I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 479 - Chapter 479 Black Hole Exquisite Lion

Chapter 479 - Chapter 479 Black Hole Exquisite Lion


“Sword Spirit, combine the Evil Green Sword, Evil Yellow Sword, Evil Purple Sword, Evil Crimson Sword, Evil Red Sword, Evil Blue Sword, and the Evil Orange Sword,” Zhou Xuanji ordered while he was flying.

With his cultivation, he did not need too much time to travel across two provinces.

In the entire Divine Cliff, he was the most powerful person.

He no longer needed to fear anyone.

“Ding! Combining the Evil Green Sword, Evil Yellow Sword, Evil Purple Sword, Evil Crimson Sword, Evil Red Sword, Evil Blue Sword, and the Evil Orange Sword. Please wait patiently!” the Sword Spirit’s voice sounded off. Time was needed for combining the swords, and he had to wait.

He continued ahead.

Seven days later.

He left the Green Mystical Province and came to another province.

The Great Thousand World was much vaster than the Northern Wilderness Region. The Great Thousand World was a little smaller than the Center God Province.

He made a few stops along the way to gather some information. The journey was rather casual.

This day.

He stopped suddenly at a wilderness that had sparse vegetation. Sounds of explosions came from ahead, and he saw dozens of cultivators attacking a black lion.

The black lion had a shoulder height of three meters. He had a muscular build and appeared to be extremely ferocious. With its agile movements, he managed to dodge the cultivators’ attacks.

Zhou Xuanji was deeply attracted by the black lion because he could sense the aura of Heaven’s favor from the lion’s body.

Back then, when he ascended and became a Great Emperor, he was washed with heavenly favor.

This black lion had the cultivation of a Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal. Why would he have the aura of heavenly favor?

Most importantly, the black lion did not take a human form.

“This demon is really tenacious!”

“Catch it. Don’t let him escape again.”

“This son of a b*tch always comes to provoke us. We must not let him go again!”

“We can take the time to drain his energy!”

“Yes, let’s drain his energy until he grows tired!”

The cultivators cried out with gnashing teeth, but the black lion appeared to be calm.

Zhou Xuanji hid and observed quietly.

After struggling for half an hour.

The black lion spoke and cursed, “You scums, do you have to try so hard? I only stole something from you?”

With these words, the cultivators grew even more furious.

“Something? You almost emptied our sect!”

An elder could no longer control his anger. His whole body was trembling with rage.

The other cultivators were enraged as well. They tried their best and vowed to slay the lion this time around.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head with a smile and was prepared to leave.

At this moment, the black lion roared out of a sudden.


The lion’s roar shook the heavens and the earth. The ground vibrated violently, and the cultivators were stunned.

Zhou Xuanji’s blood and Qi flow were also disrupted by the roar. He opened his eyes wide.

A Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal can be this powerful?

He started observing again.

The black lion began searching the cultivators and quickly took their storage rings and bags.

After that, he walked away proudly, shaking his ass.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly landed in front of him.

The black lion jumped back in shock and cried out, “Who are you?”

Zhou Xuanji stared at him and asked, “Where did you come from?”

The black lion was angered. He roared loudly, just like previously.

Zhou Xuanji stood there and stared at him unmovingly.

The black lion was astonished, and then, it fell into a panic.

“What do you want?” he asked with gritted teeth as he stepped backward.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Truth Sword and sucked the lion to him with Universal Attraction. The Truth Sword poked into the lion’s body, and he cried out in pain.

“Tell me, where did you come from?” Zhou Xuanji asked with squinting eyes. He pressed the lion’s head against the ground with his right hand and immobilized him.

The black lion was filled with fear and replied instinctively, “I’m Black Hole Exquisite Lion, born from the Fate of the Heavenly Law.

The lion opened his eyes wide, which were filled with horror.

Under Zhou Xuanji’s threats, he revealed his true identity.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion was formed with the Heavenly Law’s Fate. His true cultivation stage was at the Early Heavenly Law True God. But since he specialized in pretending, he could suppress his aura to a mere Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Zhou Xuanji was speechless.

“Is it fun to fool the weak?” he asked.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion snorted in reply, “This is their consequence for bullying someone powerful.”

Zhou Xuanji was silent and somewhat felt that the lion made sense.

“Do you have an owner? If not, follow me.”

Staring at him, Zhou Xuanji extended the invitation.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion cried out in a rage, “Who do you think you are! Why would you think you are qualified for me to follow!”

Zhou Xuanji replied, “I’m Zhou Xuanji. Have you heard of me before?”

Over 300 swords appeared behind him out of nowhere and were spinning swiftly. The view was so impressive that the Black Hole Exquisite Lion’s jaw dropped.

A while later.

He lowered his head and cried out, “My Master!”

How could he not have heard of Zhou Xuanji?

The youngest First Class Great Emperor!

Who was unrivaled in the Void Extreme Immortal when he was merely a Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal!

He was so talented that it sounded fictional.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and sat on his back. Keeping the Truth Sword, he instructed, “Head over to the Center God Province.”

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion immediately jumped into the air in excitement.

“Master, what’s your cultivation stage now?” He asked carefully.

According to the rumors, Zhou Xuanji had likely reached at least Mid Void Extreme Immortal. Or else, how could Zhou Xuanji suppress him?

“Heavenly Law True God, Complete,” Zhou Xuanji replied calmly.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion opened his eyes wide in disbelief again. He was shaken.

Five days later.

Zhou Xuanji and the Black Hole Exquisite Lion finally entered the Center God Province. Just when they stepped into the province, the Third Class Immortal Medallion began vibrating.

He took out the medallion and heard Old Star Lord’s voice.

“Third Class Immortal General Zhou Xuanji, head over to the God Palace now, to see the Master of Gods.”

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion was stunned and asked out of astonishment, “You are a Third Class Immortal General?”

His mind was chaotic.

If he remembered correctly, Zhou Xuanji was not even 200 years old.

He was a First Class Great Emperor. He even reached Complete Heavenly Law True God.

The most unbelievable thing was that he became a Third Class Immortal General!

The lion was exhilarated. He had a prosperous future following this kind of a master!

Zhou Xuanji nodded and brought the Black Hole Exquisite Lion up into the heavens.

He wrapped the Black Hole Exquisite Lion with his celestial power.

Within five breaths, they reached the Ninth Heaven.

The Black Hole Exquisite Lion was shocked again.

Zhou Xuanji’s magic energy made him feel like an ordinary person facing an immortal god.

The lion was a True God as well, but why was there such a huge difference?

Zhou Xuanji brought him to the gate of the God Palace and ordered him to wait outside.

The Immortal Soldiers guarding the palace were looking at the Black Hole Exquisite Lion curiously.

Zhou Xuanji flew toward the God Palace swiftly.

“Ding! The Evil Green Sword, Evil Yellow Sword, Evil Purple Sword, Evil Crimson Sword, Evil Red Sword, Evil Blue Sword, and the Evil Orange Sword have been combined successfully!”

“Congratulations, the owner has obtained [Ancient Gazing] Seven Emotions Evil Sword!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice sounded off in his mind. Next, three lines of fonts appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Seven Emotions Evil Sword

Grade: Ancient Gazing

Description: Obtained from combining the seven color swords. The colors represent seven emotions: joy, anger, worry, longing, grief, fear, and shock. The Seven Emotions Evil Sword can absorb these emotions to grow more powerful. This Evil Sword contains powerful energy and can only be used by Mid Heavenly Law True Gods and above!