I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 489 - Chapter 489 – Giant God Huang Hao’s Might

Chapter 489 - Chapter 489 – Giant God Huang Hao’s Might


Hearing the Black Hole Exquisite Lion’s words, the old beggar angrily kicked at it, hitting it between its buttocks. The Black Hole Exquisite Lion yelped in pain and hurriedly jumped away.

Seeing this, Zhou Xiaoxuan, Xiao Chan, and Bai Suwan all laughed.

Everyone else was looking in another direction.

Powerful rays of light shot from over the horizon, and the aura shook the sky.

It was Brilliant God Vajra!

He was 30,000 meters tall and was dressed in a crystalline divine armor. He walked through the air. There were violet flames around his head, and his face was very dignified.

As he appeared, Giant God Huang Hao also descended from the clouds, and he was also 30,000 meters tall.

The two peerless experts were incomparably massive and moved towards each other.

From a distance, it looked like two world-creating massive gods were about to fight, causing the atmosphere between the heavens and earth to freeze.


The Prison Suppressing Vajra and Shenyazi rushed out from underground, breaking through the dirt and fog as they flew high into the air to battle.

The two of them fought as if there was no one around, no matter if it was Giant God Huang Hao or Brilliant God Vajra, only wanting to kill each other.

Giant God Huang Hao took out his divine weapon, the massive halberd, and directly attacked.

Brilliant God Vajra took out two large axes, one red and one black, giving off an extremely powerful baleful aura.

They quickly collided together. Even though their bodies were so massive, their attack speed was still fast, and berserk gales swept through the heavens and earth. The halls and residences that had survived were all pushed back.

Yang Yutian shouted, “Divine Cliff’s disciples, retreat!”

Now that the Immortal Gods were fighting, the Divine Cliff would not suffer as many losses.

Giant God Huang Hao became more and more berserk as he fought, and even Zhou Xuanji felt quite shocked.

Even at Complete Heavenly Law True God, Zhou Xuanji was unable to see through Giant God Huang Hao. It seemed that it was not the Great Emperor Dao Court that was too weak but Giant God Huang Hao who was too strong.

Brilliant God Vajra was also very powerful, and facing the berserk Giant God Huang Hao, he was able to block each attack.

However, he was being suppressed and gradually fell at a disadvantage.

Zhou Xuanji used Immortal Energy to push the residence back, and he looked at the old beggar as he asked, “They’re all your enemies?”

He was very confused; since the God Palace was the old beggar’s enemies, why did he still have him join them?

The old beggar sighed and sent a telepathic message, “Back then, they all wanted to take me as their teacher, but I didn’t think they were good enough. It was a great humiliation to them, so they did not tell anyone else and no one else knows about this.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes; the old beggar sounded like he was boasting.

Was he as strong as Giant God Huang Hao?

However, Zhou Xuanji did not say anything in response; what if it was true?

He did not think too much about this and asked, “Who will win?”

This time, the old beggar did not send a telepathic message and replied, “Giant God Huang Hao and Shenyazi will win; those two Vajras might die.”

Might die?

Zhou Xuanji blinked; this seemed like a strange sequence of events. They were going to die right after coming out?

The battle continued.

Even someone like Zhou Xuanji was unable to view the battle clearly, but the sounds were like the heavens and earth collapsing. The ground continuously shook, and dirt blasted over from the battlefield with unstoppable momentum, like waves of dirt.

After quite a while, the battle concluded.

Zhou Xuanji swept out with his divine sense, and his expression changed.

Giant God Huang Hao and Brilliant God Vajra were on the ground, and Brilliant God Vajra knelt in front of Giant God Huang Hao with his head cut off; he was dead.

Giant God Huang Hao was completely unharmed and looked indomitable.

He looked into the distance, where Shenyazi and Prison Suppressing Vajra were fighting.

The two of them still had not determined a victor.

Prison Suppressing Vajra held his chest and continuously coughed up blood. He looked at Shenyazi and gritted his teeth as he said, “I had never thought you would be this powerful!”

Shenyazi was expressionless, but his right arm had been cut off, and the third eye between his eyebrows continuously dripped with blood.

Prison Suppressing Vajra deeply breathed in and looked at Giant God Huang Hao in the distance with a look of hatred.

He and Brilliant God Vajra had supported each other from when they had been weak and small, and seeing Brilliant God Vajra die in front of him, how could he stay calm?

However, he was not strong enough; he understood that he was not a match for Shenyazi and Giant God Huang Hao.

If he continued on like this, it would be him dying.

“Just you wait, the Great Emperor Dao Court will take control of the Great Thousand World sooner or later. One day, I destroy the Divine Cliff and God Palace in front of you!” Prison Suppressing Vajra said as he gnashed his teeth. Following this, a black hole appeared behind him, and he lightly fell backwards into it.


The sound of the air being torn could be heard as a golden ray of light shot over, piercing through Prison Suppressing Vajra’s forehead. Following this, Prison Suppressing Vajra fell into the black hole and disappeared.

It was Giant God Huang Hao.

He appeared in front of the black hole and stepped into it.

He did not want to let Prison Suppressing Vajra off!

Soon, the black hole disappeared.

Shenyazi coughed up a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground.

He bitterly smiled and muttered, “Han Xuzi, your divine abilities could not compare to fate; you were all wrong.”

After saying this, he became transparent and turned into motes of light as he dissipated.

Within the residence, the old beggar sighed and said, “It’s over, how troublesome. The Great Emperor Dao Court’s two Vajras were like pigs and came just to die. No wait, at least they made Shenyazi spend himself to death, haha.”

He started to laugh in schadenfreude, and Zhou Xuanji gave some instructions to Jiang Xue and the others before flying to where the Divine Cliff had been.

The Divine Cliff had been here for so many years; how could they just leave?

Soon, he met with Yang Yutian in the sky, and looking down at the complete mess below, both of them remained silent.

Traces of fog gathered from the edge of the horizon, seeming to cover this battlefield.

Yang Yutian sighed and said, “The Divine Cliff has experienced so many disasters. Even the Founding Sect Ancestor has passed away here.”

His expression was heavy, but inwardly he let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately Shenyazi had passed away; otherwise, could he still continue being the Cliff Master?

Zhou Xuanji did not know what he was thinking and asked, “What are you going to do now? Rebuild Divine Cliff City?”

The Great Emperor Dao Court’s attack this time was a signal.

After the Immortal Gods had taken control of the Centre God Province, he no longer saw Xuan Daoya. He had thought that the Great Emperor Dao Court would stop targeting him, but it seemed that this was not the case.

“Mm, I’ll have Wu Qiu manage the Divine Cliff and rebuild Divine Cliff City, while I will search for a powerful defensive formation. Otherwise, if something like this happens again, the Divine Cliff will not be able to endure it.”

After speaking, Yang Yutian went to find Wu Qiu and the other disciples.

Zhou Xuanji slightly frowned; why was he in such a hurry?

Normally speaking, after such a thing happened, he should resettle and reassure the disciples for a while.

Could it be that he wanted to run away?

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and did not think any more about it.

He did not mind who the Cliff Master of the Divine Cliff was.

He did not have that desire because he had Emperor Sword Court. After helping the Divine Cliff become stronger, he would leave with the Northern Wilderness sooner or later.

The Immortal Soldiers left, and Giant God Huang Hao did not return. Zhou Xuanji did not know if he and Prison Suppressing Vajra were alive or dead.

Less than a week later, news of this madly spread through the Center God Province.

The Great Emperor Dao Court’s mysterious veil was finally uncovered.

Brilliant God Vajra and Prison Suppressing Vajra’s backgrounds were also unearthed.

Everyone suddenly felt that even with the God Palace’s protection, the Center God Province was not necessarily safe and might be even more dangerous than before.