I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 469 - Chapter 469 – Third Rank Immortal General

Chapter 469 - Chapter 469 – Third Rank Immortal General


Zhou Xuanji went with that divine general and flew upwards, both of them moving quite quickly.

With the divine general leading him, Zhou Xuanji did not feel the barrier of the 1st heaven.

He could not help but ask, “Could it be that the restrictions of the heavens do not apply to me because I have a Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution?”

If that were the case, couldn’t he directly fly above the 33rd heaven?

The divine general replied, “Indeed, but you can only head to the 9th heaven and cannot go further, unless your strength becomes greater. Of course, powerful beings reside above, and if you’re not careful, you could bring a deadly disaster on yourself. I advise you to maintain an attitude of respect.”

As he spoke, he looked at Zhou Xuanji with a somewhat deep gaze.

As a famous genius of the Center God Province, how could the Immortal Gods not know of his existence?

Zhou Xuanji sank into his thoughts and did not ask any more.

After a while, they finally reached the 9th heaven. There was nothing special about the sky here; there was a blue sky and white clouds. It was incredibly vast and could make people’s hearts feel at ease and relaxed.

The divine general flew ahead, and his body suddenly gave off light. Following this, the space ahead started to ripple, and a towering and mighty group of palaces appeared. The smallest was 30 meters tall, while the biggest one was 300 meters tall. There were two massive god statues that were each 600 meters tall in front of the gates, looking incredibly lifelike.

There were groups of divine soldiers on patrol, and Zhou Xuanji also saw some goddesses giggling as they entered a palace. The scene was as beautiful as a painting, seeming both dreamlike and real.

Soon, the two of them flew through an arched door and continued onwards.

Most of the Immortal Gods they passed along the way were quite proud and cold, and they did not even bother looking at Zhou Xuanji.

They continued towards the largest palace, in front of which were eight divine generals.

The divine general leading Zhou Xuanji went up and said a few words before signaling for Zhou Xuanji to follow him.

The two of them entered the palace and a powerful light flashed. Zhou Xuanji instinctively closed his eyes, and when he reopened them, there was a massive figure on the platform ahead.

The Master of Gods!

He wore an awe-inspiring silver emperor’s robe and sat upright. His shoulders were incredibly wide, as if they could contain the heavens and earth, and his gaze was calm. His pupils seemed to contain two starry skies, dancing with light.

Apart from him, there was also a white-robed elder with white hair, but his facial features looked quite young.

The white-robed elder looked at Zhou Xuanji and smiled as he said, “The youngest First Class Great Emperor in history, we finally meet.”

The divine general who had led Zhou Xuanji here bowed before leaving.

Zhou Xuanji cupped his fists and asked, “This one is Zhou Xuanji. I wonder what…”

The white-robed elder stroked his beard and smiled as he said, “I am Old Star Lord, and I am responsible for arranging the offices of Immortals. His Majesty is the Master of Gods. In the future, you will become an Immortal God and listen to His Majesty’s commands.”

Zhou Xuanji’s expression did not change but he felt somewhat unimpressed.

The so-called Immortal Gods were just like humans and had to serve others.

He could not help but wonder, between the Master of Gods and the Demonic Ancestor, who was stronger?

Since the old beggar had him come here, that meant that he wanted him to receive the protection of the Master of Gods.

“Zhou Xuanji, born in the Northern Wilderness and retained memories of his previous life after reincarnating. Possessing immeasurable talent in this life, becoming a Great Emperor before 100 years old and is only 157 years old currently, reaching the Void Extreme Immortal stage. Your talent is indeed immense. We will allow you to directly become a Third Rank Immortal. Would you like to be a Civil Official or Martial Official?” The Master of Gods asked as he looked at Zhou Xuanji. His eyes did not blink, and he gave Zhou Xuanji immense pressure.

Zhou Xuanji hesitated and asked, “Can you please explain the difference between civil and martial?”

The positions of immortals were definitely different to humans.

Old Star Lord smiled as he replied, “Civil Officials are responsible for burning joss sticks, astronomical phenomena, and the like. Martial Officials are a bit more free and wait for orders to be sent down to deal with evil. Both types can enjoy the offerings from mortal realms, but the prerequisite is that there are people who have faith in you in the mortal realm.”

Zhou Xuanji thought for a moment before replying, “Then I choose Martial Official!”

He did not want to go to other places; he had to help the Emperor Sword Court and Divine Cliff develop.

“Come with me.” Old Star Lord nodded and started to walk.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji followed him out of the palace.

The Master of Gods’ expression began to change, and only after Zhou Xuanji disappeared did he mutter, “The First Class Great Emperor that the Great Emperor Dao Court and Demonic Emperor both want; just what is his background?”

He decided to observe Zhou Xuanji more.

On the other side, Old Star Lord brought Zhou Xuanji to fly through the palaces while explaining about Immortal Gods.

The Immortal Gods’ faction was called God Palace, and most of the Immortal Gods came from ancient Immortal clans. However, there was no lack of Immortals like Zhou Xuanji who had worked their way there.

Apart from the ancient Immortal clans’ Immortal Gods, the other Immortal Gods could not reside at God Palace, and they could only come when there were orders for them.

The God Palace would protect each Immortal God and also give out an official salary, which was Immortal Spirit Pills. Each one of them contained massive amounts of spirit qi, and only the God Palace could make them.

Currently, there were around 100,000 Immortal Gods, while ordinary Immortal Soldiers numbered over 10 million.

There was an intrinsic difference between Immortal Gods and Immortal Soldiers.

Immortal Soldiers were essentially like most cultivators in the Great Thousand World, and most of them did not have Heavenly Law Immortal Energy.

Old Star Lord soon brought Zhou Xuanji to a small palace. There was an elderly Immortal God within, and as soon as he saw Old Star Lord, he hurriedly bowed.

“Help him make a registration as a Third Rank Immortal General. His name is Zhou Xuanji; first find out about his identity,” Old Star Lord said as he gave a benign smile. Hearing this, the elderly Immortal God’s eyes widened.

Zhou Xuanji!

Wasn’t he that astounding genius ranked 13th on the Great Emperor Stone Stele?

He deeply breathed in and walked to the counter. He pulled open a drawer and took out a copper mirror, which showed Zhou Xuanji’s past.

The more he watched, the more shocked he became. Just what kind of monster was this boy? Every divine tribulation he faced was one that should be for higher levels.

After a while, he took a medallion and wrote ‘Zhou Xuanji’ on it before handing it to Zhou Xuanji.

Following this, Old Star Lord brought Zhou Xuanji to receive his Immortal Spirit Pills, Third Rank Divine Armor, and Third Rank Divine Weapon.

Old Star Lord’s status was very high in the God Palace, and it was very rare for him to personally escort a person.

Soon, news about Zhou Xuanji becoming an Immortal God quickly spread.

Zhou Xuanji’s name had thundered in all of their ears, and all of them knew him.

“It’s said that that boy directly became a Third Rank Immortal General.”

“What gives? How old is he even?”

“He has already broken through to Void Extreme Immortal!”

“Even if he’s a Void Extreme Immortal, he shouldn’t be able to directly become a Third Rank Immortal General!”

“Hmph, as expected, talent can make anyone popular, anywhere.”

The Immortal Gods began to discuss Zhou Xuanji. Most of the Immortal Gods were not satisfied with his position.

After all, it was not as if the God Palace did not have any First Class Great Emperors.

After all of this, Old Star Lord stopped and said to Zhou Xuanji, “You can go back now; the God Palace will summon you through your Immortal Medallion. From today onwards, you are an Immortal God. As an Immortal God, you must act uprightly and must not harm living creatures. Of course, if anyone dares to target you, the God Palace will protect you.”

Following this, Old Star Lord disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji played with the Third Rank Immortal Medallion in his hand and suddenly laughed, “I have another backer now, and it’s a leviathan!”