I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 476 - Chapter 476 The Might of the Giant God. Serendipity in the Demonic World.

Chapter 476 - Chapter 476 The Might of the Giant God. Serendipity in the Demonic World.


After being pinned down by the light sword, Mo Baitian could no longer move. His face changed drastically, and had apparently lost his composure.

Giant God Huang Hao charged at him with a giant halberd, and out of fear, he turned into demonic Qi and disappeared.

Following that, the light sword exploded into pieces and transformed into countless light arrows that shot in all directions. The arrows shot down the demonic disciples accurately without any fratricide.

Giant God Huang Hao looked sharp in his eyes. His body emanated a powerful and searing brilliance like the sun.

Countless demonic disciples shrieked miserably. Those who had lower cultivation stages were turned into ash immediately.

“What is this?”

“This light… It’s scalding…”

“Ahhhhh—“”It’s so painful!”

“How? Everyone flee!”

“What is this light? It’s depleting my magic energy?”

The demonic disciples fled in all directions out of fear. Even the demonic Qi that Mo Baitian turned into quickly shuttled away while avoiding the illumination of the brilliant light.

On the other hand, Zhou Xuanji felt the warmth from the light.

But seeing the demonic sect’s miserable state, he was shocked in his heart.

“What divine ability is this?

“Giant God Huang Hao! My Sovereign Demon Sect will get revenge someday!”

Mo Baitian’s furious roar resounded across the entire place. His silhouette was filled with hatred and reluctance deep in his soul.

That ball of demonic Qi revolved around Giant God Huang Hao with extreme speed without the intention to stop.

The whole place was pervaded by sunlight. No one could open their eyes.

Giant God Huang Hao, who was the center of the light, was like a sun god. He was high and lofty.

“Someday? Where can you run?”

Giant God Huang Hao smiled and said with a mocking smile. After that, the light from his body strengthened tremendously.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes were dazzled, and he quickly closed his eyes.

Mo Baitian’s anguished cries made his scalp feel numb.

It was hard to imagine what kind of pain it was for Mo Baitian.

The demonic sect was filled with despair and fear in their hearts.

Even their Sect Lord was powerless before Giant God Huang Hao. There was only one end that awaited them.

And that was death.

Soon, Mo Baitian’s cries stopped.

There were fewer shrieks from the demonic disciples.

The intensity of the light lessened, and Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes with much difficulty. The number of demonic disciples was cut significantly. And there were still many turning into ashes right before his eyes.

Before they died, despair and fear were written all over their faces.

The Giant God eliminates the demonic forces like Heaven’s might!

More demonic disciples turned into ashes. The immortal gods stopped attacking and watched the scene in silence.

Giant God Huang Hao’s prowess shook them. They could hardly put their feelings into words.

A while later.

Not a single demonic disciple could be seen in the whole place. There were a few who fled, but it was no longer important.

The Sovereign Demon Sect, who almost controlled the entire Center God Province, was no longer.

Zhou Xuanji felt exhilarated. He really longed to become this powerful.

If he was this powerful, would he still worry about the oppression from different factions?

He was filled with passion, and he could not wait to go back into isolated cultivation.

“The Sovereign Demon Sect is destroyed. Return to the God Palace!”

Giant God Huang Hao said. After that, a gigantic hole appeared behind him. He turned around and walked into it, followed by the immortal gods.

This victory of this battle was decided by Giant God Huang Hao alone.

They all understood that God Palace did not intend for their help but to take this opportunity to teach them a lesson.

Whoever wanted to betray God Palace must first think about the difference between him and Giant God Huang Hao.

Zhou Xuanji followed behind. At this moment, a voice came to him.

“Brat, come over.”

Xian Xianghua!

Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed. He turned around instinctively but did not see any trace of her.

He frowned and did not know whether to believe or not.

Could it be a trap of the enemy’s?

“Must I tell you about the story of General Tianpeng before you will believe me?”

Xian Xianghua’s voice came again, with a sense of blame.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned a little before he flew over in a stream of sword light.

The immortal god army was too vast for anyone to notice his disappearance.

Soon, he flew over the wasteland and found a scenic place.

He saw Xian Xianghua, who wore a purple skirt, sitting on a giant boulder by the lake. She was still wearing her veil. Her hair was black and shining, and her eyes were as cold as a snake’s.

“How have you been?” he levitated before her and asked.

He felt rather weird that he could not see through her cultivation.

Could her cultivation be higher than his?


Zhou Xuanji firmly believed in his rate of cultivation.

Xian Xianghua sat up straight. She smiled, and her eyes turned into crescents.

“Not bad,” she said, “After I ascended, I joined a demonic faction. I wanted to take control of that faction, but I did not expect the Heavenly Saint to come. I was expelled from the Center God Province but was ambushed by the fiend race after we left.”

She kept her story short with a casual tone.

After leaving the Center God Province, Xian Xianghua joined the fiend race because of the Centrer God Province.

Back then, the person who created the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique was still alive. He had turned into a Fiend totally and was serving the fiend race.

As his descendant, Xian Xianghua was naturally protected and entered the fiend race successfully.

This time, Xian Xianghua was sent as a representative to talk about cooperation with the Sovereign Demon Sect. However, they were attacked by the immortal gods. She quickly made her escape, but just when she was about to leave, she saw Zhou Xuanji.

“I miss you too much, so I had to call you back,” Xian Xianghua said faintly, but the ridicule in her charming eyes made it difficult for Zhou Xuanji to believe.

He snorted unpleasantly, “Because of you, it would be very troublesome for me to return to the Center God Province.”

He did not even know which direction to go.

Xian Xianghua got up slowly and replied with a smile, “I’m just kidding. How can I not know that? I asked you to stay because I have a gift for you. It can help your cultivation grow again. But this serendipity, each person can only use once.”

Zhou Xuanji heard her and immediately got curious.

Xian Xianghua lifted his chin and smiled. “My little husband, come with me.”

After that, she turned around and flew. Zhou Xuanji followed closely behind her.

Along the way, Xian Xianghua began asking about how he had been.

He told her the truth about what he went through after his ascension.

“Seems like I’m luckier than you are.” Xian Xianghua smiled.

“I did not go through so many difficulties. You are really an inauspicious person. Bad luck follows after you,”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes. Can you stop putting salt on my wounds?

The two came to a valley. There was a portal sticking to the mountain wall.

“That’s a door to the demonic world. You learned the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique. Use it to camouflage yourself. Wait until you accept the serendipity’s baptism, and I will send you back to the Great Thousand Worlds personally. Don’t say that you are from the Northern Wilderness Region, understand?”

Xian XIanghua instructed while she placed spirit stones on the portal.

Zhou Xuanji was very curious about what kind of serendipity it was.

He believed that she would not harm him.

Could she have become so powerful because of this serendipity?

Soon, the portal was activated, and both of them stepped in.

Through the portal, Zhou Xuanji stepped out from the other side of the portal after some time in the darkness.

The world that appeared in his eyes was like the nether hell. The skies were dark, and the earth was crimson. The undulating terrain was filled with bones. The whole place seemed cold and lifeless.