I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 472 - Chapter 472 – Mid Void Extreme Immortal

Chapter 472 - Chapter 472 – Mid Void Extreme Immortal


Within the ruins of a palace, Zhou Xuanji and the others jumped and landed out the ruins.

Zhou Xuanji held a soul in his right hand; it was Lu Jingfeng.

Lu Jingfeng’s expression was filled with terror, despair, and regret.

He had never thought that Zhou Xuanji would attack and destroy the Xuan Court.

Why did things turn out like this…

Out of the entire Xuan Court, only he remained alive. The feeling of knowing death was coming but being unable to avoid it made him almost collapse.

Zhou Xuanji looked at him and said, “You’ve lost.”

Zhou Xuanji vigorously squeezed his hand, causing Lu Jingfeng’s soul to explode, no longer being able to reincarnate.

Even though he did not know why this fellow still had a remnant soul remaining, it no longer mattered.

“There’s someone over there.” Feng Kule pointed over to where Xiao Hongjun and the man in violet were.

When Xiao Hongjun saw Zhou Xuanji, she felt incredibly dumbfounded.

She could not understand how Zhou Xuanji could be here.

Who were those two people next to him?

Mo Jiuqing and Grandmaster Aoshi gave her a bone-chilling feeling, just like when she faced her father.

Grandmaster Aoshi coldly laughed and said, “Should we kill Old Ancestor Blood Bat’s daughter?”

He raised his right hand and sucked the man in violet through the air.

“What’s going on… No… No, no, no…” the man in violet shouted in terror, unable to break free no matter how he struggled.

What met him was Grandmaster Aoshi’s intense flames, turning him into dust as he howled.

Seeing this, Xiao Hongjun’s heart thumped, feeling extreme terror.

She wanted to run but found that she could not move; there was a formless energy binding her.

She looked over and found that Mo Jiuqing was looking at her with an extremely cold gaze, as if there was deep enmity between them.

“Kill her, I don’t like this disgusting bloody smell,” Mo Jiuqing said calmly. He did not have enmity with Old Ancestor Blood Bat, but he remembered that Old Ancestor Blood Bat had once mocked him.

Grandmaster Aoshi laughed and said, “Let’s not kill her yet, Old Ancestor Blood Bat is still useful; let’s not anger him yet.”

Mo Jiuqing coldly harrumphed, and the five of them became wrapped in an orb of light before quickly flying away.

Xiao Hongjun was covered with sweat and stood there petrified.

At that moment, she was filled with terror towards Zhou Xuanji.

Her fury from before had completely disappeared.

It would be impossible for Old Ancestor Blood Bat to slaughter the Xuan Court, but those two people could…

She did her best to control her emotions and decided that from today onwards, she would not act against Zhou Xuanji.

She wanted to stay as far away from him as possible.

A mark of disaster!

He was an absolute mark of disaster!

Anyone who opposed Zhou Xuanji did not have a good outcome.

The mighty Xuan Court had been completely destroyed; this was the most terrifying example.

On the other side, Zhou Xuanji and the others started to discuss Xuan Daoya.

Grandmaster Aoshi frowned and said, “So does that mean Xuan Daoya does not have any connection to the Xuan Court?”

Baihao Yixin coldly harrumphed and said, “How is that possible? Seeing you two join hands, how could that fellow dare to show up?”

Xuan Daoya did not have much battle strength, and he could not compare to Grandmaster Aoshi and Mo Jiuqing. Even if he showed himself, he would not be able to accomplish anything; why would he make trouble for himself?

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything. He did not have any good feelings towards Xuan Daoya but did not have much enmity either.

All in all, he actually owed Xuan Daoya; to date, Xuan Daoya had not acted against him.

Of course, if he had the chance, he would not let off Xuan Daoya either.

Zhou Xuanji had collected many Xuan Lake Earth Core Flowers, and he was excited to go and cultivate.

He asked, “What do we do now? Are we going back?”

Grandmaster Aoshi said, “We’ll send you back and also visit Revered Teacher too.”

Hearing this, Mo Jiuqing frowned and immediately flew off.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

Grandmaster Aoshi shook his head and laughed, but he did not say anything.

The four of them flew towards the Divine Cliff.

News of the Xuan Court being destroyed quickly spread through the surrounding Provinces, and this news shocked the world.

All factions immediately thought of Mo Jiuqing.

The things that Mo Jiuqing had done in the Center God Province had long since spread.

The Tang King Clan and Dao Heaven Sect were not just famous in the Center God Province.

After returning to the Divine Cliff, Xuan Daoya still did not appear.

Grandmaster Aoshi brought Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule to visit the old beggar, while Zhou Xuanji returned to his residence.

Jiang Xue had not yet returned from the mortal realm, and in the meantime, Zhou Xuanji gifted Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan four Xuan Lake Earth Core Flowers. He felt quite pleased with Fei Hai and also tossed him one.

Following this, he went and found Yang Yutian, and he gave him some Xuan Lake Earth Core Flower seeds, and he gave the remaining ones to the Emperor Sword Court.

“Xuan Lake Earth Core Flower! Where did you get these? Aren’t these the Xuan Court’s unique flowers?” Yang Yutian said in delight before worrying that the Xuan Court would come and make trouble for them.

Zhou Xuanji calmly replied, “I have two Senior Apprentice Brothers who took me to make trouble for the Xuan Court and raze it to the ground…”

He gave a simple overview of what had happened, and he did not state the names of his two Senior Apprentice Brothers.

Yang Yutian felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and he stood there dumbly.

That was the Xuan Court!

The three Xuan Elders had all been slaughtered?

He immediately thought of Mo Jiuqing; was Mo Jiuqing one of Zhou Xuanji’s Senior Apprentice Brothers?

After thinking about it, he felt that Zhou Xuanji and Mo Jiuqing’s experiences were quite similar; they definitely had a mysterious teacher supporting them.

He did not dare to continue thinking about it.

Zhou Xuanji waved his hand and turned and left.

Yang Yutian did not stop him, and he paced about in the hall, feeling a lot of shock and trepidation.

Zhou Xuanji came to Skyfall and gave the Xuan lake Earth Core Flower seeds to Huang Lianxin to plant. He then gave each of the elders five Xuan Lake Earth Core Flowers.

Everyone was quite curious about these flowers, and he gave a simple explanation, making everyone feel quite amazed.

Daoya Old Man sighed and said, “Now that this kid has a new teacher, there’s no use for me anymore.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and did not bother paying any attention to him.

After chatting for a while, Zhou Xuanji returned to the Divine Cliff and continued to cultivate.

There were still 1,000 or so Xuan Lake Earth Core Flowers in the Supreme Storage.

Mo Jiuqing and Grandmaster Aoshi did not value the flowers, so Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule took some, while the majority went to Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji again focused on cultivating.

Less than a month later, news of the Xuan Court being destroyed spread to the Center God Province.

Three months later, the Big Dipper Sect was destroyed by Mo Jiuqing.

The Immortal Gods once again moved out, hunting down Mo Jiuqing.

Zhou Xuanji was not summoned by the God Palace, and he continued to focus on cultivating.

Ten years passed in the blink of an eye.

Relying on the hundreds of Xuan Lake Earth Core Flowers, Zhou Xuanji was finally able to break through to Mid Void Extreme Immortal.

He was incredibly excited; he could finally use the Ancient Gazing Sword.

Over the past ten years, he had received 22 new swords. The highest was only Celestial Shaking, and there was not even any God Slaying, let alone Armageddon or Ancient Gazing swords.

Today, he could finally take out the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword!

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in and left the Divine Cliff, and he headed to a place where no one was around to try out the sword.