I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 485 - Chapter 485 – Cloud Devil Pool

Chapter 485 - Chapter 485 – Cloud Devil Pool


If his name was exposed, the person who uttered it would receive the most severe punishment from Heavenly Law?

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows; just what kind of atrocity had that old fellow committed for Heavenly Law to target him like that?

He did not continue to ask; Mo Jiuqing most likely did not know either.

Who would tell others about such a humiliating thing?

For example, everyone in the Divine Cliff had thought that Sovereign Xuan was the most powerful. However, because that fellow had provoked Heavenly Law, he had long since fallen.

The two of them did not continue to chat and focused on refining magic energy.

News about their battle with Divine Lord Ji did not spread because there were no other living creatures around.

Half a month later, the two of them headed to the Cloud Devil Pool.

The Cloud Devil Pool was a large lake that had existed for countless years, and it was bigger than some oceans. Legends said that the Cloud Devil had fallen here, causing there to always be demonic qi above the lake.

This was a holy land for people of the demonic path, and it had once been sealed by the Sovereign Demon Sect.

Now that the Sovereign Demon Sect had been expelled, the Cloud Devil Pool once again became an ownerless place.

In the current Center God Province, it was difficult to find any demonic cultivators.

One of Zhou Xuanji and Mo Jiuqing’s Senior Apprentice Brothers hid here. He had once been a First Class Great Emperor and was unrivaled. However, after becoming bedevilled, he went crazy and hid in the Cloud Devil Lake, and he did not leave from there.

Within his control was a Saint Sword.

Back then, he had used this Saint Sword to paint the skies blood-red and turn the ground barren.

“What is this Senior Apprentice Brother’s name? What was his ranking on the Great Emperor Stele?” Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity. He could hear the respect in Mo Jiuqing’s voice when he talked about him.

He was very curious what kind of expert could make Mo Jiuqing feel so much admiration.

“He was named Xu Qing, and he had the honorific title of Northern Nether Sword Devil. He was ranked ninth on the Great Emperor Stele,” Mo Jiuqing replied, a flicker of zeal in his eyes.

Xu Qing?

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows and thought of Xu Yang.

Daoya Old Man felt that Xu Yang was the reincarnation of a powerful being, but he had not yet figured out which powerful being it was.

There was only one character difference between his name and Xu Qing, but there was a world of difference between them.

Zhou Xuanji continued to ask, “How many disciples does the old man have? Why are they all so ridiculous?”

Mo Jiuqing gave a light smile and said, “I have over ten Senior Apprentice Brothers above me; you can take a guess for yourself. Apart from you, Di Guanlong is the most junior one, and he has reached the Universe Heaven realm and is incredibly majestic in the Center God Province.

“To date, the old man has not gathered all of us together before, and he only gave us a divine ability to allow us to telepathically communicate. However, it does not allow us to see the other person’s appearance. When you break through to the Universe Heaven realm, he will teach it to you too.

“What is interesting is that when we use the divine ability to communicate, he never joins in; it seems that he’s not afraid of us rebelling against him.”

Zhou Xuanji was quite interested as he listened; the old man’s abilities seemed neverending.

Zhou Xuanji then asked, “What does he ask of you guys? Or is there something you have to do?”

Mo Jiuqing frowned and said, “It’s quite strange; he’s never asked anything of us before. He has only taught us divine abilities and never asked for anything in return.”

Zhou Xuanji blinked.

Was there really such a selfless person in the world?

The Cloud Devil Pool was surrounded by mountains, and the lake was incredibly vast and endless. Demonic qi that seemed to cover the sky and hide the sun hung above the lake, and in front of the demonic qi, the surrounding mountains felt quite small.

From a distance, it was as if there was a massive devil crawling above the Cloud Devil Pool.

Zhou Xuanji and Mo Jiuqing landed on a hill and looked out at the Cloud Devil Pool.

“We can’t forcefully attack if we want to take the Saint Sword from Xu Qing. He has already lost his reason and can easily be angered. Even together, it will be difficult for us to defeat him,” Mo Jiuqing said in a low voice. Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows.

He was that difficult to deal with?

He had not said such a thing when facing Divine Lord Ji.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression did not change and waited for Mo Jiuqing to continue to speak.

“When the time comes, I will draw Xu Qing away and you go and steal the sword,” Mo Jiuqing said. This plan made Zhou Xuanji roll his eyes.

He asked, “Won’t Xu Qing be using the Saint Sword? Or at least be protecting his treasure?”

Mo Jiuqing nodded, making Zhou Xuanji feel speechless.

Hadn’t that fellow gone crazy?

However, there was no way around it, and he could only go along with this plan.

The two of them quickly dove into the demonic qi.

Under a blue sky and white clouds, surrounded by verdant hills and limpid water, Xuan Daoya was sitting beside a small lake as he fished, seeming incredibly carefree.

A figure suddenly appeared behind him; it was Malicious Buddha.

Malicious Buddha’s eyes narrowed as he said, “You’re still here fishing? Don’t you know that Zhou Xuanji has already left your control?”

Xuan Daoya’s expression did not change, and he slightly shook his head as he asked, “Isn’t it better the stronger he is?”

When talking about Zhou Xuanji, he tried to remain calm, but inwardly, he was incredibly dumbfounded.

Zhou Xuanji’s rise was simply too fast.

It surpassed anything he knew.

“He definitely has a powerful expert guiding him. Even Grandmaster Aoshi and Mo Jiuqing have become his acquaintances. It is rumoured that Grandmaster Aoshi and Mo Jiuqing are Apprentice Brothers; there’s no way to verify this, but it’s very likely,” Malicious Buddha said with an unsightly expression.

He had completely offended Zhou Xuanji, and if he allowed Zhou Xuanji to continue to grow, he would definitely be in trouble.

“No matter what, we can’t do anything to him now, isn’t that right?” Xuan Daoya asked, looking like he had given up.

Malicious Buddha’s frown became even deeper, not knowing what to say.

“Don’t worry, it’s not just you worrying; there are also other people worrying. Why must you rush?” Xuan Daoya asked slowly. Hearing this, Malicious Buddha sank into his thoughts.

After a while, he gave a warning before leaving, “Also, you need to be clear that everyone else is in the dark, whereas Zhou Xuanji already hates you and me.”

Xuan Daoya’s expression finally changed and became gloomy.

Swish! Swish!

Within the demonic qi, Zhou Xuanji and Mo Jiuqing quickly sped through.

The Cloud Devil Pool was very big, and it would take them some time and effort to find Xu Qing.

Zhou Xuanji tried to send his divine sense out, but it was obstructed by the demonic qi.

On the way, he encountered many demonic creatures. They maintained the exterior appearance of savage beasts, but they had lost their reason. Whenever they saw Zhou Xuanji and Mo Jiuqing they would rush up, without any regard for danger.

He started to become interested in the Cloud Devil of the legends.

Just what kind of being could leave behind such dense demonic qi, that it did not dissipate for such a long time?

Compared to the Demonic Ancestor, was he stronger?

The time of one incense stick later, Mo Jiuqing suddenly stopped, and Zhou Xuanji also looked downwards.

There was an uninhabited island before, and it was dozens of kilometres long. There was so much baleful aura coming from there that even the demonic qi could not obstruct it.

“Below us is the place. I’ll go first; you act as you judge the situation,” Mo Jiuqing said before disappearing.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword; facing Xu Qing, he did not dare to be careless.

Approximately five breaths later.

“Roar!!!” A shocking roar sounded out, causing Zhou Xuanji to involuntarily shudder, and his hairs stood on end.


A wild gale scattered the demonic qi, and he saw a domineering figure chasing behind Mo Jiuqing. Before he could see Xu Qing’s appearance, the two of them had disappeared over the horizon.

Mo Jiuqing immediately flew to the island.

Even though the island was big, with his speed, he would be able to find the Saint Sword quickly.