I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 477 - Chapter 477 Primordial Ancestor Statue. Heavenly Law True God

Chapter 477 - Chapter 477 Primordial Ancestor Statue. Heavenly Law True God


Zhou Xuanji immediately activated the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique, and demonic Qi surrounded his body.

“Where are we going next?” he looked at Xian Xianghua and asked.

Xian Xianghua scanned their surroundings and said, “Just follow me. From now on, you are my bodyguard. Without my order, you must not leave my side. Do things by ear, understand?”

In case Zhou Xuanji took it lightly, she uttered softly, “The demonic world is full of powerful cultivators. Back then, Giant God Huang Hao almost died when he came to the demonic world. You should have already witnessed the prowess of Giant God Huang Hao.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He had no doubt on this.

The Demonic Ancestor’s prowess was seared into his heart.

Even a soul fragment could injure Mo Jiuqing badly. How powerful would his original be? He might not be weaker than the Heavenly Saint.

Even someone as powerful as the Heavenly Saint could only dare to occupy the Center God Province. If he were powerful enough, he should have controlled the entire Great Thousand Worlds.

Zhou Xuanji thought about that as he followed Xian Xianghua.

The two flew quickly along the ground surface.

They encountered many fiends and demons along the way, but they did not dare draw near because of Xian Xianghua’s demonic might.

Zhou Xuanji followed behind her and was shocked in his heart.

This old demonic woman’s aura was almost close to a True God’s!

What kind of serendipity could increase her cultivation with such speed?

They were silent along the way.

After flying for four hours.

The two traveled ahead swiftly and landed in a lonesome valley. The valley was formed by ten small mountains, and each mountain was full of countless caves.

Xian Xianghua brought Zhou Xuanji into a cave.

Inside the cave was a labyrinth that seemed to have no end.

The two shuttled quickly in the labyrinth, and Zhou Xuanji almost forgot the way he came in. The walls surrounding them had a special power that insulated his divine sense.

Soon, they came to the bottom.

The underground space was not considered vast. There was a human-sized statue in front of them. The oil lamp beside the statue could hardly illuminate everything around it.

The statue looked like an ape that looked rather peculiar with its four eyes.

“This is the Primordial Ancestor Statue. It can unleash the full potential of any living being and can help one to grow in cultivation. How much one grows depends on how talented one is. Of course, one can continue to cultivate, even at a faster rate, after the boost. But each person can only use it once in his entire life. Once used, the Primordial Ancestor Statue will be turned into ashes, but it will appear at some other place after some time.”

Xian Xianghua introduced the statue to Zhou Xuanji, and his eyes sparkled.

Unleashing one’s potential?

“Is it better to unleash the potential as early as possible or later?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes at him and said, “Are you thinking of taking it away and waiting for a good time?”

Zhou Xuanji chuckled and did not deny.

“The Primordial Ancestor Statue cannot leave the demonic world. Once it’s taken out, it will turn into ashes straight away. It will also alert the Demonic Ancestor. It’s also possible if you want to hide it, just like me. But after a few years, it will move away on its own, and it will be hardly traceable.”

Xian Xianghua shrugged her shoulders and said. Whatever Zhou Xuanji could have thought of, she had already thought about it.

During this trip to the Sovereign Demon Sect, she had wanted to contact Zhou Xuanji. In the previous two missions to the Great Thousand Worlds, she had no time to search for Zhou Xuanji. But this time, Zhou Xuanji finally came.

“Walk up to it and bend down. Touch its forehead with your forehead, and that’s all,” Xian Xianghua walked up to the Primordial Ancestor Statue and said with a smile.

Zhou Xuanji immediately walked over and bent down slightly, placing his forehead on the statue’s forehead.


He could sense an implosion in his mind. His entire consciousness turned chaotic.

On the outside, his body glowed brightly, illuminating the entire underground cavern.

Xian Xianghua looked at him expectantly. In her heart, Zhou Xuanji had unparalleled talent.

This time, how much more powerful would he become with the help of the Primordial Ancestor Statue?

Shortly after, he sat down and began cultivating.

Zhou Xuanji sat down beside her subconsciously. He was already enveloped in a brilliant radiance.

Billowing spiritual Qi from the underground pumped into his body. This place was far from the ground surface. Because of the special characteristic of the rocks, everything on the surface seemed normal.

In a dim palace, a man wearing a big black robe opened his eyes suddenly. His face was pale with crimson eyes. Extremely long hair ran down from his head, out-stretching his black robe. He looked like a fearsome ghost.

“A First Class Great Emperor is using the Primordial Ancestor Statue?” he frowned slightly and mumbled.

The Primordial Ancestor Statue was always a legend in the demonic world, often used by many people.

But a First Class Great Emperor…

He knew all the First Class Great Emperors in the demonic world. All of them had already used the Primordial Ancestor Statue.

He closed his eyes in observation.

Shortly after, he uttered in shock, “It’s him.”

He smiled. But it was an unfathomable smile.

After that, he closed his eyes and continued cultivating.


Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation suddenly reached Late Void Extreme Immortal.

Xian Xianghua, who was beside him, opened her eyes and talked to herself, “It has begun!”

He broke through a level within merely half a day. It was really fast!

Back then, she spent seven days before she began breaking through.

She could not help but look forward to seeing which stage Zhou Xuanji would reach.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji fell into a mysterious state. He was looking at his past.

From earth till now.

His body was transforming.

He was a First Class Great Emperor with the Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution. He also had the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart with him. These, along with his unparalleled talent, had yet to fuse into one properly.

Half a day passed again.

Zhou Xuanji reached Complete Void Extreme Immortal.

Bolts of heavenly lightning surrounded his body. His aura was so powerful that it shook the surrounding mountain walls.

Xian Xianghua had to back off to the tunnels and keep her distance from him.

“This guy…”

She opened her sparkling eyes wide.

She was an Early Heavenly Law True God. Before she encountered the Primordial Ancestor Statue, she was first boosted by her ancestor. She reached the early stage of the Void Extreme Immortal, which was why she had this cultivation.

How high would Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation reach?

She was filled with expectation.

Sometime later.

Zhou Xuanji began regaining his consciousness. Opening his eyes, he saw the ape face of the Primordial Ancestor Statue.

“My cultivation…”

He looked at his hands in surprise. Complete Void Extreme Immortal!

The surging celestial power in his body urged him to burst out in a loud cry. He was deeply mesmerized by his unprecedented power.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

The pumping sound of the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart sounded in his ears. They were thunderous and shook his soul.

His forehead emanated a purple radiance, and it was the Nine Sword Purple Taichi diagram.

His cultivation continued to grow tremendously!

Such a rate of growth was even more exaggerating than during his ascension!

While he was excited, he was filled with fear against the Primordial Ancestor Statue.

How did this statue come about?

After some time.

His cultivation reached a ceiling and began to break through again.

Heavenly Law True God!

His soul was sublime. His divine sense expanded all across the entire ground, even to the entire demonic world.

He somehow felt that a pair of eyes were watching him.

Those eyes were even more massive than the Demonic Ancestor’s, which made him revere them.