I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 480 - Chapter 480 Titled the Sword Emperor

Chapter 480 - Chapter 480 Titled the Sword Emperor


Ancient Gazing!

Seven Emotions Evil Sword!

And it can continue to grow more powerful!

Zhou Xuanji was pleasantly surprised. Now that he had two Ancient Gazing legendary swords, he must have grown much more powerful.

However, he was on his way to the God Palace, so he could not take the sword out.

Soon, he came to the gate of the God Palace. Just when he was about to speak, the gate opened and Old Star Lord’s voice came.

“Come in.”

Zhou Xuanji walked in with a straight face.

When the army of immortal gods retreated, he did not follow. This must have led to some suspicion among the immortal gods.

But since he did nothing to betray the God Palace, he could speak boldly.

After entering the palace, he saw the Master of Gods and Old Star Lord staring at him. Giant God Huang Hao was around as well but with his back facing him.

Zhou Xuanji walked up and cupped his fist in respect.

“Hmm? Complete Heavenly Law True God? How can it be!”

The Old Star Lord opened his eyes wide in disbelief and said with a trembling voice.

The Master of Gods squinted his eyes while Giant God Huang Hao looked at him.

Facing the three big bosses of the God Palace, Zhou Xuanji was calm.

“Tell me, where have you been,” Old Star Lord urged. It took less than two months for Zhou Xuanji to reach Complete Heavenly Law True God from Mid Void Extreme Immortal. It was too much.

Zhou Xuanji hid nothing. As for Xian Xianghua, he spoke of her as an old friend.

After he was done, Giant God Huang Hao snorted coldly.

“You have colluded with fiends?” he stared at Zhou Xuanji and asked with a deep voice. Those eyes of his were extremely domineering.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and said, “You call this collusion? I have an opportunity to make myself stronger, and I should not do it? Moreover, did I not contribute during the battle against the Sovereign Demon Sect? Other than you, I contributed the most among the immortal gods.”

He killed many demonic disciples with his Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

Giant God Huang Hao frowned and fell into deep thought.

The Master of God said, “The Primordial Ancestor Statue has an ancient history. This Emperor has heard it before. This is Zhou Xuanji’s serendipity and the fortune of the God Palace. With his talent, he should be able to stand toe-to-toe with Universe Heaven Level One.”

Universe Heaven!

Zhou Xuanji remembered this name. It should be one stage above Heavenly Law True God.

The Old Star Lord smiled while stroking his long beard.

“Yes, Your Majesty. Such a genius should be the signature of the God Palace. We should send him out for missions often and nurture him into the next Giant God.”

The Master of Gods nodded and said, “From today onwards, Zhou Xuanji shall be a Second Rank Immortal General. As for your title, what would you like to be called?”

A title given by the God Palace was a big deal because it would be recognized by the Heavenly Law.

For example, Huang Hao represents an emperor, and the haki he emanated was boosted by the Heavenly Law.

“Sword Emperor!” Zhou Xuanji replied immediately.

He needed no fancy title but to be the Sword Emperor.

The Emperor of the Sword’s Way and the only Sword Emperor!

The Master of Gods smiled and said, “Good!”

Shortly after, his majestic voice reverberated across the whole world.

“This Emperor is the Master of Gods, and I proclaim Zhou Xuanji to be promoted to Second Rank Immortal General. On behalf of the Heavenly Law, I shall grant Zhou Xuanji the title of Sword Emperor!”

The entire Center God Province and the nearby provinces could hear his voice.


The world was shocked. What was happening?

Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji?

“How was it that Zhou Xuanji colluded with the Master of Gods?”

“He’s really awesome. The Sword Emperor recognized by the Heavenly Law!”

“There have always been all sorts of Sword Emperors in the Great Thousand World, but Zhou Xuanji was the first to be recognized by the Heavenly Law.”

“He’s going to surpass all his predecessors in the Sword’s Way!”

“Zhou Xuanji became a god already?”

All the factions were astonished. The Divine Cliff’s side was the most excited. All the disciples were cheering the name of the Sword Emperor.

In the residence.

Jiang Xue and Zhou Xiaoxuan sat in the courtyard. Their faces showed pleasant surprise.

“He did it,” Jiang Xue mumbled to herself with pride and admiration.

Zhou Xuanji said that he would become the only Sword Emperor a long time ago.

Now, he was already halfway there!

Zhou Xiaoxuan said excitedly, “Dad is too powerful. Can I become a god in the future too?”

In the palace of the Cliff Lord.

Yang Yutian laughed heartily and uncontrollably.

He did not expect Zhou Xuanji to become someone that he could rely on so quickly.

After the Master of Gods granted Zhou Xuanji his title, a beam of light passed through the God Palace ceiling and shined upon Zhou Xuanji.

The Heavenly Law Favor!

Although his cultivation did not grow, his Emperor’s Might grew more powerful.

Giant God Huang Hao muttered, “The Primordial Ancestor Statue can boost one’s cultivation by this much?”

The Master of Gods and Old Star Lord heard him, and they both smiled.

The Primordial Ancestor Statue was not that overwhelming.

It was Zhou Xuanji’s talent that was overwhelming!

After the Heavenly Law Favor disappeared, Zhou Xuanji’s Emperor’s Might grew more than ten times.

The Master of Gods said, “Old Lord, bring him down to change his medallion and armor.”

The Old Star Lord showed his formalities before taking Zhou Xuanji away.

Only the Master of Gods and Giant God Huang Hao were left inside the palace.

“How far do you think he will grow?” the Master of Gods asked. His eyes looked sharp.

Giant God Huang Hao was silent for a while before he replied, “If he continues to serve the God Palace, he should at least become the next Divine Lord Ji.”

Divine Lord Ji!

The Master of Gods sighed for a reason that was not made known.

Under the Old Star Lord’s guidance, Zhou Xuanji received a Second Rank Immortal General’s medallion and a set of Silver Dragon Armor.

Along the way, the Old Star Lord sighed in amazement. He began telling Zhou Xuanji about God Palace’s glorious past. He continued to indoctrinate the prowess of the God Palace to him.

Zhou Xuanji only listened but did not take it to heart.

After departing from Old Star Lord, he came to the gate to find the Black Hole Exquisite Lion.

“Too powerful! Sword Emperor recognized by the Heavenly Law! And you have been promoted to Second Rank Immortal General!” the Black Hole Exquisite Lion was exhilarated and cried out loudly. This gathered the admiring look of the nearby immortal soldiers.

How long had it only been since Zhou Xuanji joined the God Palace?

He was promoted to Second Rank within a hundred years. The rest could only look up to him.

Zhou Xunaji sat on the back of the lion and slapped his head, laughing, “Shut up, let’s go down.”

The lion chuckled before jumping into the cloud sea and disappeared.

Amidst the pinnacles.

Grandmaster Aoshi was meditating in front of Baihao Yixin and Feng Gule.

He sighed and said, “Look at him, then look at you guys… Sigh…”

Baihao Yixin’s face turned green with jealousy. Facing Zhou Xuanji, he had not the temper to throw against him.

After finally getting the determination to chase him up, he obtained the Heavenly Law title straightaway. He was even promoted to Second Rank Immortal General. Baihao Yixin was instantly discouraged.

Feng Gule sighed too.

His sigh made Baihao Yixin even sadder.

At this moment.

Mo Jiuqing appeared in front of Grandmaster Aoshi. He was covered in blood, and even his white hair was coagulated by his blood.

“Tianhan,” he said with a grim face, “I need your help!

Baihao Yixin and Feng Gule were shocked.

Mo Jiuqing was injured.

“What happened?” Grandmaster Aoshi asked with a frown.

Mo Jiuqing replied, “I found out where Divine Lord Ji is. Let’s work together and kill him.”

When he mentioned Divine Lord Ji, his eyes were sparkling with a raging fire and murderous intent.

Grandmaster Aoshi did not accept his request immediately but was hesitating.

Divine Lord Ji was too mysterious. No one knew how powerful he was, and Grandmaster Aoshi did not want to offend him.