I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 490 - Chapter 490 – Old Ancestor Laughing Sky

Chapter 490 - Chapter 490 – Old Ancestor Laughing Sky


After Yang Yutian left, Wu Qiu led the Divine Cliff in rebuilding Divine Cliff City.

Zhou Xuanji did not participate and continued to cultivate high in the air.

Half a month later, Divine Cliff City had been rebuilt. It was just that during the battle with the two Vajras, they had lost many disciples, causing the Divine Cliff’s atmosphere to become somewhat bleak and lonely.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was sent back to the Northern Wilderness by Jiang Xue.

That girl’s talent was quite powerful, and she wanted to become the next Zhou Xuanji. As such, they hoped that she could ascend to the Upper Realm; that way, she could also benefit from the Heavenly Law Favor.

Additionally, the Northern Wilderness was safer than the Center God Province.

At the very least, the enemies they faced were on a completely different level.

Two months later, the old beggar came above the clouds to find Zhou Xuanji. The first thing he said was, “Your elder’s going to leave; hurry up and kneel to pay your respects.”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and asked, “Where are you going?”

The old beggar said proudly, “To save your Senior Apprentice Brother.”

News of Di Guanlong being captured had been hotly spread, and Zhou Xuanji naturally heard about it. He had asked the old beggar if he was going to save him, but at the time he had said that he did not care.

Why was he going to save him now?

“Of course, I’m just saving him along the way; I have another purpose. As for what it is, I can’t tell you,” the old beggar said proudly before waving his hand and leaving.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and continued to cultivate.

He was not worried about the old beggar. If that fellow was so easy to kill, he would have died long ago.

Half a year later, the Divine Cliff began to take new disciples. After that battle, the Divine Cliff had become even more famous. A sect that had the help of Immortal Gods would naturally attract many cultivators.

This was especially so given that it was Giant God Huang Hao who had personally descended.

In the Great Thousand World’s legends, Giant God Huang Hao was like Xingtian in Chinese legends.

A war god among immortal gods!

Zhou Xuanji did not show himself this whole time, but those new disciples liked to walk around his residence. It was a pity that they were not able to see him.

On that day, his Second Rank Immortal Medallion once again trembled. Zhou Xuanji took it out as Old Star Lord’s voice sounded out.

“All Immortal Gods above Fifth Rank, immediately put down what you are doing and come to the God Palace. Anyone who dallies will be stripped of their rank!”

Old Star Lord’s voice was quite calm, but there were flames of fury hidden in his tone, making those who heard the summons feel quite urgent.

Zhou Xuanji immediately got up and flew to the 9th Heaven without stopping.

He came before the God Palace’s large doors, and there were many Immortal Gods gathered, but the doors were not opened yet.

The Immortal Gods talked among themselves.

“What’s going on? It sounded quite urgent!”

“I heard that it has to do with Giant God Huang Hao.”

“After Giant God Huang Hao went to the Divine Cliff to fight, he hasn’t returned.”

“How is that possible; didn’t he kill Brilliant God Vajra?”

“Could it be that he encountered other experts from the Great Emperor Dao Court when chasing down Prison Suppressing Vajra?”

Zhou Xuanji felt many gazes because he came from the Divine Cliff.

He slightly frowned; could it be that Giant God Huang Hao had fallen into the Great Emperor Dao Court’s trap?

Back then, he had felt quite confused; why did the Great Emperor Dao Court send their subordinates to die?

A skinny man with big hands and feet walked over. He wore loose yellow robes and had a friendly smile on his face. He came before Zhou Xuanji and smiled as he said, “Sword Emperor, I’m finally able to meet you today. Do you know who I am?”

Zhou Xuanji replied, “Barefoot Immortal?”

The skinny man paused before loudly laughing.

“You’re quite interesting; I am Old Ancestor Laughing Sky. Have you heard of me before?” The skinny man blinked as he asked, a gentle smile on his face.

Old Ancestor Laughing Sky!

First Rank Great Immortal!

He was also a legendary figure in the Great Thousand World. After Zhou Xuanji had come to the Great Thousand World, he had seen many of his temples.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and replied, “I have long since heard of Old Ancestor Laughing Sky. May I ask what you have come to find me for?”

Zhou Xuanji treated experts with respect.

He could sense that Old Ancestor Laughing Sky did not have any ill intent, and there was a look of appreciation in his eyes.

“It’s naturally to get to know you; what else could it be? To make trouble for you?” Old Ancestor Laughing Sky said as he chuckled as he put his arm around Zhou Xuanji’s neck.

His movement was quite natural, and Zhou Xuanji did not resist. The other Immortal Gods saw this, and they began to discuss in hushed tones.

Zhou Xuanji saw all of this, and he understood that Old Ancestor Laughing Sky was really trying to befriend him and was purposefully making a show of it so that others would not make trouble for him.

The two of them began to talk.

Most of the time it was Old Ancestor Laughing Sky asking him questions. After hearing about Zhou Xuanji’s age, he felt incredibly shocked.

Old Ancestor Laughing Sky pulled Zhou Xuanji and continuously exclaimed in wonder, almost wanting to take him as a disciple.

Time gradually passed as they discussed.


The doors suddenly opened, and the Immortal Gods began to enter the palace.

Zhou Xuanji and Old Ancestor Laughing Sky moved in with the others. Zhou Xuanji saw the Master of Gods sitting on the throne. He still sat incredibly straight and was expressionless, making it difficult for others to guess what he was thinking.

After all of the Immortal Gods stood in place, Old Star Lord took a step forward.

Zhou Xuanji stood in the fourth row; there were not many First Rank Immortal Gods in the God Palace—there were fewer than 50 of them in total.

Some of the First Rank Great Immortals were too far away and could not make it.

“I’m sure you can all guess at why you have all been summoned today; it is regarding Giant God Huang Hao. He has been imprisoned in the Abyss and requires the God Palace to rescue him,” Old Star Lord said. Normally, it was the Master of Gods giving the plan.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; as expected!

Were they going to send them to rescue Giant God Huang Hao?

He knew how powerful Giant God Huang Hao was; with his cultivation, he would just be cannon fodder.

Moreover, if the Great Emperor Dao Court saw him, how could they let him off?

Most of the Great Emperor Dao Court’s attention would be on him.

It was not just Zhou Xuanji, the other Immortal Gods began to murmur too.

No one wanted to go and die.

“This time, His Majesty wants to send three First Rank Great Immortals to save him; all other Immortal Gods will wait for orders,” Old Star Lord said slowly as he swept his gaze over everyone.

Hearing this, many Immortal Gods let out a sigh of relief, and Zhou Xuanji was one of them.

Currently, he just wanted to focus on cultivating and did not want to take risks and go out.

“About the Great Emperor Dao Court, do we have any information on them?” Old Ancestor Laughing Sky asked. He still smiled, as if there was nothing that could make him nervous.

Old Star Lord nodded and said, “Out of the top 20 in the Great Emperor Stele, five of them are in the Great Emperor Dao Court.”


The God Palace immediately fell silent.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed too.

The top 20 in the Great Emperor Stone Stele were all First Class Great Emperors. Apart from Zhou Xuanji and Emperor Jundao, all of them were existences who had lived for over 100,000 years, and all of them had immensely high cultivations.

Moreover, Old Star Lord had only mentioned the Great Emperor Stele; perhaps there were even more powerful existences.

Just because one did not become a Great Emperor did not mean one was weak.

There were many experts who were not Great Emperors, but they were still immensely powerful.

“Old man Star Lord, you seem to know much about your Great Emperor Dao Court.” A frivolous voice sounded in the palace, causing all of the Immortal Gods to look over in surprise.

A figure giving off terrifying demonic qi appeared at the door.