I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 487 - Chapter 487 – Great Heaven God Emperor

Chapter 487 - Chapter 487 – Great Heaven God Emperor


Baihao Yixin was very angry, and he had quite a temper; how could he allow Grandmaster Aoshi to humiliate him like this?

As such, he got up and dusted himself off before walking elsewhere to continue to cultivate.

Seeing him like this, Grandmaster Aoshi felt incredibly annoyed.

Back then, Baihao Yixin’s talent had been exceptional, and he had immediately taken a liking to him.


This fellow liked women too much, causing his personality to become quite lazy; he was essentially useless now.

Grandmaster Aoshi sighed and left.

From the start, he did not even look at Feng Kule.

Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule both felt quite complicated. They were also becoming stronger, but compared to Zhou Xuanji, it was far too slow.

“This Emperor doesn’t accept it!” Baihao Yixin’s eyes flashed as he sent a telepathic message to Feng Kule.

Feng Kule’s expression did not change as he lightly nodded.

They both felt that there was not much point in following Grandmaster Aoshi. Apart from being safe, they were only humiliated and disparaged.

In order to become stronger, they decided to leave. With how big the world was, they would be able to find their own opportunities.

Zhou Xuanji found the Black Hole Exquisite Lion. He had thought that it would be quite worried waiting for him, but it had found a group of female lions and was having a good time.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji appear, it actually looked somewhat displeased.

“Master, why did you come back so quickly?” It grumbled, evidently not wanting to leave.

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows, took out the Chicken Slaying Sword, and swung it.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion was given a big fright and hurriedly jumped up, and the female lions by its side all ran away.

Seeing that the Chicken Slaying Sword was about to reach it, the Black Hole Exquisite Lion roared out.

At that moment, the Chicken Slaying Sword suddenly descended, moving towards its nether regions.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion hurriedly dodged, avoiding this strike.

“The next strike will be even faster,” Zhou Xuanji said as he looked down at it.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion hurriedly cried out, “Master, let’s leave! This place is dangerous!”

Zhou Xuanji coldly harrumphed and jumped onto the Black Hole Exquisite Lion’s back.

They began to travel towards the Divine Cliff.

On the way, they traveled cautiously, afraid of meeting Xu Qing.

After Zhou Xuanji had told the Black Hole Exquisite Lion about the Cloud Devil Pool, it became incredibly scared and flew cautiously.

If they met Xu Qing, perhaps Zhou Xuanji would be able to escape, but it would not.

Fortunately, Xu Qing had gone up north, so they were not that unfortunate.

After returning to the Divine Cliff, Zhou Xuanji found the old beggar and took out the Saint Sword.

The old beggar looked at Saint Sword Tugang and said ruefully, “What a nostalgic sword. Back then, I gave it to Xu Qing, hoping that he would achieve great things. I had never thought that he would become bedevilled and monopolize Tugang.”

Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity, “How did Xu Qing become bedevilled?”

The old beggar shook his head and did not reply.

Zhou Xuanji was annoyed and took back Tugang.

The old beggar became infuriated and cursed out, “Stinking brat, can’t you let your teacher look at it more?”

Zhou Xuanji did not bother with him; he turned and left as he prepared to visit the people from Emperor Sword Court.

The old beggar was not actually angry, and he instead rubbed his chin as he began to think to himself.

During the next period of time, Zhou Xuanji did not leave.

In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed, and Zhou Xuanji was 178 years old.

In the past ten years, his immortal energy had been growing, but he was still far away from Universe Heaven.

What was worth mentioning was that he was unable to use Tugang.

Tugang contained great power, and the Sword Spirit said that Zhou Xuanji had to make it acknowledge him as its master before it could be controlled and modified by the Sword Spirit.

Zhou Xuanji was surprised; could it be that Tugang already had an owner?

If that was the case, why did Xu Qing still need to defend it and not just absorb it into his body?

He could not understand, so he could only put it aside and focus on cultivating.

He had become quite powerful, and he could even use two Ancient Gazing swords together. This meant that he had not revealed his full power.

Over the past ten years, he had gained another 24 swords, from Gold to God Slaying.

Over this period of time, two more people from the Northern Wilderness had ascended; Zhou Xuanji did not know either of them, and they had joined the Divine Cliff.

Time passed slowly for Zhou Xuanji, but it was quite fast for others.

Xu Qing had already left the north, while Mo Jiuqing was still going about and taking revenge.

What was worth mentioning was that Di Guanlong and the Great Heaven God Dynasty’s Emperor Jundao had fought. Because of the difference in their cultivation, Emperor Jundao had suffered a crushing defeat, and this had angered the Great Heaven God Dynasty.

The Great Heaven God Dynasty had hunted down Di Guanlong, and the Great Heaven God Emperor had personally acted, heavily wounding Di Guanlong and even imprisoning him in the Great Heaven God Dynasty.

After this battle, everyone knew how powerful the Great Heaven God Emperor was.

Before, even though the Great Heaven God Dynasty was powerful, it was not very high-profile. Apart from Emperor Jundao, there were not many famous figures, and the Great Heaven God Emperor was usually in Closed-Door Training.

Now, everyone understood that the Great Heaven God Dynasty was more terrifying than they thought, especially the Great Heaven God Emperor. He had the qualifications to contend for the position of the most powerful expert in the Center God Province.

Zhou Xuanji did not know what was going on outside; he was focused on cultivating, and his comprehension of the Way of the Sword was also increasing. He did not neglect his divine abilities either.

Time came closer and closer to the Heavenly Saint expounding the Dao.

Zhou Xuanji guessed that the old beggar was trying to make him grow stronger as quickly as possible most likely because there was going to be a big battle at the time of the Dao expounding.

Within the Great Heaven Divine Dynasty, in an underground prison.

Di Guanlong’s hair was unruly, his clothes were in tatters, and he was chained to a wall. His head was lowered and his body slightly trembled, causing the chains to continuously shake and rattle.

An old eunuch stood in front of the door. He had wrinkled skin, and when he smiled, only two slits were left of his eyes.

“Di Guanlong, hurry up and tell us where your teacher is, or else we will have you taste unprecedented pain,” the old eunuch said with a high and sharp voice, sounding like a rooster’s voice.

Di Guanlong raised his head and spat out some bloody water. As it flew through the prison bars, the old eunuch easily dodged it.

He had a mocking smile on his face as he said, “Who would have thought that the Great Heaven God Dynasty was actually like this; when are you going to pretend until?”

Hearing this, the old eunuch shook his head and laughed.

He took out a wooden bottle and some black centipedes crawled out. Their exoskeletons danced with black light, and they looked incredibly sinister.

These black centipedes could fly, and they rushed at Di Guanlong as more and more of them appeared.

After a while.


Di Guanlong’s howls sounded out, echoing in the prison.

The old eunuch turned, and there was no longer a smile on his face. His expression instead became quite sinister.

While storms were brewing outside, the Divine Cliff was still quite peaceful.

Yang Yutian had a vision for a wonderful future. Under Zhou Xuanji’s protection, the Divine Cliff would definitely return to its peak, if not surpass it.

It was a pity that the good times did not last for long.

Outside the dense fog, a bald-headed man appeared on a cliff. Behind him was a dense forest, and ahead was the Divine Cliff.

He wore black armor and his shoulders were pointed. Even though his facial features were somewhat handsome, there was a balefulness on his face.

“I finally found you. Today, I will erase the Divine Cliff’s existence,” he muttered to himself. His words were filled with killing intent, and his eyes flashed with a cold light.

He walked towards the fog ahead of him, and he raised his right hand as a gold staff appeared in his hand.