I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 481 - Chapter 481 Target. Divine Lord Ji.

Chapter 481 - Chapter 481 Target. Divine Lord Ji.


“Why? Are you afraid of Divine Lord Ji?”

Mo Jiuqing snorted coldly. His tone was filled with displeasure.

Grandmaster Aoshi replied helplessly, “See how many enemies you have gained. Are you not going to stop until you have made the entire world your enemy? If you are really invincible, then it’s okay. But you will have difficulty dealing with Divine Lord Ji. How far are you from becoming invincible?”

Mo Jiuqing was silent. Unhappiness was written all over his face.

From his perspective, even if Grandmaster Aoshi did not want to help, there was no need to say those things.

“Did you feel what I felt? I endured it for 60,000 years, and I even died once. I’m not like you. You were nurtured by our Revered Teacher since you were young, and no one dares to find you to make any trouble.”

He snorted coldly. After that, he disappeared on the spot.

Grandmaster Aoshi sighed and was a little grieved.

Among the apprentice brothers, he was closest to Mo Jiuqing. In the past, they often helped each other and went through life-and-death situations together.

50,000 years ago, the world turned against him. He was oppressed and killed by countless powerful cultivators. He did not help back then, and now, he did not help again.

He felt very guilty. But the reality could not be changed. If he were to help Mo Jiuqing to kill Divine Lord Ji, they might not even succeed. Even if they succeed, who would be the next one?

There was no end to such revenge.

Baihao Yixin’s voice came, “Revered Teacher, you are not loyal to your friend! Back then, also, when I was suffering in the mortal realm, you did not help me either.”

Grandmaster Aoshi’s fury was ignited instantly.

Facing Mo Jiuqing, he could not show his anger. But facing Baihao Yixin, he could do whatever he wanted.

He stood up straight away and came up to Baihao Yixin with one step. He grabbed Baihao Yixin by his ankle and whipped Baihao Yixin against the ground.

“Damn… You…

After returning to the Divine Cliff, Zhou Xuanji brought the Black Hole Exquisite Lion back to his residence. Along the way, all the disciples were looking at him, fervently in admiration.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion walked with his head lifted high and proudly.

“What? He is a Heavenly Law True God?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan opened her eyes wide in disbelief. He circled around the lion and studied him carefully.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion cried out, “When I roar, even the sky will crack.”

Jiang Xue covered her mouth and smiled. “He’s like the little black snake. I wonder who among the two will be more arrogant.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan smiled, “The little black snake bullies the weak but fears the powerful. He won’t dare to be arrogant for sure.”

Zhou Xuanji held Jiang Xue’s hands and walked aside to tell her about what he went through.

Jiang Xue blinked and said, “Should I be like her? Leave you first and come back to you when I’m powerful enough?”

Zhou Xuanji threw her a stare and snorted, “You dare!”

The two of them displayed their affection as though no one was around, which made Zhou Xiaoxuan roll her eyes.

Just when the Black Hole Exquisite Lion laid down on the floor to rest, Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan came in.

Seeing Bai Suwan, the Bai Suwan jumped up immediately.

“Nine Heaven Divine Snake!”

He cried out in fear as though he had met an archnemesis.

Bai Suwan spat her forked-tongue and smiled, “Nice to meet you. I’m Bai Suwan.”

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion was so gripped with fear that he shivered and did not dare to reply. His mind was blank as he tried to observe his surroundings for other Nine Heaven Divine Snakes.

After that, Yang Yutian came to visit ZHou Xuanji personally.

He inquired about how Zhou Xuanji reached True God, and Zhou Xuanji told him truthfully.

After knowing that Zhou Xuanji had gained the Heavenly Law Immortal Body and that his cultivation had reached Complete Heavenly Law True God, Yang Yutian was so shocked that it was as though he was struck by lightning. He was at a loss for quite a while.

Zhou Xuanji had already surpassed him in cultivation stages.

While he felt surprised, he felt defeated as well

He thought of himself as a genius, but he was so ordinary compared to Zhou Xuanji.

After the two chatted a little longer, Yang Yutian calmed himself down and left.

ZHou Xuanji’s growth was a good thing for the Divine Cliff.

As long as he did not compare himself with the Sword Emperor, he would feel very pleasant.

“Look at you, destroying so many people’s self-confidence.”

Jiang Xue poked Zhou Xuanji’s forehead with her finger and shook her head with a smile.

Zhou Xuanji hugged her and asked, “What about you?”

Jiang Xue threw him a stare and asked with a threatening tone, “Why? You want to destroy my self-confidence?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan face-palmed. They were doing it again.

Is there an end to it?

In the following month, more factions came to visit the Divine Cliff with abundant gifts to make friends with the Divine Cliff.

Zhou Xuanji was extremely talented and was a Second Rank Immortal General in the God Palace. The Divine Cliff had a bright future, and no one dared to offend Zhou Xuanji.

Even the Master of Gods favored Zhou Xuanji this much, who dared to go against him?

This day.

Mo Jiuqing found Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was listening to the old beggar’s teaching. The moment Mo Jiuqing appeared, the old beggar stopped talking.


The old beggar snorted coldly and left with folded arms.

Zhou Xuanji felt humorous.

Mo Jiuqing looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “I’m not here for him but you.”

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. This guy has his eyes on a faction again?

“I want to get rid of Divine Lord Ji. If you can help me, I will surely accompany you to the Cloud Devil Pool to snatch the Divine Sword.”

Mo Jiuqing spoke forthrightly. Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes at the mention of the Divine Sword.

Magistrate Cui said that the Divine Sword could make him extremely powerful. But until now, he had no idea what was the big deal about the Divine Swords

If he could get another one, then things might be different.


Zhou Xuanji agreed immediately. Back then, Divine Lord Ji’s subordinate descended to the mortal realm and gave him much trouble. He still remembered that.

The old beggar looked back and said, “Divine Lord Ji’s prowess is unfathomable. Be careful.”

He looked at Mo Jiuqing and said coldly, “Make sure you bring him back alive, or else I will deal with you personally.”

Mo Jiuqing was not angry but nodded. He waved his right hand and swept Zhou Xuanji up with his demonic Qi.

Looking at the two’s departure, the old beggar smiled oddly.

“Good, the two of you are really alike.”

Just when he entered the demonic Qi, Zhou Xuanji asked Mo Jiuqing to bring along the Black Hole Exquisite Lion. This demon had the Heavenly Law aura and could be of help to them.

He sat down and asked curiously, “How powerful is Divine Lord Ji actually?”

He was no longer the same. Facing the mysterious Divine Lord Ji, he had the urge to try.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion opened his eyes wide and said with a trembling voice, “You are going to fight Divine Lord Ji?

“Let me go back!”

Zhou Xuanji threw him a stare and he no longer dared to make a fuss.

Back-facing Zhou Xuanji, Mo Jiuqing replied, “Very powerful. Not only is he powerful, but the Ten Ghost Grandmasters under him are also very powerful. When the time comes, you deal with the Ten Ghost Grandmasters while I deal with Divine Lord Ji.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “Oh? You seem to have a lot of confidence in me.”

He also wanted to find out how powerful he actually was.

“I can sense that you are very powerful.”

Mo Jiuqing replied and no longer spoke after that.

Zhou Xuanji remained silent as well and cultivated.

He already had two Ancient Gazing legendary swords and had no reason to be afraid.

This time, he wanted to test his limits.

Two days later.

Mo Jiuqing stopped. Zhou Xuanji and the Black Hole Exquisite Lion landed as well.

The demonic Qi dispersed, and they could see their surroundings clearly.

They were surrounded by volcanoes. Rivers of lava covered the surface of the ground like a labyrinth. Scorching air pervaded the whole palace, and even the skies were painted with a fiery color.