I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 483 - Chapter 483 The Ancient Gazing Legendary Sword

Chapter 483 - Chapter 483 The Ancient Gazing Legendary Sword


The Ten Ghost Grandmasters were shocked by Zhou Xuanji’s power, but Zhou Xuanji will not give them the opportunity to continue their awe.

Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow and Sword Sect Immortal Cry exploded in an instant!

Countless sword shadows flew toward the Ten Ghost Grandmasters from all directions. More than 30 million sword shadows swept up a powerful gale.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

The Ten Ghost Grandmasters evaded Zhou Xuanji’s attacks swiftly, but the landscape beneath them was bombarded.

Sounds of explosions could be heard ceaseless. Scorching lava erupted into the air.

The scene looked like the world’s beginning when the epoch changed, the ground shattering and the fiery core of the earth burning to the sky.

Divine Lord Ji and Mo Jiuqing were in a heated battle, which did not lose to Zhou Xuanji’s in scale.

The two clashed wildly with extreme speed. All kinds of spells and divine abilities were cast. They were like stars exploding in the air, shaking the entire physical space.

Mo Jiuqing’s demonic aura swirled. As he pushed his palms out, the demonic Qi turned into all kinds of demonic creatures that charged toward Divine Lord Ji.

Divine Lord Ji generated countless duplicates that surrounded him. Each of them was casting spells that bombarded his opponent ceaselessly.

With a fierce cry, Mo Jiuqing turned into a black sphere. Next, it shot out countless black arrows at Divine Lord Ji.

Divine Lord Ji raised his right hand and pressed down forcefully on the air.


A crimson lightning bolt struck on the black sphere and shattered it, revealing Mo Jiuqing.

He was not injured. He opened his eyes wide in a rage. Nine black dragons charged out from his eyes and quickly surrounded Divine Lord Ji.

“Mo Jiuqing, you cannot defeat me. Why be so stubborn?”

Divine Lord Ji spoke slowly. His tone sounded like ridiculing.

Hearing this, Mo Jiuqing was even more furious, and his attacks became more forceful.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji’s battle with the Ten Ghost Grandmasters was also entering the climax.

All of the Ten Ghost Grandmasters had cultivation stages higher than Zhou Xuanji’s and a much higher energy reserve. When they understood how Zhou Xuanji’s sword techniques worked, they began to turn the tide.

Zhou Xuanji could sense that they were drawing nearer to himself, and the nine sword souls behind charged out to attack before they were formed again behind his back.

Until now, he had yet to injure the Ten Ghost Grandmasters.

But neither did the Ghost Grandmasters injure him.

The two fell into a difficult stalemate.

At this moment, magma monsters appeared from the lava. They were 30 meters tall, and they roared without stopping.

A hundred!

A thousand!

Ten thousand!

The number continued to grow. After the magma monsters came up to the ground, they jumped on Zhou Xuanji.

Even the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow had difficulty eliminating them.

Zhou Xuanji began stepping back. The Sword Sect Immortal Cry’s speed had reached its limit, forming a light barrier to protect him

He took a deep breath and suddenly activated Evil Spirit Retribution against the red flame Ghost Grandmaster.

The nine sword souls charged toward the red flame Ghost Grandmaster.

But they were evaded by the red flame Ghost Grandmaster with great agility.

“Such powerful sword souls! This brat’s talent in the Sword’s Way is just too overwhelming!”

The red flame Ghost Grandmaster’s heart was in great turmoil. His murderous intent grew tremendously.

Such an enemy must be killed, or else Zhou Xuanji would be able to kill him.

With the two Armageddon legendary swords in hand, Zhou Xuanji charged toward him with the dual sword will and a great mastery over the sword techniques. This caught him off-guard.

Only then did he understand that Zhou Xuanji’s melee combat was much more powerful than divine abilities.

With the twin swords, Zhou Xuanji’s attack speed increased and was without loopholes. The red flame Ghost Grandmaster was forced to take the slashes.


He punched out with both fists. A forceful wave of magic energy exploded and pushed Zhou Xuanji backward for ten thousand meters.

“Zhou Xunaji, you cannot defeat me, why…”

The red flame Ghost Grandmaster spoke and tried to distract Zhou Xuanji.

The sword flashed. The nine souls appeared out of nowhere and crashed into him straightaway. The sword Qi exploded and took out everything in the sky of a huge radius. The other Ghost Grandmasters were shocked.

“Big brother!”

“What divine ability is this? They were very far away!”

“Something is weird about this brat!”

“Damn! Why is he so difficult to deal with!”

The Nine Ghost Grandmasters shouted and cursed. But they also reminded each other.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Even so, he could not kill the red flame Ghost Grandmaster.

How powerful was this guy?

“Seems like I must give my all.”

Zhou Xuanji suddenly said with a smile. His smile was one of pride and mockery.

The Nine Ghost Grandmasters were stunned. The red flame Ghost Grandmaster appeared before them with an unstable aura. Apparently, the attack just now did manage to injure him.

“Zhou Xuanji…”

The red flame Ghost Grandmaster gnashed his teeth but could not complete his sentence before he heard a billion howls.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword.

With the Ancient Gazing legendary sword out, he immediately began channeling the terrifying power inside the sword.

The entire place was silent!

Even Mo Jiuqing and Divine Lord Ji also withdrew and looked at Zhou Xuanji from afar.

“What is that sword?”

Divine Lord Ji was confused and asked. He had a bad feeling in his heart.

The Ten Ghost Grandmasters were Ten Ghost Grandmasters.

Countless wolf roars came out from the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword. A horrifying wolf head that was a few thousand meters tall appeared behind Zhou Xuanji. The fierce eyes were ruthless, as though they were going to destroy the world.

Surging power pumped from the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword into Zhou Xuanji’s body, which gave him a golden radiance and a huge boost in his aura.

“The feeling of such prowess… It’s just so good!”

Zhou Xuanji, raising his sword, mumbled with a trembling voice and exhilaration.

Even a Complete Heavenly Law True God would be shaken by this power. This just showed us how powerful the Ancient Gazing legendary swords are.

He turned to look at the Ten Ghost Grandmasters and asked, “Do you still dare to fight?”

The Ten Ghost Grandmasters were silent.

The Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword continued to strike fear into their souls. They did not dare to draw near indeed.

Even those lava monsters backed off and stayed far away from Zhou Xuanji.

With the legendary sword out, the battle was sure to be won!

Zhou Xuanji came under the spotlight of the entire battle. Even Divine Lord Ji was silent.

Mo Jiuqing frowned and looked at Zhou Xuanji with confusion.

Could that be a divine sword?

He was very curious about Zhou Xuanji’s swords. Did the old beggar give them to Zhou Xuanji?

Or, Zhou Xuanji had more people who supported him?

Seeing that they were silent, Zhou Xuanji felt extremely pleasant.

He laughed loudly, “Since you are afraid, then receive this fear!”

“This sword’s name is Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword!”

After that, he raised the sword high up.



Billions of howls came and bombarded the sky and earth.

Zhou Xuanji’s aura grew exponentially and far exceeded that of a True God.

Even the nine souls inside the Ancient God Sword were shocked.

“What the! What divine sword did you get?”

“How can it be! This power…”

“What is this sword?”

“You are fighting Divine Lord Ji’s Ten Ghost Grandmasters?”

“You are fighting Divine Lord Ji so quickly?”

The nine souls cried out in disbelief. After slumbering for some time and waking up again, Zhou Xuanji had become a totally different person.

Zhou Xuanji ignored them but focused on casting Nine Hell Flame Extinction!

Pillars of lava rose. The ground continued to crumble, and countless fiery lines stretched across the cracked ground surface.

The Ten Ghost Grandmasters cried out in unison. They channeled their magic energy and were prepared to take the blow.

Zhou Xuanji slashed with all his might.

The Ancient Gazing divine power descended and Nine Hell Flame was generated!

Everything between the heavens and the earth shall be burned into nothing!