I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 471 - Chapter 471 – Two Powerful Senior Apprentice Brothers

Chapter 471 - Chapter 471 – Two Powerful Senior Apprentice Brothers


Mo Jiuqing smashed into the Xuan Court like a meteor, causing the massive island to crack.

Powerful auras burst out, shaking the sky.

“Who dares to attack the Xuan Court?”

“Enemy attack!”

“He’s seeking death! Kill him!”

“Despicable, my house!”

“Just who is it? What gall!”

Cursing sounded out, and following this, more explosions sounded out.

Mo Jiuqing was completely unbridled within the Xuan Court, moving unhindered and attacking so ferociously that the Xuan Court’s disciples could not react at all.

From above, Zhou Xuanji and the others felt as if a wave of demonic qi was rampaging throughout the Xuan Court, moving incredibly quickly.

Grandmaster Aoshi said, “Let’s go down together. Don’t get too far away from me.”

After saying this, the orb of light suddenly shattered and the four of them rushed down.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at Baihao Yixin and said, “Don’t self-destruct.”

Baihao Yixin felt immense humiliation, causing his face and neck to become red.

He could not retort in time before Grandmaster Aoshi and Zhou Xuanji slammed through the roof of a palace, and he and Feng Kule followed behind them.

Countless disciples rushed over from all directions, and various magic techniques flashed out.

Zhou Xuanji directly cast Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep, and 300 or so swords shot out, all of them giving off silver light. They spiraled around Zhou Xuanji, forming a massive silver orb of light. Anyone who came close would be attacked by the swords, and the attacks were incredibly sharp.

Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule maintained their distance from him and tightly followed Grandmaster Aoshi.

Both of them looked quite shocked when they looked at Zhou Xuanji.

What powerful aura!

This boy’s control over swords was becoming more and more powerful.

Baihao Yixin inwardly felt quite bitter; he felt that he could not continue to loiter about, or else he would be left behind further and further by Zhou Xuanji.

He had once been a peerless Great Emperor who had swept through the Northern Wilderness!

“Grandmaster Aoshi! You’re seeking death!” a furious roar sounded out as a pillar of light descended from the sky, landing in front of Grandmaster Aoshi. After the powerful light disappeared, a well-built man in dark-blue robes appeared. He was like a steel tower and gave off a ferocious aura.

He punched towards Grandmaster Aoshi, his right fist dancing with lightning. An explosion akin to a lion’s roar sounded out as Grandmaster Aoshi received this blow with his chest, and his left foot took a step back.

Grandmaster Aoshi disdainfully laughed, “Xuan Court’s Second Court Lord, your strength has not improved at all. You’re indeed trash!”

His chest trembled and sent the Second Court Lord stumbling back.

Grandmaster Aoshi then raised his hands and kicked the Second Court Lord in front of him. He lifted his right leg and kicked out, causing the Second Court Lord to cough up blood as he flew backwards. The Second Court Lord crashed through many palaces and disappeared over the horizon.



In front of him, the Xuan Court’s Second Court Lord was like a mortal, unable to fight back at all.

On the other side, Mo Jiuqing was fighting with the First Court Lord and Third Court Lord. He displayed absolute power, suppressing the two Court Lords.

Blood-red demonic qi wrapped around his body, and his hands were like sabers and swords, incredibly powerful and sending the two Court Lords flying back. As he fought them, he also reaped the lives of many disciples.

The white-haired First Court Lord’s eyes were bloodshot as he roared, “Mo Jiuqing! You won’t have a good death!”

He spread out his arms and black lightning suddenly descended onto his body, causing his body to quickly become larger.

Massive amounts of lightning burst out of his body, illuminating the sky, and he became even bigger than the entire Xuan Court.

Mo Jiuqing condescendingly laughed and swept out with his right hand, and countless blood dragons flew out of his palm. They roared as they slammed into the First Court Lord and devoured the lightning around his body.

Mo Jiuqing’s body then blurred as he came before the Third Court Lord and opened his eyes wide. The Third Court Lord’s eyes met his gaze, and they became hazy.


The Third Court Lord’s body was surrounded by a whirlwind of blood, which turned into bloody mist that bound him up.

Mo Jiuqing grabbed his head with his hand and raised him high up.

The First Court Lord broke through the lightning and blood dragons and quickly charged over.

Mo Jiuqing did not even look back as he kicked out, causing the First Court Lord’s chest to cave in as his body flew away.

‘Why… his power…’ the First Court Lord thought to himself in shock as despair filled his heart.

The Xuan Court was finished!

Zhou Xuanji cast Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep as he darted about the Xuan Court; he was collecting all kinds of treasures.

If the Emperor Sword Court was to be powerful, it needed resources.

The Northern Wilderness’ resources could not compare to those in the Great Thousand World.

Disciples continuously rushed at him, but all of them were killed by his swords.

Even Void Extreme Immortals could not take three strikes from him; he was incredibly powerful.


Grandmaster Aoshi held the Second Court Lord and used him to knock down a neighboring palace before walking out.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Boy, didn’t I tell you not to recklessly run around?”

The Second Court Lord in his hand was like an almost-dead animal, his body trembling and his eyes out of focus.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite shocked; the Second Court Lord’s aura had been so powerful, and he had never thought that he would lose his strength to fight so quickly.

Just how powerful was Grandmaster Aoshi?

“You…” The Second Court Lord gnashed his teeth and tried to speak with great difficulty.

Grandmaster Aoshi’s right hand suddenly burned with intense flames, burning both his body and soul to a crisp so that he did not have the opportunity to reincarnate.

Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule followed behind Grandmaster Aoshi and felt incredibly excited.

This was especially so for Feng Kule, who was so excited that his body trembled.

Too powerful!

He was incomprehensibly powerful!

Grandmaster Aoshi looked in another direction and muttered, “That fellow should be finishing his battle soon too.”

As he spoke, Mo Jiuqing arrived with a gust of wind, stopping before the four of them.

In less than half the time of an incense stick, the Xuan Court’s three elders had all fallen.

Zhou Xuanji inwardly sighed in amazement; no wonder Taichu Yudao would die at Mo Jiuqing’s hands. This fellow was so powerful.

Mo Jiuqing waved his right hand and countless blood-red clones flew out of his body, darting out in all directions.

He was going to slaughter the entire Xuan Court!

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything—those who won were kings and those who lost were beggars.

Back when the Xuan Court had wanted to destroy the Northern Wilderness, had they ever shown mercy?

Mo Jiuqing suddenly stomped his foot, causing everyone else to look down. They saw a vast underground region below, the depths of which had a glowing lake. It seemed like the milky way, and it was incredibly dazzling and beautiful.

“So many Xuan Lake Earth Core Flowers, not bad,” Grandmaster Aoshi said in satisfaction, and the five of them jumped down.

In the air, Xiao Hongjun and the man in violet quickly flew.

“The Xuan Court is ahead. When the time comes, I’ll take you to visit the Court Lords and help you ask for some Xuan Lake Earth Core Flowers,” the man in violet said as he smiled, seeming quite generous.

Xiao Hongjun gave a slight nod and asked, “Has your Second Court Lord set out yet?”

The man in violet thought for a moment before saying, “He should be soon; he recently sent out his divine sense to search for Senior Apprentice Brother Lu Jingfeng. Once he finds Senior Apprentice Brother Lu Jingfeng’s soul, he will head to the Northern Wilderness.”

The two of them quickly passed through the sea of clouds and saw the Xuan Court’s massive island.

They suddenly stopped and stared with wide eyes, looking as if they had seen a ghost.

The majestic Xuan Court island had been split into pieces, and countless broken stones and corpses floated in the air, slowly falling.

This part of the sky had special restrictions that allowed the island to float. Now that the Xuan Court had been destroyed, the restrictions were gradually weakening.

“How can this be…”

The man in violet’s body trembled, unable to believe his eyes.