I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 482 - Chapter 482 A Great Battle. The Sword Emperor Showed His Might

Chapter 482 - Chapter 482 A Great Battle. The Sword Emperor Showed His Might


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Deep under a volcano stood a stone palace.

  Inside the palace, Su Han was cultivating, and a black silhouette was sitting at the head seat of the palace.

  That black silhouette was in the shape of a human, but his body was like smoke.

  He was Divine Lord Ji.

  ”You are doing well. This energy technique suits you.”

  Divine Lord Ji smiled satisfactorily. Only the eyes of the black silhouette could be seen, and they were cold and fierce.

  ”This energy technique is domineering indeed,” Su Han opened his eyes and said with a frown, “How long will it take to overtake Zhou Xuanji? He has already become a Sword Emperor. You have said before, one must at least surpass Heavenly Law True God to be qualified as a Second Rank Divine General.”

  Divine Lord Ji replied calmly, “You have your own path of growth to take, so you should not be proud and anxious. Don’t look at others. Zhou Xuanji climbed up with the help of serendipity and does not have a firm foundation. Something bad will happen to him one day, but you are different. I want you to take it slow and become more powerful step by step.”

  Su Han thought about it and felt that it was reasonable.


  The deafening sound of an explosion came from the ground surface. Next, Mo Jiuqing’s furious roar could be heard.

  ”Divine Lord Ji! Come out and die!”

  Divine Lord Ji heard him and squinted his eyes.

  ”This guy is here again,” he snorted coldly, “I must kill him here today!”

  After that, he disappeared from the head seat.

  Su Han closed his eyes and continued to cultivate.

  It was not Mo Jiuqing’s first time to be defeated here, and it would not make a difference this time around.

  On the ground.

  Mo Jiuqing was levitating high in the sky, enveloped by a tornado-like demonic aura.

  A 30,000-meter tall golden buddha stood behind him. The buddha was wrapped with heavenly lightning and had a thousand arms with a sword in each hand. It stood with much power and might.

  The Black Hole Exquisite Lion looked at the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, and his jaw dropped.

  Such a domineering divine ability!

  Zhou Xuanji stood on the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s head. With arms folded in front of his chest, he looked down toward the ground.

  Hundreds of swords appeared around him. Each was enveloped with a different brilliant radiance. They were shining like the stars in the night sky.

  The All Evil Yin Yang Destruction and the Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword appeared by his shoulders.

  Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

  Numerous people charged out from the magma and surrounded Mo Jiuqing.

  They were all wearing lava armor. Their bodies were in flames of different colors. There were white flames, blue flames, black flames, red flames…

  Ten Ghost Grandmasters!

  ”Mo Jiuqing, you are really stubborn. You really want to die!”

  The leading Ghost Grandmaster in red flame cried out. The other nine exploded out with their auras as well.

  Before Mo Jiuqing could speak, Zhou Xuanji’s voice came, “Your opponent is me.”

  With these words, the Ten Ghost Grandmasters turned their eyes on Zhou Xuanji.

  The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, with hundreds of swords, reminded them instantly of one person.

  ”You are Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji?” the blue flame Ghost Grandmaster asked coldly. There was a tinge of mockery in his tone.

  Zhou Xuanji dared to offend Divine Lord Ji?

  Does he think that a Second Rank Immortal General is invincible?

  Zhou Xuanji smiled as his eyes turned sharp.

  The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha began hacking and slashing at the Ten Ghost Grandmasters. He was not afraid that his attacks might hit Mo Jiuqing.

  Mo Jiuqing disappeared on the spot, and the Ten Ghost Grandmasters charged toward Zhou Xuanji.

  Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

  A thousand swords hacked at them with heavy force. Numerous volcanoes were crushed into pieces. Lava spurt out toward the sky like a fountain.

  The Ten Ghost Grandmasters were shocked. They did not expect Zhou Xuanji to be this strong.

  Zhou Xuanji did not only become a Complete Heavenly Law True God. His Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart and the Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution had also integrated fully. This gave him strength that surpassed True God.

  ”Humph! Today, you will understand why I can become the Sword Emperor!”

  With a cold snort, Zhou Xuanji unleashed his Emperor’s Might. His aura grew tremendously and suppressed the movements of the Ten Ghost Grandmasters.

  The Black Hole Exquisite Lion quickly hid far away, but he was shocked in his heart.

  He knew that Zhou Xuanji was powerful but not this powerful.

  Although they were both Heavenly Law True Gods, he felt that he could hardly withstand Zhou Xuanji’s Emperor’s Might.

  This was just too powerful!

  The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha exploded suddenly, and countless golden arrows were shot out in all directions.

  The Ten Ghost Grandmasters evaded swiftly. They were so quick that they left trails of residual images.

  A wave of powerful aura came. It was boundless and horrifying.

  Divine Lord Ji descended from the billowing thunderclouds. The flames that were burning on his body transformed into a fiery armor. That smoky silhouette seemed like a devil god.

  Mo Jiuqing appeared in front of him and called out coldly, “Divine Lord Ji! I will have my revenge today!”

  ”Oh yeah?” Divine Lord Ji replied calmly, “You have the power to do it?”

  Just when he finished speaking, the two powerful cultivators clashed together. All kinds of spells appeared and wreaked havoc in the sky like a flood. The ground shook violently, and volcanoes erupted, shooting lava into the air.

  Beneath the ground.

  Su Han, who was cultivating inside the stone palace, opened his eyes. He mumbled in astonishment, “The Sword Emperor… Senior is here…”

  Knowing that Zhou Xuanji had come, he was very excited, but at the same time, he had more worries.

  The Divine Lord Ji was very powerful. Could Zhou Xuanji deal with him?

  He wanted to observe the fight, but the palace had restrictions such that he could not go out.

  On the other side.

  Zhou Xuanji unleashed his battle techniques powerfully. With two Armageddon legendary swords in hand, the purple Taichi diagram with nine swords appeared on his forehead. His skin turned golden and was wrapped with heavenly lightning. More than three hundred swords revolved around him in silver radiance under the Sword Sect Immortal Cry’s control. With him as the center, the swords wreaked havoc around him with a radius of a thousand meters.

  The Ten Ghost Grandmasters charged at him at the same time but were stopped by the legendary swords.

  The Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword burst out a cry that shook the heavens and earth.

  The Thunderclap Sword generated billions of heavenly lightning bolts that wove into a net that flew toward the Ten Ghost Grandmasters.

  As Zhou Xuanji swung the Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword, it produced countless sword shadows. At one glance, Zhou Xuanji seemed to be surrounded by a million legendary swords. The view was simply breathtaking.

  The other legendary sword used their own abilities one after another.

  Zhou Xuanji used his Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power without reserve. With the Tianxia Map, he had no fear of wastefulness.

  ”Is this the max you can do?”

  He laughed loudly. Power from the two Armageddon legendary sword flowed into his body and empowered his Emperor’s Might.


  The red flame Ghost Grandmaster snorted. He disappeared and appeared right in Zhou Xuanji’s face the next moment.

  Countless vengeful ghosts flew out from his body that attempted to drown Zhou Xuanji.

  Zhou Xuanji activated Sword Qi Soar. Sword Qi burst out from all the pores on his body and wiped all the ghosts out.

  The red flame Ghost Grandmaster then clawed at him.

  A sword flashed!

  The Sky Dominating Divine Sword Soul cut the red flame Ghost Grandmaster in half with extreme dominance.

  With squinted eyes, Zhou Xuanji activated Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow.

  Countless sword shadows veiled over the sky densely. The Black Hole Exquisite Lion’s scalp turned numb at the sight of this.

  Millions of sword shadows transformed into a massive river that occupied half of the sky. The view was simply jaw-dropping.

  The Ten Ghost Grandmasters cried out in shock too.

  ”This brat already has the power to match a Universe Heaven!”

  ”Why does he have so much celestial power?”

  ”His flesh is also Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution!”

  ”Impossible! He’s not even 200 years old. How did he master so many abilities?”

  ”And those swords. How did he get them?”