I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 470 - Chapter 470 – I Alone Am Enough

Chapter 470 - Chapter 470 – I Alone Am Enough


Zhou Xuanji put away his Third Rank Immortal Medallion, and he dove down into the sea of clouds.

He did not stop on the way, and he passed through the nine heavens and returned to the Center God Province.

However, the Divine Cliff was not below. Fortunately, he was already a Void Extreme Immortal and was able to fly much faster than before.

A bit less than half a day later, he returned to the Divine Cliff.

He did not tell Yang Yutian about this and instead went to find the old beggar first.

He told him about what had happened at the God Palace.

The old beggar nodded in satisfaction and said, “The Master of Gods and Old Star Lord are quite good at conducting themselves. Giving you a Third Rank Immortal General post is already extremely generous.

“Remember, in the future at the God Palace, if anyone with a lower rank than you dares to try to oppress you, you can directly act. The God Palace’s hierarchy is absolute, and even the heavens would be on your side. However, in the same way, don’t offend anyone higher rank than you.”

Zhou Xuanji remembered this; this meant that there would be people who would offend him.

He asked, “How strong is the Master of Gods? How is he compared to the Demonic Ancestor?”

The Demonic Ancestor was a top-tier existence in his heart.

He could compare to the Ninth Nether Buddha, Heavenly Saint, and the old immortal.

He felt that the old immortal might be the most powerful because he could even divine the Heavenly Saint appearing.

Of course, perhaps it was just that his powers of divination were strong.

The old beggar glared at him and asked angrily, “Focus on cultivating; what’s the point of asking these things?”

Zhou Xuanji pouted; didn’t he know?

Following this, he turned and prepared to return to his residence.

“Wait, go to the forest where we were cultivating before. There’s someone waiting for you there,” the old beggar stopped Zhou Xuanji and said this before walking towards Divine Cliff City.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite puzzled but still flew towards that forest.

After passing through dense fog, he arrived at the forest.

Soon, he saw four people.

They were Mo Jiuqing, Grandmaster Aoshi, Baihao Yixin, and Feng Kule.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression did not change as he walked over to the four people and asked, “Why did you seek me?”

He looked at Grandmaster Aoshi; who was this fellow?

Baihao Yixin crossed his arms and looked proud as he coldly harrumphed and said, “Stinking brat, we’ve come to give you an opportunity and a chance to take revenge. Hurry up and kneel!”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at him; he was quite good at acting.

Grandmaster Aoshi spoke, “My name is Tian Han; you can call me Grandmaster Aoshi. I am your Senior Apprentice Brother. We’re going to the Xuan Court to make a ruckus; do you want to come? That day, the True God who attacked the Northern Wilderness was from the Xuan Court.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji rapidly thought and asked, “What can I get from this? Don’t tell me it’s just revenge.”

Feng Kule sighed; the more he looked at Zhou Xuanji, the worse he felt.

Baihao Yixin could not compare to Zhou Xuanji at all.

He was far inferior too!

Mo Jiuqing coldly harrumphed and said, “You can take anything you want within the Xuan Court.”


So exciting?

Zhou Xuanji looked at him and asked, “Are we going now?”

He needed Mid Void Extreme Immortal cultivation to use the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword.

If he just relied on cultivating, it would take hundreds of years.

As such, he could only look for fortuitous opportunities.

Void Extreme Immortal was split into Early, Mid, Late, and Complete, four sub-realms.

After reaching Complete Void Extreme Immortal, one could break through to Heavenly Law True God.

“Mm.” Mo Jiuqing nodded.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and said, “Give me some time, I’m going to make some arrangements.”

None of the four people had any complaints.

Zhou Xuanji immediately returned to his residence and told Jiang Xue of this.

Jiang Xue pouted and said, “Oh, you. You’re never able to stop. Right after breaking through you want to seek more opportunities. Come back quickly, I’ll be waiting.”

She just so happened to be planning to go down to the mortal realm to see Zhou Xiaoxuan.

The two of them spent a bit of time together before Zhou Xuanji left.

After coming back to the forest, the five of them stood together.

Grandmaster Aoshi waved his right hand, and Zhou Xuanji’s vision became black. When he opened his eyes again, he was in an orb of light.

He secretly glanced at Grandmaster Aoshi, feeling incredibly shocked.

Just how powerful was this fellow?

It looked like he was stronger than Mo Jiuqing; otherwise, how could he take control of the situation?

“There are over 100 True Gods in the Xuan Court, and the most powerful person is a First Class Great Emperor. Currently, his strength is unfathomable,” Grandmaster Aoshi broke the silence and started to explain the Xuan Court’s strength.

Zhou Xuanji silently listened and did not say anything.

With the two big shots leading the way, he would just focus on pillaging.

Grandmaster Aoshi guessed that the Xuan Court was connected to Xuan Daoya, so this operation might draw out Xuan Daoya.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Xuan Daoya comes from the Great Emperor Dao Court. Those people are all ruthless. In this operation, we will be leaving the Center God Province; you must follow us and not get lost, or else you will die without a burial place.”

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows, wondering why he didn’t mention this earlier.

Was it too late to back out?

After Grandmaster Aoshi finished speaking, Zhou Xuanji looked at Baihao Yixin and asked, “Why do you only have Second Revolution Golden Immortal cultivation?”

Baihao Yixin felt as if his heart had been stabbed.

Baihao Yixin almost coughed up blood, not knowing how to retort.

Grandmaster Aoshi coldly harrumphed, “This boy has already become trash.”

Feng Kule madly nodded.

Mo Jiuqing stood by the side, proud and aloof, not saying anything.

On a wasteland, Xiao Hongjun and a man walked together.

The man was wearing white clothes and a purple outer garment, and he looked quite handsome. His hair was combed behind his head, his facial features were quite sharp, and he had a big smile on his face.

“Hongjun, our Xuan Court has already discovered the Northern Wilderness’ location. Before, a Senior Apprentice Brother almost destroyed the Northern Wilderness, but he was stopped by the Demonic Ancestor. After fifty years, the Xuan Court is once again planning to destroy the Northern Wilderness. When that time comes, we’ll definitely force Zhou Xuanji to come down to the mortal realm,” the man in the purple outer garment said as he laughed politely.

Xiao Hongjun asked indifferently, “Who from the Xuan Court will act?”

Hearing about Zhou Xuanji, she felt quite angry.

That fellow was like a cockroach and simply could not be killed.

“The Second Court Lord will be personally acting,” the man laughed in delight. Hearing this, Xiao Hongjun looked at him in surprise.

The Xuan Court’s Second Court Lord was incredibly powerful; did they really need such an expert to deal with Zhou Xuanji?

Then again, after thinking about it, she felt that it was the correct thing to do. Rather than having him be a scourge for a thousand years, it was better to kill him as soon as possible.

She smiled as she replied, “Is that so? I hope that when we reach Xuan Court, we’ll be able to receive news of Zhou Xuanji’s death.”

The man chuckled and replied, “Definitely!”

He was filled with confidence towards the Xuan Court. In his heart, the Xuan Court was the most powerful existence in the world.

Zhou Xuanji, who was cultivating, suddenly felt the orb of light stop. He opened his eyes and saw a massive island floating among the clouds below.

There were countless demonic birds circling the island, giving off immense demonic qi.

Even despite being far away, Zhou Xuanji could sense powerful auras.

“Very good, the Xuan Court’s three Court Lords are all present. I’ll slaughter them all today,” Mo Jiuqing said coldly as killing intent flashed in his eyes.

Back then, the Xuan Court had also oppressed him.

A python-patterned whip appeared in Grandmaster Aoshi’s hand as he said, “Are we going to use brute force or is there a plan?”

Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule looked incredibly excited, filled with anticipation.

Mo Jiuqing said a single sentence before shooting down, “I alone am enough!”

He turned into a rainbow light and pierced through the massive floating island, causing a deafening explosion to sound out.