I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 467 - Chapter 467 Overcoming Tribulation. To Void Extreme

Chapter 467 - Chapter 467 Overcoming Tribulation. To Void Extreme


Zhou Xuanji looked toward the old beggar while grasping the red bead on his neck and asked, “What is this red bead that you gave me? How come it can summon Mo Jiuqing?”

Jiang Xue looked at the old beggar curiously. He was Zhou Xuanji’s first teacher in principle and was extremely mysterious. She had wanted to know him for a while already.

The old beggar smiled proudly and said, “This is our Sect Bead. When a disciple is in danger, another disciple can be teleported over through the Sect Bead straight away. But, that person must be at True God and must have mastered the Reincarnation Shuttle.”

Sect Bead…

Zhou Xuanji felt speechless about the name.

“What is the Reincarnation Shuttle?” He asked.

Hearing that one had to master it, it should be some kind of a spell, formation, or divine ability.

“The Reincarnation Shuttle is a divine ability that allows one to shuttle through the realms. You are still far from being qualified to learn it,” the old beggar replied. He flipped his right hand, and a segment of a jaded lotus appeared in his hand.

A wave of fragrance came from the lotus, which made Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue feel refreshed. Their senses became sharper and clearer as well.

“This is the 10,000 years Extreme Frost Lotus. The abundant spiritual Qi is enough for you to break through to Void Extreme Immortal straightaway. I will guard you in case someone takes the opportunity to attack you,” the old beggar handed the Extreme Frost Lotus to Zhou Xuanji and said with a smile after drinking a mouthful of wine.

He turned around and praised Jiang Xue, saying, “The spiritual body of the five elements. You are very talented as well. During this period, I will also teach you a divine ability. Take it as my gift to the wife of my disciple.”

Jiang Xue was pleasantly surprised and immediately thanked him.

Zhou Xuanji sized up the Extreme Frost Lotus as he asked, “How is Mo Jiuqing?”

Mo Jiuqing saved him, so it was natural for him to care for his savior.

“That brat overestimated himself. He would have died if he fought the original form of the Demonic Ancestor. He has already returned to the Center God Province and carried on with his revenge. You will hear from him soon,” the old beggar replied casually. He was apparently quite indifferent toward Mo Jiuqing.

He had so many disciples, and Mo Jiuqing was one of those who did not gain his favor.

It was not the original?

ZHou Xuanji was shocked in his heart. His eyes almost destroyed the entire Northern Wilderness Region, and Lu Jingfeng was powerless before him. It wielded such power, and yet it was not the original Demonic Ancestor.

Then how powerful was the actual Demonic Ancestor?

He stopped overthinking and sat down on the clouds to begin absorbing the Extreme Frost Lotus.

The old beggar walked up to Jiang Xue and said with a smile, “I will teach you a divine ability now. I see that you are cultivating a demonic energy technique, and it does not suit you. I will teach you another energy technique as well so that your five elemental spiritual body will be sufficiently enhanced.”

After that, he quickly stretched out his hand and index finger on Jiang Xue’s forehead.

After a while, he withdrew his hand, and Jiang Xue continued to receive the memories.

He turned around and looked at Zhou Xuanji.

“I will take a walk in the Divine Cliff first,” he said with a smile, “You can start breaking through any time. Don’t worry, with me around, no one can stop you.”

After that, the old beggar disappeared in an instant.

Zhou Xuanji did not open his eyes but focused on absorbing the Extreme Frost Lotus.

A wave of extremely cold Qi traveled through his body. A layer of ice was forming on his skin with visible speed.

“Such an abundant reserve of spiritual Qi, and it’s merely a single segment.”

Zhou Xuanji sighed. He suddenly wanted to know where the old beggar obtained it.

An hour later.

He asked Jiang Xue to return to their residence because he would experience the tribulation and did not want her to be injured.

Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortal was about transforming the inner pellet into the heavenly pellet and adding ten more Dao stripes that contained the Heavenly Law’s power.

The Void Extreme Immortal was about the metamorphosis of the soul.

In the previous stage, the soul was weak. Ordinarily speaking, once the body was destroyed, the soul could no longer defeat its enemy. But Void Extreme Immortal was to strengthen the soul through tempering.


Thunderclouds gathered, and the whole place turned dim.

A massive wave of heavenly might pervaded the entire place. Even the disciples in Divine Cliff city could sense it.

Soon, people started to gather and watch Zhou Xuanji from afar. They were all crying out in shock.

“He’s going to break through again?”

“I heard that he was merely 150 years old. A 150-years-old Void Extreme Immortal?”

“It’s too exaggerated even for a First Class Great Emperor.”

“We don’t understand the world of a First Class Great Emperor.”

“This is good news. It means that the Divine Cliff will become more powerful.”

The Divine Cliff’s disciples really looked forward to seeing how powerful Zhou Xuanji would become after his breakthrough.

He could already sweep across the Void Extreme Immortal stage previously. Could he really battle a True God after becoming a void Extreme Immortal?

Yang Yutian appeared in the sky suddenly and cried out, “Disperse and protect Zhou Xuanji!”

All the disciples came to a realization and began surrounding Zhou Xuanji in all directions.

They were not averse to this task. Zhou Xuanji had already become the signature and future of the Divine Cliff.

The more powerful Zhou Xuanji gets, the more powerful the Divine Cliff would be. All the disciples would also benefit more from this.

If Zhou Xuanji were to die, the Divine Cliff would be devoured by other factions. They were in the same boat.

The heavenly thunder was getting louder and louder, as though something was horrifying rolling in the thunderclouds. This made all the disciples shudder.

What was this heavenly tribulation?

A lightning silhouette of a human with three heads and six arms appeared above the clouds. He stretched out his arms to which lightning bolts gathered. He was a few hundred meters tall and looked like a thunder god with a holy majesty.

Zhou Xuanji looked up, and the Thunderclap Sword appeared above his head.

He frowned slightly. This lightning silhouette was so powerful!

Its aura was even more powerful than Tang Juetian’s!

Before he could think more, the lightning silhouette swooped down with bolts of lightning. The majestic scene looked like the sky was falling down.

Zhou Xuanji immediately used Void Instant Kill!

The Thunderclap sword soared upwards with extreme swiftness and penetrated the lightning silhouette.

Everyone opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

Such extreme speed!

But the real tribulation was just beginning.

The heavenly lightning transformed into countless lightning silhouettes. At one glance, they were like heavenly soldiers swarming toward Zhou Xuanji.

Yang Yutian frowned and mumbled, “This tribulation looked more like the tribulation to reach True God…”

The power of the heavenly tribulation showed how powerful and talented Zhou Xuanji was.

He was excited but also worried.

At the foot of the mountain and in a dense forest, the muscular man brought Baihao Yixin and Feng Gule to a cave.

The muscular man said, “Mo Jiuqing, are you not going to welcome your elder apprentice-brother?”

Baihao Yixin was exhilarated. He gazed into the cave fixedly. He had wanted to see Mo Jiuqing personally for himself.

Feng Gule felt uneasy instead. He was worried that Mo Jiuqing would go berserk and attack them.

“Aoshi, what are you here for?”

Mo Jiuqing’s voice came from the cave with an indifferent tone.

Aoshi was the muscular man’s title. To be more specific, he was Grandmaster Aoshi and loved to take in disciples.

He apparently inherited this from the old beggar.

Grandmaster Aoshi snorted coldly, “For reminiscence sake, can’t I? You have gone to the Northern Wilderness Region. Can you tell me what happened there? And why did a partial soul of the Demonic Ancestor appear there?”

A flight of footsteps could be heard coming from the cave. The pale-faced Mo Jiuqing walked out of the cave.

His eyes were sharp and fierce. He first glanced at Baihao Yixin and Feng Gule, which made both shudder.