I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 491 - Chapter 491 – Yao Shilong

Chapter 491 - Chapter 491 – Yao Shilong


This demon was nine meters tall and was barefooted. Below his black chainmail was thick black fur. His appearance was quite devilish. He had blood-red pupils and at the center of his dense black hair were a pair of horns. He held a massive, 15 meter long saber which he rested on his shoulder.

Facing all of the Immortal Gods in the palace, he slammed down his saber, cracking the ground.

He tyrannically laughed as he said, “Today, none of you will go and save Giant God Huang Hao, because you will all die here.”

For this demon to charge in here with no one detecting him, his strength was not to be underestimated.

“Seventh on the Great Emperor Stone, Yao Shilong,” Old Star Lord said in a low voice, his expression somewhat serious.

The Master of Gods also narrowed his eyes.

Hearing this, the Immortal Gods fell into chaos.

The top ten existences in the Great Emperor Stele were all old, undying monsters, and all of them were incredibly powerful. None of them were any weaker than Giant God Huang Hao.

Yao Shilong was the demon race’s great sage in the Great Thousand World.

He had been an ancient cow; when he was young, his clanspeople were all eaten by dragons. He had been fortunate enough to escape, and he changed his name to Yao Shilong, meaning ‘demon who eats dragons’.

All dragons that he encountered were eaten by him.

In the entire Great Thousand World, there was no one who had eaten as many dragons as him.

Zhou Xuanji had also heard of him, from the old beggar.

Back then, the old beggar had wanted to take Yao Shilong as a disciple, but Yao Shilong did not want to.

Yao Shilong was one of the rare existences who had rejected the old beggar, and he had successfully rejected him too.

For example, Zhou Xuanji had not been able to successfully reject him.

Every time he brought up Yao Shilong, the old beggar would sigh with regret. As such, Zhou Xuanji had a deep impression of Yao Shilong.

He examined Yao Shilong closely; his demonic qi was indeed incredibly powerful.


The doors suddenly closed, and Yao Shilong grinned as he said, “Are you ready? I’m going to eat you all.”

Those words enraged all of the Immortal Gods.

This demon was completely looking down on the God Palace!

“You’re seeking death!”

“You dare to charge into the Immortal Gods’ territory? You must have grown tired of living!”

“His Majesty is here, and you dare to say such things?”

“He’s too arrogant!”

The Immortal Gods continuously cursed out, but no one dared to attack first.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji felt quite speechless.

The God Palace was not very unified; this was especially so for the Immortal Gods from the ancient Immortal clans and the Heavenly Law Immortal Gods. They were like two factions, and they had never been truly unified before.

Old Ancestor Laughing Sky and the First Rank Immortal Gods stepped forwards, walking towards Yao Shilong.

They gave off their own powerful auras, causing the palace to slightly tremble.

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself in surprise, “Why haven’t the Immortal Soldiers come in? Could it be…”

From when they had entered the palace to when Yao Shilong appeared, how long had it been?

Yao Shilong condescendingly laughed, and the demonic qi around him suddenly exploded out, turning into countless black dragons that rushed at all of the Immortal Gods in the palace.

The First Rank Immortal Gods immediately came to the front and unleashed their divine abilities, blocking the black dragons.


The palace violently swayed, and a powerful gale forced all of the Immortal Gods to unleash their immortal energy to defend.

The Master of Gods slowly rose, his expression unchanged, forever seeming dignified.

Yao Shilong ferociously swung his sabre, causing saber qi to sweep out everywhere. Within the crowd, Zhou Xuanji immediately took out the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword to defend. Despite this, he was still shaken by the saber qi and coughed up blood. The weaker Immortal Gods were directly turned into ash.

The First Rank Great Immortals were all greatly angered.

“How dare you!”

“Ahhh! You want to anger me to death?”

“Yao Shilong! Today, this old man will definitely kill you!”

“We can’t hold back anymore!”

They all cast their signature divine abilities, wanting to forcefully destroy Yao Shilong.

Yao Shilong wildly laughed and turned into a ray of black light that rushed towards the First Rank Great Immortals.

Zhou Xuanji stabilized his figure and gritted his teeth as he cursed, “Is this a joke?”

A demon had entered the God Palace’s headquarters, and the God Palace was unable to do anything about it.

He could not help but look towards the Master of Gods.

Why hadn’t that fellow acted?

What was he waiting for?

The Master of Gods stared at Yao Shilong, but he did not do anything this whole time.

On the other hand, Old Star Lord was like a cat on a hot tin roof. His whole body trembled, but he did not act either.


Yao Shilong slashed a First Rank Great Immortal in half with a saber strike. He then grabbed that First Rank Great Immortal’s arm and began to eat it, painting a savage scene.

He was incredibly fast, to the point that Zhou Xuanji barely saw him with his eyes.

From how he saw it, Yao Shilong was faster than even Giant God Huang Hao and Brilliant God Vajra.

It was mainly because there were First Rank Immortal Gods around him for contrast.

Zhou Xuanji took out his swords, preparing to run at any moment.

If the Master of Gods did not act, then all that would be waiting for him here would be death.

Yao Shilong disregarded the First Rank Great Immortals, killing his way through the crowd. One sword strike per immortal, carving out a bloody path.

“Hahaha!” he wildly laughed, seeming incredibly excited.

He suddenly stopped, and his gaze locked on to Zhou Xuanji.

His smile became strange and savagely smiled as he said, “Zhou Xuanji, you’re very famous at our Great Emperor Dao Court. You will join us sooner or later; thank you for leading the way!”

After saying this, he spun and slashed out, killing dozens of Immortal Gods. His saber qi was incredibly mighty, blasting the palace’s walls and cracking them.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and inwardly cursed; what was this fellow going on about?

Thank you for leading the way?

Fortunately the Master of Gods and Old Star Lord did not look at him. As for whether or not they harbored suspicions, that was another matter.

“Enough!” the Master of Gods suddenly roared. His body disappeared and reappeared before Yao Shilong in the next second.

In front of him, the well-built Yao Shilong looked incredibly small.

Yao Shilong looked up, and before he could react, he was struck by the Master of Gods’ palm. He was blasted through the ground and fell down to the 8th heaven.

The Master of Gods also disappeared and chased after him.

As soon as he acted, Yao Shilong fell at a disadvantage.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; since the Master of Gods was so powerful, why did he not act earlier, and why did he only do so after so many Immortal Gods had died?

“Hurry and run, the Great Emperor Dao Court is coming.” Old Ancestor Laughing Sky suddenly sent a telepathic message, and Zhou Xuanji looked at him in surprise.

Old Ancestor Laughing Sky’s expression was serious as he looked at the doors.

Before Zhou Xuanji could think too much, a hand landed on his shoulder and pulled him backwards—it was Old Star Lord. A black hole flowing with purple light appeared behind him.

Old Star Lord looked at Zhou Xuanji and gritted his teeth as he said, “Hurry and go to the 33rd heaven to ask the Heavenly Saint to help!”

Before Zhou Xuanji could respond, he fell into the black hole.

In the next second, he could feel the heavens and earth spinning. After passing through the darkness, he found himself in the sky.

He instinctively sent his divine sense out, and he could find no trace of the God Palace.

He did not hesitate and shot upwards towards higher heavens.

The 33rd heaven…

He suddenly thought of Marquis; was the powerful being watching over Marquis cultivating the Heavenly Saint?

“Heheh, little doll, where are you running?”

A sinister laugh came from below. Zhou Xuanji looked down and saw a red-haired man rushing at him. His skin was shriveled and he looked like a corpse. He wore tattered iron armor, and his eyes were like that of a snake’s as he laughed wildly.

Zhou Xuanji cursed in a low voice, and the Seven Emotions Evil Sword appeared in his left hand.