I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 473 - Chapter 473 – Demonic Emperor Cave Dwelling

Chapter 473 - Chapter 473 – Demonic Emperor Cave Dwelling


After leaving the Divine Cliff, Zhou Xuanji landed within a forest and took out the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword.

This sword was wide as one’s palm, and there were many sharp hooks on the edges, looking like wolf teeth. At the hilt was a wolf’s head, which looked incredibly savage and had blood-red eyes.

Holding this sword, Zhou Xuanji felt as if he could hear countless wolves howling in his ears.


The mountain and forest around him trembled as the pebbles around him were lifted into the air.

What great power!

Zhou Xuanji felt that if he swung this sword, he could cause the sky to collapse and the earth to split.

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in and tried to calm down his emotions so that he was not too impetuous.

Zhou Xuanji tried to use the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword’s power and an explosion sounded out as the ground beneath him directly collapsed. The surrounding trees were blown away by wild gales, flying into the sky.

Zhou Xuanji’s clothes rippled in the wind, and his expression was one of shock.

He quickly put the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword away and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

Even though he had reached Mid Void Extreme Immortal, facing an Ancient Gazing sword’s power, he still felt quite dismayed.

He could not casually use this sword, or else it would cause too great of a disturbance!

Following this, Zhou Xuanji turned and prepared to leave.

“Stay right there! Boy, hand over your sword!” A cold and severe cry sounded out. Zhou Xuanji turned and looked, and he saw a white-clothed man standing on top of some ruins, coldly looking at him.

This person’s face was cold and there was a baleful look between his brows. He held a long sword, and it seemed that he might draw it at any moment.

Zhou Xuanji looked at him and asked, “What if I don’t hand it over?”


The white-clothed man directly drew his sword and rushed at Zhou Xuanji.

He reached Zhou Xuanji in the blink of an eye and his right hand trembled as the long sword stabbed out like a snake.

Zhou Xuanji held the Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword and casually blocked the strike.

However, his right hand became slightly numb, and he inwardly felt somewhat shocked.

True God!

If he hadn’t obtained a Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution and Mid Void Extreme Immortal cultivation, he most likely would not have been able to receive this blow.

The white-clothed man’s eyes widened, unable to believe this scene.

Zhou Xuanji directly unleashed dozens of swords and cast Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep.

Swish! Swish! Swish…

The swords madly spiraled around Zhou Xuanji, making it so that the white-clothed man could not retaliate. He became covered with wounds, and his clothes were nearly ripped apart.

He quickly retreated, distancing himself from Zhou Xuanji.

His expression was shocked as he gritted his teeth and asked, “Just who are you?”

To be able to use so many swords, and nearby was…

He shouted in dismay, “You’re Divine Cliff’s Zhou Xuanji!”

Zhou Xuanji raised his right hand and 300 or so swords appeared. His aura increased and he flew towards the white-clothed man.

The white-clothed man was so scared that his organs almost burst, and he immediately turned and ran.

Zhou Xuanji used the Ancestor Dragon Sword and devoured him with one gulp.

The five-clawed golden dragon then spat the white-clothed man out again, turning him into a bloodied person, looking incredibly wretched.

All of the swords rushed at him, attacking so ferociously that he could not respond at all.

“Wait! I was wrong! I was wrong! I beg you, spare my life…” the white-clothed man cried in terror. Even a True God was nothing in front of Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji stopped and returned to his original form.

The white-clothed man fell to the ground, and a pool of blood gathered around him.

Zhou Xuanji looked down at him and asked, “What will you use in exchange for your life.”

The white-clothed man did not dare to look at him in the eyes, and he quickly took off his spatial ring and said, “There are many treasures in here; do you want to take a look?”

Following this, he got rid of his essence blood mark on the spatial ring and tossed it to Zhou Xuanji.

After receiving it, Zhou Xuanji swept it with his divine sense, feeling quite pleased.

However, outwardly, he gave off killing intent and said, “Just this?”

The white-clothed man was so scared that his body trembled. He felt incredibly regretful for being so stupid.

Since the other person could use such a powerful weapon, he definitely was no ordinary person.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I know some secret information that I can tell you.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at him coldly and waited for him to continue.

“I discovered a Demonic Emperor cave dwelling, within which seems to be a Saint Sword. However, it was too powerful and I did not have the strength to take it. As such, I made a map—if you head to the Mysterious Dream Forest, you will be able to find it with the map.”

The white-clothed man broke his long sword and took out a map from within.

Demonic Emperor cave willing?

Saint Sword?

Zhou Xuanji took out the Truth Sword and flew over to the main, piercing his chest as he asked, “Is what you said true?”

The white-clothed man replied, “Half true and half false.”

His expression immediately became one of shock.

Zhou Xuanji coldly harrumphed and said, “You’d better respond honestly.”

The white-clothed man was terrified and truthfully replied. The map was real, but the cave dwelling had many restrictions, and even True Gods would find it difficult to make it through. He could only look at the Saint Sword from a distance, and he had not come into contact with it.

Zhou Xuanji took the map and cut off the white-clothed man’s head before putting his soul in the Tianxia Map.

Since this fellow had tried to trick him, he did not show any mercy.

After putting the things in the spatial ring into his Supreme Storage, Zhou Xuanji left with the map.

After returning to the Divine Cliff, Zhou Xuanji went to find the old beggar and told him about the Demonic Emperor cave dwelling.

The old beggar took the map and frowned as he looked at it.

“The Demonic Emperor indeed left behind many cave dwellings, but I’ve never heard about him having one of the Saint Swords before,” he muttered, while Zhou Xuanji silently listened.

After a while, the old beggar looked up and said, “Mysterious Dream Forest is a forbidden zone; the fog there can make it so that Void Extreme Immortals cannot tell what direction they are going in. The Demonic Emperor indeed went there before, but if you go there, you might be noticed by the Demonic Emperor. It’s also possible that the Demonic Emperor left behind traps in the cave dwelling.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and grinned as he asked, “How about you go in my place?”

Hearing this, the old beggar became infuriated.

He angrily pointed at Zhou Xuanji’s nose and cursed, “Who would dare to order their teacher around like you? Don’t you understand what a teacher is?”

Zhou Xuanji continued to smile and look at him.

In the end, the old beggar could only give in.

He took the map, grumbled, and cursed as he left.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and laughed before flying high into the sky, continuing to cultivate.

Even though he had reached Mid Void Extreme Immortal, he felt that his strength still was not enough to easily wield an Ancient Gazing sword.

In the following days, he planned to continue to cultivate, until the Heavenly Saint began to expound the Dao.

One month later, Mo Jiuqing attacked the Buddha Ghost Sect!

This time, the Immortal Gods appeared quickly, and not all of the Buddha Ghost Sect’s people were annihilated.

This matter once again shook the Center God Province.

Just how long was Mo Jiuqing going to go on a rampage for?

At this rate, weren’t all of the Center God Province’s first-rate factions going to be attacked by him?

What was key was that the Immortal Gods were unable to capture him.

Soon, the Center God Province’s people became quite anxious. At first, everyone felt admiration towards Mo Jiuqing, but it had now become terror.

In their eyes, Mo Jiuqing was just using revenge as an excuse to slaughter the world.

After hearing about this, Zhou Xuanji did not think too much about it.

When he had ascended, he had been oppressed by various factions, and he did not even know which factions they were.

Mo Jiuqing was not much better off than him back then, and he definitely had more enemies.

On that day, the old beggar returned and sent a telepathic message to Zhou Xuanji, asking him to meet him in the forest, and Zhou Xuanji quickly arrived.

Zhou Xuanji frowned, as he saw that the old beggar’s right arm was missing, his face was pale, and his eyes were bloodshot.