I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 474 - Chapter 474 – Giant God Huang Hao

Chapter 474 - Chapter 474 – Giant God Huang Hao


“Goddammit, I got screwed over!” the old beggar cursed. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and he stomped his feet.

He talked about what had happened; it turned out that there was a soul clone of the Demonic Emperor in the cave dwelling.

When the old beggar had tried to take the Saint Sword, the Demonic Emperor’s soul clone had ambushed him, causing him to lose an arm.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “What about the Saint Sword? Was it real?”

The old beggar glared at him and said angrily, “You don’t care about me? You’re only thinking about that sword?”

As he spoke, the old beggar took out a sword.

This sword was a long sword made of bamboo, and it looked incredibly ordinary.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, “This is a Saint Sword?”

Zhou Xuanji swept the sword with his divine sense but did not discover any spirit qi ripples within.

It was a completely ordinary sword, one that even a child could make.

“Of course it’s a Saint Sword. Your realm is too low and you can’t see through it. Keep it for now; you’ll be able to use it in the future. I got rid of the Demonic Emperor’s mark on it, and I’m pretty sure the Demonic Emperor is incredibly furious right now,” the old beggar said as he harrumphed. Speaking to there, his mood became better.

“I’m going to the city to find some food to eat; you continue to cultivate.” After saying this, the old beggar quickly left.

Zhou Xuanji sat down and closely examined the bamboo sword in his hands.

One of the legendary Saint Swords was like this?

It did not even look as powerful as the stone sword from the Nether Demon Stream.

Thinking about that, Zhou Xuanji took out that eye.

The reason he had kept that eye was because he remembered Gu Tianxia’s request.

Gu Tianxia left behind his eyes and waited to be revived.

Zhou Xuanji had tried to put the eye into the Tianxia Map, but he was unable to revive Gu Tianxia.

He swept his gaze over the eye and the bamboo sword, and he sank into his thoughts.

Within the Northern Wilderness, a young man in purple with tanned skin landed beside a small stream. He drew his sword and turned as he said, “Who is it?”

His name was Su Han and was a sword cultivator. He had great talent and had reached Astral Infant Level Nine.

For the past hour, he had felt that someone was following him, but he could not tell where that person was.

A trace of black qi appeared in the air and spiraled around him, causing his hairs to stand on end.

“Who are you?” he asked in a low voice as he began to give off cold sweat on his forehead.

He could not see the other person, but he could sense an unprecedented sense of danger.

“Heheh, I never thought that the souls of your two lives would have fused so perfectly. Your memories from your previous life have been erased; how interesting,” a sinister voice sounded out from within the black qi, making Su Han feel quite confused.

“Do you want to go to the Upper Realm? I can teach you and allow you to surpass Immortal Gods!”

Su Han was not tempted and instead became even more alert.

He asked hesitantly, “You knew me in my past life?”

Over the past few years, he would have strange dreams. In the dreams, he was another person and incredibly powerful.

“That’s right. In your past life, you were called Ji Xian. I raised you, so you changed your surname to Ji. Your talent is powerful, but it’s a pity that you offended a genius from the Heavenly Palace. Your father could not protect you, so he killed you.”

Ji Xian!

Su Han’s body trembled and he fell into dismay.

“Come with me to the Great Thousand World; I can make you shine as bright as Zhou Xuanji! The Northern Wilderness’ most powerful genius is Zhou Xuanji; I’m sure you’ve heard of him,” the sinister voice once again sounded out, causing Su Han’s eyes to light up.

Zhou Xuanji!

This whole time, Zhou Xuanji had been his goal. He had always dreamed of being able to stand before Zhou Xuanji, receive his acknowledgement, and even become his disciple.

Su Han deeply breathed in and asked, “What is the relationship between you and Zhou Xuanji?”

When he was younger, Zhou Xuanji had saved him, and he did not want to become enemies with Zhou Xuanji.

The sinister voice replied, “There’s no relationship between us, but I’ve always wanted to meet him.”

Su Han fell into internal conflict.

He wanted to become stronger, but he was also afraid of that person plotting against him.

However, thinking that he could become as powerful as Zhou Xuanji, flames of passion burned in his heart.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, I’ll go with you!”

The ball of black qi quickly covered him and swept him away.

“Hahaha! Ji Xian, you don’t know how great your talent is! I will help you become a First Class Great Emperor!”

At the Divine Cliff, Zhou Xuanji examined the Saint Sword for three days, but he still could not tell anything.

At that moment, he suddenly sensed something and took out his Third Rank Immortal Medallion. The Immortal Medallion slightly trembled and a voice came out of it, “The Master of Gods is summoning all Immortal Gods above Fifth Rank to the God Palace!”

Zhou Xuanji frowned; the Immortal Gods were being gathered?

Was it to deal with Mo Jiuqing?

He did not think too much and put the Saint Sword in his Supreme Storage. He then flew out of his residence and rushed into the clouds.

He held the Third Rank Immoral Medallion and flew through to the 9th Heaven, and he looked at the God Palace from a distance.

There were Immortal Gods flying towards the God Palace from all directions, all of them with powerful auras; it was a very majestic scene.

Zhou Xuanji found his position and flew towards the God Palace.

On the way, he heard the other Immortal Gods discussing.

“What is it this time?”

“His Majesty has gathered all Immortal Gods above Fifth Rank; something big is going to happen!”

“Is it about Mo Jiuqing?”

“Perhaps, but it might also be about something else.”

“No matter what it is, there will definitely be danger involved.”

These Immortal Gods were not from the ancient Immortal clans, so they were quite nervous and were worried that they would become cannon fodder.

Zhou Xuanji flew to the cluster of palaces and flew towards the God Palace.

Soon, he entered the main palace and landed with the others, a few hundred meters away from the Master of Gods.

The Master of Gods sat expressionlessly on the throne, and Old Star Lord and a valiant-looking man in silver heavy armor stood in front of him.

That valiant-looking man’s aura was extremely powerful, and he gave Zhou Xuanji the same feeling as Mo Jiuqing and Grandmaster Aoshi.

All of the Immortal Gods did not dare to talk among themselves, and they could only send telepathic messages.

The atmosphere within the palace was very oppressive.

Soon, all of the Immortal Gods had gathered, and the palace’s doors closed.

Old Star Lord said slowly, “Recently, the fiend race has been getting restless, and they seem to have made some sort of agreement with the Sovereign Demon Sect. His Majesty is preparing to suppress the Sovereign Demon Sect.”

Hearing this, the Immortal Gods’ expressions all changed.

The Sovereign Demon Sect was an overlord-level faction in the Center God Province, and it had a more powerful foundation than the Dao Heaven Sect. They naturally felt terrified.

“This expedition will be led by Giant God Huang Hao. When the time comes, you will all listen to Giant God Huang Hao’s commands,” Old Star Lord continued to speak, and the Immortal Gods looked at the valiant-looking man.

Giant God Huang Hao!

He was a First Rank Immortal General and his strength was immense. He was a legendary figure in the Great Thousand World.

Giant God Huang Hao was expressionless and silently waited.

“Apart from this, during the punitive expedition, we may encounter the Great Emperor Dao Court. The Great Emperor Dao Court’s history is mysterious, and even the God Palace is unable to fully investigate it. The Great Emperor Dao Court has many experts…” Old Star Lord began to introduce the Great Emperor Dao Court, and Zhou Xuanji slightly frowned.

When had the Sovereign Demon Sect begun working together with the Great Emperor Dao Court?

Also, wasn’t the Sovereign Demon Sect fighting with the fiend race before?

He felt that there was something strange going on, but he could not work it out.

After explaining everything, Old Star Lord had everyone follow Giant God Huang Hao and leave.