I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 468 - Chapter 468 – Ancient Gazing Sword

Chapter 468 - Chapter 468 – Ancient Gazing Sword


“The Xuan Court’s disciple found the Northern Wilderness and attacked, forcing a demonic cultivator to request the Demonic Ancestor to descend. My blood brother came from the Northern Wilderness, so I acted. It was not for our Junior Apprentice Brother,” Mo Jiuqing said calmly as he looked at Grandmaster Aoshi.

Grandmaster Aoshi gave a mocking smile. Wasn’t that last sentence self-deceiving and trying to hide the obvious?

“Xuan Court? How interesting. Even though the Xuan Court has nothing to do with Xuan Daoya, their names are quite similar. It’s quite strange that there’s no connection between them,” Grandmaster Aoshi stroked his chin as he muttered.

Mo Jiuqing did not agree nor disagree, and he did not reply.

His gaze fell on Feng Kule, thinking to himself.

Seeing this, Feng Kule felt a chill in his heart and instinctively retreated behind Baihao Yixin.

Grandmaster Aoshi looked at him and asked, “How about you and I join together and go to the Xuan Court to make a scene? At the same time, it’ll allow these juniors to expand their horizons and seek some opportunities.”

Mo Jiuqing did not reply, and he instead looked at Feng Kule as he said, “Your talent in the Way of Fate is quite good; how about following me?”

Headhunting in the presence of others!

Feng Kule’s heart palpitated with eagerness.

Baihao Yixin asked, “Martial Uncle, what realm are you at? Can you teach me a bit?”

Grandmaster Aoshi put his hand over his face, feeling that he had lost all face.

Mo Jiuqing glanced at Baihao Yixin and said, “Your foundation has been damaged and you have a superficial nature; it will be difficult for you to accomplish anything great.”

A critical hit!

Baihao Yixin almost coughed up blood!

Grandmaster Aoshi coldly harrumphed and said, “Mo Jiuqing, you still haven’t replied to me!”

Mo Jiuqing calmly replied, “When do we set out?”

Xuan Court!

Killing intent flashed in his eyes.

Grandmaster Aoshi chuckled and said, “Let’s go find that Junior Apprentice Brother of ours and head there together. That’ll be more interesting.”

Mo Jiuqing slightly frowned, somewhat hesitating.

Zhou Xuanji was definitely with that old thing, but he knew that old thing wouldn’t want to see him.

At the Divine Cliff, Zhou Xuanji was within the divine tribulation and had held on for more than four hours. All of the Divine Cliff’s disciples were watching from afar.

The Thunderclap Sword surrounded by lightning spiralled in the air; its aura already surpassed the divine tribulation.

All of the disciples were completely dumbfounded.

“That sword…”

“A sword that can absorb tribulation lightning?”

“Wait, that sword is gradually becoming stronger. It wasn’t this powerful before.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen someone passing a divine tribulation like this.”

“Whose legacy is that sword?”

Ning Zifeng and Fenyu Drake King were the most excited; as expected from their master, he was too powerful.

Zhou Xuanji’s magic energy started to surge, and he quickly condensed it into Heavenly Law Immortal Energy, preparing to convert all of his magic energy into Heavenly Law Immortal Energy at the moment of breaking through.


His aura exploded upwards and surpassed Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal!

His soul seemed to sublimate, and an indescribable change was going on as he felt that everything around he became illusory.

Void Extreme Immortal!

He felt like a real immortal now!

Even though most Void Extreme Immortals did not have Heavenly Law Immortal Energy, their strength surpassed ordinary immortal gods.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached Void Extreme Immortal realm. Gacha started!”

“Ding, Congratulations Sword Owner has obtained [Ancient Gazing] Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword, [Gold] Evil Blue Sword, Heaven-Treading Immortal Boots!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind, but he was not too surprised.

He had long since guessed that he would be able to obtain an Ancient Gazing Sword after breaking through to Void Extreme Immortal!

Over the past 50 years, he had not had any extremely good luck; it was probably waiting for this moment!

The Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword’s information appeared before him:

Sword Name: Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword

Grade: Ancient Gazing

Description: Created from the ancient Heaven Wolf Clan and contains trillions of Heaven Wolf souls. It can summon the ancestral soul to battle and contains immense divine power. Requires at least Mid Void Extreme Immortal cultivation to use.

Heaven Wolf Clan?

Zhou Xuanji felt quite startled; for the entire clan to become a sword, just how powerful was this sword?

Apart from this, the Evil Blue Sword also appeared.

He had always been looking forward to gathering the Seven-Colored Evil Swords, hoping to fuse them into the Ancient Demon Sword.

Evil Green Sword, Evil Yellow Sword, Evil Violet Sword, Evil Crimson Sword, Evil Blue Sword, Evil Red Sword!

He was just one away!

The Heaven-Treading Immortal Boots were a magic tool, and he would try them after completing the tribulation.

“Use your Emperor’s Might to suppress the magic energy in your body and concentrate on your Heavenly Law Immortal Energy!”

The old beggar’s voice suddenly sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s ears.

Zhou Xuanji immediately did so.

Emperor’s Might was a type of might that could suppress those of lower cultivations.

However, all this time, Zhou Xuanji’s enemies had been very powerful, so he rarely used it.

After the old beggar had appeared, his understanding of Emperor’s Might became deeper.

Emperor’s Might could assist in cultivation!

He started to use Emperor’s Might to suppress his magic energy, allowing Heavenly Law Immortal Energy to fill his body.

Following this, Heavenly Law Immortal Energy started to fuse with his tendons and bones.

After a while, the thunderclouds dissipated, and by now, Zhou Xuanji looked like he had become a person made of light.

The powerful aura caused everyone’s hearts to tremble.

“Did that boy really only break through to Void Extreme Immortal?” Yang Yutian felt quite shocked; this kind of aura was not too far from a True God.


Zhou Xuanji’s aura once again exploded upwards, and he suddenly raised his head back and roared.

The light covering his body suddenly shrank into his body, leaving behind only faint light on the surface.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and two rays of bright light shot out of his eyes, looking almost corporeal.

Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution!

His body had gone through massive changes and become an Immortal Constitution. In the future, the energy that he produced would be immortal energy, not magic energy.

In other words, he was already an immortal god!

A real immortal god!

Zhou Xuanji was incredibly delighted, but his expression remained cool.

The transformations of his body and soul caused his strength to skyrocket.

Compared to before, he was over 100 times more powerful.

This kind of powerful feeling made him feel incredibly grand. If he once again met Lu Jingfeng from decades ago, he would not be so wretched.

Now, his break through had concluded.

Zhou Xuanji sat down and started to settle his aura.

He had already put the Thunderclap Sword back into the Supreme Storage, and this time, it would most likely be able to rise to the Celestial Shaking grade, and it even had the chance to directly reach God Slaying.

The lightning within it all became tribulation lightning and innately countered demons.

The Divine Cliff’s disciples all excitedly discussed.

They were all guessing how powerful Zhou Xuanji was now.

Could he rival a True God?

Following this, Yang Yutian sent the disciples off; he did not disturb Zhou Xuanji either and turned and left.

The sky became calm again.

The old beggar appeared in front of Zhou Xuanji and chuckled as he said, “Boy, your talent is quite good. Now, you can rank in the Immortal Rankings.”

Immortal Rankings?

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, looking at the old beggar with confusion.

At that moment, a pillar of light descended from the sky and landed in front of the two of them.

The light disappeared and a tall man wearing silver armor appeared before them. He held a long spear and had a dignified look as he said, “Zhou Xuanji has comprehended a Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution and can rank in the Immortal Rankings. You can come with me to the god palace to meet the Master of Gods.”

Zhou Xuanji felt quite startled and instinctively looked to the old beggar.

The old beggar smiled and nodded, indicating that he could go.