I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 475 - Chapter 475 – Great Battle Begins

Chapter 475 - Chapter 475 – Great Battle Begins


Zhou Xuanji followed in the crowd and kept a low profile, not saying anything. The Immortal Gods around him began to discuss.

“Is this mission really targeting the Sovereign Demon Sect?”

“The God Palace currently only controls the Center God Province, but the Sovereign Demon Sect is not in the Center God Province. Perhaps there is something else afoot.”

“You mean the God Palace wants to expand?”

“No matter what, with Giant God Huang Hao leading the army, we can rest easy. Giant God Huang Hao’s strength is in the top level of the God Palace.”

“I wonder who is stronger between Giant God Huang Hao and the Sovereign Demon Sect’s Sect Lord.”

Most of the Immortal Gods felt that this mission was not as simple as it seemed. It was likely that it was not as simple as dealing with the Sovereign Demon Sect.

However, given the God Palace’s might, they could only follow.

Not too long after they left the God Palace, millions of Immortal Soldiers appeared ahead, as well as many Immortal Gods from the ancient Immortal clans.

Giant God Huang Hao’s figure became 3,000 meters tall, and he raised his right hand. The space around it was torn and a gigantic halberd wrapped with heavenly lightning appeared. It was even taller than his body, and it gave off a savage and domineering aura. There was a silver gemstone socketed at the center, giving off brilliant light.

“Follow me to exterminate demons!” Giant God Huang Hao raised his halberd and roared. Following this, a black hole suddenly appeared in the space in front of him, and he stepped into it.

The Immortal God army was like carp crossing a river, and they flooded into the black hole.

Zhou Xuanji was shocked by Giant God Huang Hao’s aura; just how powerful was this person?

He did not seem any weaker than Mo Jiuqing, and in fact, he seemed a bit stronger.

Giant God Huang Hao was at the front, and his body flashed with lightning, making it so the Immortal Gods behind could see ahead clearly.

Soon, they passed through the darkness and came to the sky in another place.

This place was filled with blood-red fog and demonic qi filled the sky, causing the heavens and earth to be quite dark.

Looking down, there were lofty palaces on the ground, and countless demonic cultivators and demon beasts were scattered across the land.

Seeing the Immortal God army descend, the Sovereign Demon Sect fell into chaos.

“What is that?”

“The Immortal Gods are here!”

“Prepare to fight! Everyone take out your weapons!”

“Damnit, why are the Immortal Gods here? What terrifying auras…”

“Who is that person… heavens… that aura…”

The demonic cultivators were given a big fright by Giant God Huang Hao. That mighty figure gave off an invincible and domineering feeling, and anyone who faced him would feel shocked.

Giant God Huang Hao was expressionless, and his eyes danced with light as he roared, “Get the hell out, Sovereign Demon Sect’s Sect Lord!”


The ground in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers collapsed, and countless palaces crumbled. The demonic cultivators all leapt up, and there were a countless number of them.

A wave of demonic qi rushed up from the ground, dissipating the clouds.

A figure stepped out of the demonic qi. He had blood-red hair and a muscular body. He wore a black robe, on which was embroidered many savage ghosts. His face was quite handsome, and his facial features were quite dignified. His brows were slightly furrowed, and killing intent flashed in his eyes.

The Sovereign Demon Sect’s Sect Lord!

Mo Baitian!

He looked at Giant God Huang Hao and said in a low voice, “The Sovereign Demon Sect and God Palace have both minded their own business; what is the meaning of this?”

He unleashed his aura and demonic qi billowed around him, taking up half the sky, not fearing Giant God Huang Hao at all.

Giant God Huang Hao coldly said, “Your Sovereign Demon Sect has colluded with the fiend race, and it even has dealings with the Great Emperor Dao Court. Getting rid of you is eliminating a scourge for the common people. If you surrender, I will not slaughter all of your demon disciples; otherwise, all of you will be buried here!”

Three massive silver dragons appeared behind him, each one of them 30,000 meters long and looking incredibly shocking.

Seeing this, all of the Immortal Gods felt their blood boil.

So domineering!

Was this the war god of the legends?

He did not give the Sovereign Demon Sect’s Sect Lord any room for negotiation at all!

Mo Baitian was infuriated. He raised his hands and demonic qi flowed out of his palms as he coldly laughed and said, “Then let me experience the might of the Giant God!”

Hearing this, Giant God Huang Hao ferociously swept his massive halberd, and a 300 meter wide rainbow light shot out, bringing with it an apocalyptic gale.


Mo Baitian slammed his palm out, and an ocean of demonic qi blocked the rainbow light. The terrifying might caused the ground below to continue to collapse, and the demonic cultivators and Immortal Soldiers who were close were directly swept flying away.

A massive battle erupted.

The Immortal God army and the Demon Sect army were like two floods colliding.

Zhou Xuanji held two Armageddon swords and shot about everywhere.

He unleashed World Internalisation and absorbed the demonic cultivators’ magic energy, progressing his cultivation.

Mo Baitian and Giant God Huang Hao battled together. The two of them were two massive world-creating gods. Both of them were 3,000 meters tall and used enormous attacks.

The two armies stayed far away from them so as not to get caught in the crossfire.

Zhou Xuanji stepped on the Windslasher Sword and gripped the All Evil Yin Yang Destruction and Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword in his hands. Wherever he went, no one could stop him.

During this period of time, he encountered True Gods, but in fewer than ten bouts, he was able to completely annihilate them.

He felt extremely excited; it seemed that he really did have the strength to kill True Gods.

That white-clothed man from before was too weak, making it so that he did not dare to believe this. Now, he felt incredibly confident.

If he took out the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword, wouldn’t he be invincible in the True God realm?

Zhou Xuanji smirked and laughed joyously.

Many people in both armies noticed him; he only had Void Extreme Immortal Cultivation, and yet he was able to easily kill True Gods. No one could understand this.

“Could he be Zhou Xuanji?”

“That’s right! It’s him!”

“Apart from him, who could have this kind of talent?”

“So terrifying, no wonder he could become a First Class Great Emperor.”

On the Immortal God side, many of the Immortal Gods were in awe of Zhou Xuanji.

On the Sovereign Demon Sect side, more and more demonic cultivators began to encircle and attack Zhou Xuanji.

“Boy, don’t be so arrogant!” a roar sounded out, and Zhou Xuanji glanced over. An elder in purple with billowing white hair and holding an iron staff rushed over.

His aura was extremely powerful, and all of the demonic cultivators and Immortal Gods in his way were swept flying.

Zhou Xuanji disdainfully laughed, and he directly cast Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. The 30,000 meter tall golden buddha rose up, scaring Immortal Gods and demonic cultivators to quickly get out of the way.

In that moment, he became the biggest existence in the entire battlefield.

1,000 hands stretched out, each holding a sword and wildly hacking towards the elder in purple.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

1,000 swords wildly hacked without any rhythm or style, causing dust to billow. Countless demonic cultivators were heavily injured, and some even directly died.

Mo Baitian, who was fighting Giant God Huang Hao, could not help but glance at Zhou Xuanji.

“Who is that boy?” Mo Baitian’s heart thumped; he had never thought that the God Palace would have a genius like this.

He could instantly see through Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation; he was only at Mid Void Extreme Immortal. Wasn’t this kind of battle power a bit too ridiculous?

On the other side of the battlefield, Mo Yuhe also noticed Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, and he immediately guessed that person’s identity.

“It’s him… he’s already this powerful?” Mo Yuhe’s expression became unsightly. After the Ascender Examination, he had broken through to Early Void Extreme Immortal, but compared to Zhou Xuanji, he was a thousand miles behind.


Why was Zhou Xuanji so powerful?

Mo Yuhe could not calm down his emotions, and he invested his fury into his fighting.

On the other side, Zhou Xuanji unleashed his might and rampaged through the battlefield. The ferocious-looking elder was given a fright and dodged and hid, not daring to continue on towards Zhou Xuanji.

Giant God Huang Hao furiously roared and his aura surged. Mo Baitian’s pupils constricted, and he instinctively raised his palms to block.

An enormous sword of light descended from the sky, hitting Mo Baitian squarely and causing him to howl.