in disbelief.

The Heavenly Saint!

The Heavenly Saint flipped his right hand, and a crystal ball appeared in his palm. The ball contained another world inside.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the ball and saw Shi Yaolong, the red-haired man, Giant God Huang Hao, and the Master of Gods. There were many strangers, as well.

His mind was shocked.

Could these people be trapped in the Heavenly Saint’s palm?

How can it be!

What was this technique?

The Heavenly Saint gazed at Zhou Xuanji and said, “All things have their patterns. I cannot kill them for you straightaway, but I can give you the opportunity.”


Zhou Xuanji looked at him and waited for him to continue.

“I have suppressed their cultivation to Complete Heavenly Law True God, and I can send you inside. Three days later, I will release all of you. Whatever grudge you have can be settled inside within these three days.”

Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed drastically at the Heavenly Saint’s words.

Complete Heavenly Law True God?

Settle the matter on his own within three days?

A terrifying murderous intent flashed past his eyes.

“I accept!” he said without hesitation.


Great Emperor Dao Court!

Next, it’s your turn to taste despair!

The Heavenly Saint waved his left hand and sent Zhou Xuanji into the crystal ball in his right hand.

The next second, Zhou Xuanji came into another world.

This place looked just like the mortal realm — blue sky and oceans, green mountains, and clear waters. At one glance from the sky, it was impressively beautiful.

But the beauty of this nature, a murderous intent was hidden.

Master of Gods, Giant God Huang Hao, Yao Shilong, and Prison Suppressing Vajra were all hiding somewhere recuperating. They each were afraid of the Heavenly Saint’s majestic power.

‘Damn, why did the Heavenly Saint put This Emperor inside as well?’ the Master of Gods thought with a frown. Many immortal gods were surrounding him, and each of them had their own injuries.

Including Old Ancestor Laughing Sky and Old Star Lord.

“From now on, God Palace shall not interfere. Your grudge with the Great Emperor Dao Court with being settled by Zhou Xuanji alone. All invaders of the Great Emperor Dao Court will be restricted to Complete Heavenly Law True God. You only have to deal with Zhou Xuanji alone.”

“If the Great Emperor Dao Court is defeated, or fully decimated, the Great Emperor Dao Court will not be allowed to enter the Center God Province in 10,000 years. If Zhou Xuanji is defeated or dies, the Great Emperor Dao Court will take over the God Palace to control the Center God Province.”

“Whoever trespasses this rules, I will eliminate them on behalf of the Heavenly Law.”

The Heavenly Saint’s voice came. It was holy and majestic. No one dared to doubt.

His words shocked everyone in this small world.

The immortal gods were struck with fear and cried out.

“How can he do this!”

“Although Zhou Xuanji is extremely talented, Yao Shilong was ranked higher on the Great Emperor Stele!”

“Which side is the Heavenly Saint on?”

“Oh no!…”

“The people from the Great Emperor Dao Court were so overwhelmingly powerful!”

The Master of Gods, Old Star Lord, Old Ancestor Laughing Sky, and the other first rank immortals were all shocked.

They had faith in Zhou Xuanji’s talent, but the Great Emperor Dao Court was full of devilish cultivators like Zhou Xuanji.

They were displeased by the Heavenly Saint’s decision.

On the other side.

The invaders from the Great Emperor Dao Court were all excited.

Yao Shilong laughed wildly, and his laughter spread across the entire small realm.

“Zhou Xuanji, little kid, come out and die!”

He said arrogantly and did not take Zhou Xuanji seriously at all.

Although they were at the same stage of cultivation, he had the confidence to kill Zhou Xuanji.

The other powerful cultivators from the Great Emperor Dao Court had the same confidence too.

This time, there were six cultivators from the Great Thousand World, and each of them had a great reputation of their own.


A horrifying aura that shook the heavens and the earth exploded.

This realm was not vast. It was even smaller than the Northern Wilderness Region. For the Heavenly Law True Gods, it was like squeezing inside a small room.

Zhou Xuanji took out all his legendary swords. Standing on a river of swords, he charged toward Yao Shilong.

His face was icy, and a cold light flashed from his eyes. The purple Taichi diagram with nine swords levitated at his forehead, and bolts of heavenly lightning surrounded his body.

The Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword and the Seven Emotions Evil Sword were in his hands.

He flew across the sky quickly and saw Yao Shilong.

Without a word, he immediately activated the Sword Sect Immortal Cry. Over 300 swords revolved with extreme speed. Each was beaming with a silver radiance, looking brilliantly impressive.

Yao Shilong raised his gigantic saber that he dragged on the ground and swung it. Saber Qi cut the ground in half and swept toward Zhou Xuanji with an unstoppable force.

Zhou Xuanji’s hair danced wildly. The nine Sword Souls charged out and shredded the saber Qi before crashing into Yao Shilong.

Yao Shilong underestimated Zhou Xuanji. The blast sent him flying off while vomiting blood.

Zhou Xuanji took the opportunity to pursue.

“You crumbs of the Great Emperor Dao Court. Not even one of you will survive!” he said coldly.

At the same stage, you think I can’t defeat all of you?

Tianxia Map!

World Buddha Art!

Heavenly Law Great Emperor!

Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution!

Sword Soul!

Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart!

Over 300 legendary swords!

So many great serendipities on him. What fears did he have?

Zhou Xuanji activated the Dual Sword Wills and dashed forward along the ground surface swiftly.

Yao Shilong stabilized his body. Seeing that Zhou Xuanji was charging at him, he unleashed all his demonic aura with a battle cry. His entire demonic body expanded multiple times.

He hacked and slashed at Zhou Xuanji, and saber Qi rained on Zhou Xuanji.

But Zhou Xuanji did not even dodge. Using the Dual Sword mode and Sword Will, his speed was not slower than Yao Shilong.

Clang! Clang! Ding! Ding! Clang…

The blades clashed. Their auras were at the pinnacle, and the horrifying pressure wave crumbled the surface of the ground.

Far away, the other powerful cultivators from the Great Emperor Dao Court gathered. They watched the battle with jaws dropped.

“How can it be! Zhou Xuanji is that powerful?”

“This brat’s power is already compared to Universe Heaven!”

“And He’s fighting Yao Shilong!”

“Should we fight him together?”

Let’s go!”

Prison Suppressing Vajra, the red-haired man, and the other three cultivators quickly agreed and simultaneously charged at Zhou Xuanji.

If the six of them were all defeated by Zhou Xuanji, they would become a laughing stock!

Zhou Xuanji ignored the other five. He fixed his sight on Yao Shilong and aimed all his attacks on him.

Over 300 swords thrust toward Yao Shilong ceaselessly, and the demon was at a disadvantage.

“Damn… How did this happen…”

Yao Shilong roared in his heart. His crimson eyes glowed with a blood-colored light.

He had no reason to lose to Zhou Xuanji!