I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 484 - Chapter 484 – Divine Lord Ji Retreats

Chapter 484 - Chapter 484 – Divine Lord Ji Retreats


Chapter 484: Chapter 484 – Divine Lord Ji Retreats

Within the underground stone palace, Su Han stood up. The entire stone palace violently trembled, and a terrifying might descended, causing his hairs to stand on end.

“What’s going on?” He looked up in fear, unable to imagine what kind of battle was unfolding on the surface.


The stone palace shattered and an energy barrier appeared in the air, protecting the space within the palace. Su Han looked around in shock as the rocks and magma turned into nothing around him.

The ground and dirt on the surface was the same, and a powerful light shined down from the sky.

30,000 meters above, he saw a figure floating high in the air, maintaining his pose of swinging his sword.

The Ten Ghost Grandmasters gave pained howls.

Su Han’s eyes widened, unable to believe what he was seeing.

What kind of power was this?

Wherever he could see, everything had turned into nothingness, and the darkness devoured its way upwards. He almost felt a sensation as if he was being expelled from the Great Thousand World.

“Zhou Xuanji!” Divine Lord Ji gnashed his teeth as he yelled, his voice filled with intense killing intent.

Su Han sucked in a breath of cold air.

This massive power was from Senior Zhou?

Just how powerful was he now?

He could already resist Divine Lord Ji?

Su Han’s heart became aflame.

As expected, Senior Zhou was the most powerful. Divine Lord Ji had been saying that his foundation was not solid, what rubbish!

From the start, Zhou Xuanji’s position in Su Han’s heart was at the top.

Even though Divine Lord Ji had taught him, his position could not compare to Zhou Xuanji’s position in his heart.

Back in the Northern Wilderness’ village, if Zhou Xuanji had not killed those demons and taken in Demon Monarch Gulan, making the demons take care of their village, Su Han might not have lived until today.

He had once wanted to take Zhou Xuanji as his teacher, but it was a pity that Zhou Xuanji had important things to do. However, before he had left, he had taught them some sword techniques.

How could Divine Lord Ji compare to that kind of life-saving grace?

Within the powerful light, Zhou Xuanji’s cold laughter sounded out, “What? Did you forget about sending your subordinates to kill me back then?

“That pitiful bug seemed to be called Qin Mohuai!”

Back when Qin Mohuai had descended to the Northern Wilderness, he had retained First Revolution Golden Immortal cultivation; it could be seen how vicious Divine Lord Ji was. He had been determined to kill Zhou Xuanji.

Hearing this, Divine Lord Ji once again fell silent and did not immediately reply.

The powerful light disappeared, and below could be seen a terrifying black hole that was 100 kilometers wide and unfathomably deep.

Around the black hole, the ground was obliterated, and magma and dirt formed a ring of tall dirt walls. Charred smoke billowed, making it seem like the creation of the world.

Su Han hovered in the air within the black hole; he could not be seen from above because the darkness had devoured him.

“Heheh, Divine Lord Ji, are you panicking now? You’ve lost four of your Ghost Grandmasters; doesn’t your heart ache?” Mo Jiuqing’s voice sounded throughout the sky, using words to taunt Divine Lord Ji.

As he spoke, six figures appeared in front of Divine Lord Ji.

The six Ghost Grandmasters were like flickering candles, and they were not as powerful as they had originally seemed.

They looked at Zhou Xuanji, as if they were looking at the most terrifying existence in the world.

That strike had almost caused all of them to fall.

The atmosphere became even more serious.

Divine Lord Ji remained silent; no one knew what he was thinking.

Mo Jiuqing did not immediately attack either, and he waited for Divine Lord Ji to let down his guard.

Currently, Divine Lord Ji was definitely filled with fury, and it would be bad to forcefully attack right now.

“Let’s make a move.” Zhou Xuanji did not want to continue to wait. Using so many swords took a great toll on him.

Mo Jiuqing narrowed his eyes and began to attack.

Facing Divine Lord Ji, he was able to hold his own. Before, with the Ten Ghost Grandmasters harassing him, he had been at a disadvantage.

The two of them immediately walked on the air towards Divine Lord Ji.

“Zhou Xuanji, Mo Jiuqing, I will not rest until this enmity is paid. I hope you can last until then,” Divine Lord Ji said slowly. After saying this, he turned into a vast black fog that quickly spread out and surrounded the six Ghost Grandmasters.

Zhou Xuanji and Mo Jiuqing simultaneously acted; demonic qi and sword qi shot out and tore apart the black fog. It was a pity that Divine Lord Ji and the six Ghost Grandmasters’ auras had already disappeared.

Even Su Han, within the black hole, disappeared.

Mo Jiuqing gnashed his teeth and cursed, “That bastard still got away!”

Despite this, he still felt quite happy.

At the very least, he had destroyed Divine Lord Ji’s might and killed four Ghost Grandmasters.

It was a big victory!

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, “Why does Divine Lord Ji have so few subordinates?”

Apart from those magma monsters, Zhou Xuanji had only seen the Ten Ghost Grandmasters and a little fellow with a weak aura below.

“This is not Divine Lord Ji’s base. He came here most likely to nurture that junior below,” Mo Jiuqing said. Divine Lord Ji was incredibly slippery, and it was very difficult to find him at the same place a few times.

Zhou Xuanji nodded; he felt that that boy’s aura was somewhat familiar, but he could not place it.

Maybe it was just a misperception.

Following this, the two of them left.

Not too long after they left, a black shadow floated out of the ruins.

This black shadow turned into a human form and wore a deep-purple armor. It did not have a head, only a well-built body, and held a black spare in its right hand.

It looked at the direction that Mo Jiuqing and Zhou Xuanji had left in and muttered, “The Sword Emperor has grown; it is time to harvest.”

After saying this, he dove into the black hole and disappeared into the Yin Yang boundary.

After fighting with Divine Lord Ji, Zhou Xuanji and Mo Jiuqing did not immediately return, and they instead found a place with no one else around to recover their magic energy.

Zhou Xuanji also recovered his Heavenly Law Immortal Energy; after gaining a Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution, he no longer needed to fly above the clouds to absorb Heavenly Law Immortal Energy.

The two of them sat at the peak of a mountain, with mountains all around them.

Mo Jiuqing said, “I had never thought you were this powerful; you have much hope in surpassing us.”

He had once also been a peerless genius, but facing Zhou Xuanji, he acknowledged his inferiority.

“Shouldn’t it be ‘you are guaranteed in surpassing us’?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a teasing smile. Hearing this, Mo Jiuqing shook his head and laughed.

After this battle, the two of them had become much closer.

Mo Jiuqing completely acknowledged Zhou Xuanji, and started to tell him about his enmity with Divine Lord Ji.

600,000 years ago, not too long after he had ascended, he had been oppressed by countless factions because of his talent, and he had drifted about.

Afterwards, he met Divine Lord Ji. Divine Lord Ji had pretended to be kind and wanted to take him as a disciple, tempting him to go with him.

Only 100 years later did he find out that Divine Lord Ji wanted to refine him into a clone, making him infuriated.

However, he could not defeat Divine Lord Ji, so he could only secretly escape. However, Divine Lord Ji hunted him down to kill him.

If he had not met the old beggar, he may have become one of Divine Lord Ji’s puppet clones.

When talking about this, Mo Jiuqing angrily gnashed his teeth.

Zhou Xuanji felt that this sounded quite familiar.

Could Xuan Daoya be wanting to do the same thing to him?

He asked in curiosity, “Just who is the old man? Why is he so reluctant to say his name?”

He had already acknowledged the old beggar as his teacher, but that old thing did not even tell him his name.

Mo Jiuqing shook his head and said, “I don’t know either; his name is a taboo. Anyone who says it will receive the most severe punishment from Heavenly Law.”