I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 486 - Chapter 486 – Northern Nether Sword Devil Appears

Chapter 486 - Chapter 486 – Northern Nether Sword Devil Appears


Soon, Zhou Xuanji was able to find that Saint Sword; it was within a mountain cave.

This sword was stuck in the ground. The blade was four fingers wide, and it gradually became wider. There were black scales on the hilt, and there was a gemstone that looked like a savage red eye on the hilt.

Saint Sword!

As soon as Zhou Xuanji went near it, he could feel an unimaginable aura rushing at him.

It was as if there was a massive beast roaring at him.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and talked to the nine souls.

“Eh? Saint Sword Tugang? You were at the Cloud Devil Pool?” Liu Wuji said in shock, and the other souls also spoke.

“The Northern Nether Sword Devil is not here; this is a good opportunity.”

“If you take it, the Northern Nether Sword Devil will hunt you down.”

“You should definitely take it!”

“As long as you have the confidence to escape, you should take it.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji immediately stretched out his hand and grasped Saint Sword Tugang’s hilt.

When he grabbed on to it, a chilling feeling spread through his palm into his body, making the Heavenly Law Immortal Energy inside his body roil.

In that moment, he felt an immense desire to possess this sword.


Zhou Xuanji drew out Saint Sword Tugang.

Following this, he disappeared from the spot.

He quickly flew out of the Cloud Devil Pool, moving as quickly as possible and not daring to be careless.

Even though he did not know where Mo Jiuqing had lured Xu Qing, as long as he was still in the Cloud Devil Pool, he would not feel safe.


A roar suddenly sounded from behind him, shaking the heavens and the earth and causing goosebumps to appear on Zhou Xuanji’s body.

How was this possible?

So quickly?

He instinctively looked backwards, and he saw a domineering figure quickly rushing at him.

He finally saw Xu Qing’s appearance.

This fellow was naked from the waist-up, and his muscles looked like stones that had been beaten by rain. His hair was unruly and his eyes did not have pupils, being completely white.

He savagely looked at Zhou Xuanji, continuously howling.

Zhou Xuanji immediately used Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, continuously moving about.

Seeing that Xu Qing was about to catch up to him, he took out a Concealing Grass and ate it.

They had planted many Concealing Grass at Skyfall, and he had kept a few.

After eating the Concealing Grass, Zhou Xuanji disappeared.

Xu Qing stopped and furiously looked around, but he was unable to find Zhou Xuanji; even his aura had disappeared.

He furiously howled, causing the space around him to ripple, and the demonic qi around him dissipated.

After roaring for a long time, he left.

At the edge of the Cloud Devil Pool, Zhou Xuanji revealed his body. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and collapsed against a mountain wall, and the hand holding Saint Sword Tugang slightly trembled.

Xu Qing’s roar from before had shaken his inner organs and injured him, and even now, his qi and blood were roiling.

“Just what kind of cultivation does that fellow have?” Zhou Xuanji gnashed his teeth and muttered, his face pale.

Fortunately, he had obtained the Saint Sword.

Paying a small price like this was not a big deal.

Zhou Xuanji got up and left. He could not be bothered looking for Mo Jiuqing; he trusted that Mo Jiuqing would find him.

Not too long after he left, a well-built figure stepped out of the demonic qi.

It was the Northern Nether Sword Devil, Xu Qing.

His expression was still savage, and he looked around, his nose moving slightly as if he was sniffing at something.

He walked towards the outside of the Cloud Devil Pool.


A bolt of divine lightning suddenly blasted down, striking his body and causing him to roar in pain.

He furiously struggled, wanting to break free from the obstruction of the lightning.

Another bolt of lightning landed, causing his muscles to spasm. The surface of his body split open, causing blood to spill out.

He did not give up and madly roared, going completely wild,and shaking the demonic qi of the Cloud Devil Pool.

After a while, he ferociously charged forwards unbridled, allowing the divine lightning to strike his body, not stopping at all.

Soon, his blood-covered body disappeared over the horizon.

Great waves rolled on the Cloud Devil Pool, and same for the demonic qi, as if it was a massive beast expressing its anger.

After leaving the Cloud Devil Pool, Zhou Xuanji continuously flew without stopping.

For some reason, the sense of danger in his heart became stronger and stronger, as if there was some ferocious existence chasing after him.

Six hours later, that sense of danger reduced, and he found a hidden place to hide.

In order to prepare for the unexpected, he used Nine Hell Flame Extinction to open a Yin Yang boundary ahead of time, preparing to run at any moment.

He began to nurse his injuries and gather Heavenly Law Immortal Energy.

As for Saint Sword Tugang, he had put it in his Supreme Storage so as to avoid Xu Qing tracking its aura and finding him.

About an hour later, Mo Jiuqing appeared next to him out of nowhere.

His expression was serious as he said, “Xu Qing escaped.”

He escaped?

Zhou Xuanji’s expression was strange, not knowing what to say.

With Xu Qing’s abilities and madness, didn’t that mean the common people were in danger?

He shook his head and did not think too much; he could not do anything about it.

He asked, “Wasn’t he trapped in the Cloud Devil Pool? Was he attracted by the Saint Sword?”

Could it be that Xu Qing became bedevilled because of the Saint Sword?

Mo Jiuqing shook his head and sighed as he said, “I don’t know either, but if he goes out, he will definitely anger the Immortal Gods and other factions to join together to attack him.”

He respected Xu Qing and did not want him to fall.

Zhou Xuanji sank into his thoughts. The Ancient God Sword was next to him, and the nine souls continuously chattered.

“Xu Qing was indeed quite powerful back then; what a pity.”

“You speak as if you were from the same generation as him.”

“It’s rumored that Xu Qing offended a powerful being above the 33rd heaven.”

“No matter what, this boy got the Saint Sword with his talent, how powerful do you think he’ll become with the Saint Sword?”

“Little bro, when are you going to revive us?”

The nine souls were all very talkative, and Zhou Xuanji would occasionally join in.

He suddenly started to wonder if he should revive the nine souls.

If he revived them, he would have nine helpers, but it was difficult to ascertain their true intentions. He was not sure that after reviving that the nine souls would still treat him like this.

After resting for five days, Zhou Xuanji and Mo Jiuqing went their separate ways.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly remembered something.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion was still waiting for him.

Before heading to the Cloud Devil Pool, he had asked the Black Hole Exquisite Lion to wait for him at a certain place in order to not make trouble for him.

He immediately flew in that direction.

One month after Zhou Xuanji had taken the Saint Sword, a piece of news shook the Center God Province.

Northern Nether Sword Devil Xu Qing had escaped from the Cloud Devil Pool, and he had reduced many cities to rubble.

All kinds of legends about him started to spread.

Soon, the Center God Province once again fell into terror.

First it was Mo Jiuqing, now it was the Northern Nether Sword Devil.

Recently, the Center God Province’s luck had not been very good!

Within a range of mountain peaks, Baihao Yixin, who was cultivating, was suddenly kicked to the ground.

He jumped up and furiously yelled, “The hell’s your problem?”


Grandmaster Aoshi slapped him to the ground, and the powerful force caused the ground to crack.

Not too far away, Feng Kule gulped.

“Hmph, Zhou Xuanji has already obtained a Saint Sword. Look at you, what are you doing?” Grandmaster Aoshi tried to hold in his anger as he shouted.

Hearing this, Baihao Yixin almost coughed up blood.

What did Zhou Xuanji being powerful have to do with him?

He gritted his teeth and said, “Aren’t I cultivating?”

Grandmaster Aoshi coldly harrumphed and asked, “And the results?”

Baihao Yixin fell silent.