I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 465 - Chapter 465 Heavenly Tribulation Protected the World

Chapter 465 - Chapter 465 Heavenly Tribulation Protected the World


Mo Jiuqing did not reply Zhou Xuanji but only said his name,

“Mo Jiuqing.”

These words left Zhou Xuanji’s eyes wide-opened. During this period, Mo Jiuqing was widely known by everyone.

How did he come from the red bead?

Mo Jiuqing no longer paid attention to Zhou Xuanji. He continued walking toward the sky, covering hundreds of meters with each step.

Lu Jingfeng frowned. His eyes were filled with confusion as he looked at Mo Jiuqing.

He had never heard of Mo Jiuqing. And he had not been in the Great Thousand World in the recent few years, so he did not know about the newcomer’s shocking deeds.

The Demonic Ancestor’s eyes looked at Mo Jiuqing, and they suddenly squinted.

“I’ve heard that the Demonic Ancestor was unparalleled. Today, I shall challenge you,” Mo Jiuqing laughed wildly. Just when he finished speaking, he quickly sunk into the black vortex.

A horrifying shockwave came from the black vortex, breaking the entire Northern Wilderness Region into pieces. Zhou Xuanji was pressed against the floor on all fours, and all the legendary swords were protecting him on his head.

The black vortex suddenly disappeared.

The Demonic Ancestor and Mo Jiuqing’s auras disappeared as well.

However, the tribulation of the Northern Wilderness Region was just beginning.

Zhou Xuanji turned around and saw that the mountains and the land in all directions were breaking apart.

He continued to heal himself and prayed that Skyfall would not be destroyed.

The two tribulation executives appeared beside him.

“How is that person related to you?” Daoseeker asked urgently.

He desperately hoped that Mo Jiuqing could defeat the Demonic Ancestor.

If the Northern Wilderness Region was destroyed, the tribulation executives would cease to exist too.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply but looked toward Lu Jingfeng.

Although the Demonic Ancestor was busy dealing with Mo Jiuqing, the threat of Lu Jingfeng was still around.

Lu Jingfeng was still in shock. He still thought that he would die for sure just, but he did not expect Mo Jiuqing’s appearance.

He saw clearly that Mo Jiuqing was summoned by Zhou Xuanji.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji and fell into a dilemma.

Should he kill Zhou Xuanji?

Mo Jiuqing’s prowess made him shudder.

But if he didn’t kill Zhou Xuanji, could this grudge be resolved?

If a First Class Great Emperor were to fully grow, only Heaven knew how powerful he would become.

After the thought, he raised his hand and walked toward Zhou Xuanji with his lightsaber.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and was holding his two swords as well.

Both of them were badly injured. But Lu Jingfeng was a True God after all. If they were to fight again, the one to die would surely be Zhou Xuanji.

“You cannot fight anymore!”

Daoseeker said, attempting to stop Zhou Xuanji.

“If I don’t fight, who will fight?” Zhou Xuanji replied coldly while maintaining his gaze at Lu Jingfeng.

Daoseeker fell into silence.

If not for Zhou Xuanji, the Northern Wilderness humans would have been obliterated a long time ago.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji walk over with his trembling body, Daoseeker sighed. He walked up ahead and said, “The Northern Wilderness Region will really depend on you from now on.”

After that, he charged toward Lu Jingfeng without hesitation.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. He thought that the tribulation executives could not come in touch with humans?

He looked at the man in the raincoat instinctively and asked with his eyes.

The man in the raincoat did not sigh or reply.

Daoseeker dashed toward Lu Jingfeng swiftly.

His body was beaming with a bright radiance. Bolts of heavenly lightning appeared and weaved across his body.

“I’m the Heavenly Tribulation of the Northern Wilderness. I shall protect this realm with my life!”

Daoseeker’s voice became majestic. Heavenly lighting coiled around him, and his aura grew tremendously more powerful.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. What was he going to do?

Lu Jingfeng was frowning as well. Now that he was severely injured, he was far weaker than his peak state. So, he could sense danger coming at him.

Tribulation executive…

He took a deep breath and slashed at his opponent.

The saber Qi swept over and clashed it Daoseeker’s face, but it was shredded by the heavenly lightning.

The tribulation executive moved at extreme speed, sweeping up two waves of dust along the way. It was as though the ground was split into two.

He came up to Lu Jingfeng and slammed him with his palm.

Lu Jingfeng could not dodge in time and was struck on his chest. He was sent flying off like a swift arrow with a loud boom and quickly disappeared into the sky.

Daoseeker pursued him.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. So powerful!

He could sense that Daoseeker used the world’s power and the heavenly tribulation!

Tribulation executives were this powerful?

He looked at the man in the raincoat and asked, “You guys are so powerful. Why didn’t you help earlier?”

The man in the raincoat replied, “Once we involve ourselves, we will become ashes.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He understood what the man beside him meant. Daoseeker was prepared to perish together with Lu Jingfeng?

On the other side.

Daoseeker caught up with Lu Jingfeng and continued attacking him with his palm strikes. Bolts of lightning struck on Lu JIngfeng, and he had no power to retaliate at all.

They passed over a cliff after cliff. The Northern Wilderness Region was already greatly disfigured. Cities crumbled, and it was as though everything was returning to the beginning of creation where the heavenly might wreaked havoc.

Daoseeker slammed forward with his palm in full force. This strike sent Lu Jingfeng flying across the sea surface and fell into the ocean.

A tempestuous storm was still raging in the ocean.

Bolts of lightning weaved around Daoseeker, and the tribulation executive transformed into a tribulation god. The power of heavenly lightning gathered at his palms and turned into two lightning spheres.

He flung the lightning sphere downwards. Powerful lightning struck and wreaked havoc on the ocean surface. Seawater across a few thousand meters was dried up by the powerful lightning, and water vapor pervaded the air.

Lu JIngfeng flew out from the ocean with his saber and pierced it into Daoseeker’s chest.

Daoseeker was enveloped by a powerful radiance, and his expression could not be seen clearly.

“If you destroy my Northern Wilderness,” he said calmly, “you shall be destroyed by heaven!”

Countless lightning bolts exploded from his body and weaved into a lightning net that veiled over Lu Jingfeng.


Lu Jingfeng shrieked. The power of heavenly lightning was tremendously terrifying.

The Northern Wilderness Region faced a catastrophic tribulation. The heavenly lighting summoned by the tribulation executives were the most powerful, equal to the Northern Wilderness Region’s retaliation.

Lu Jingfeng felt that his body was going to explode at any time. His soul also faced the danger of being destroyed.

He quickly got away from Daoseeker.

But the tribulation executor slammed both of his palms forward. All the bolts of lightning gathered into a beam that inundated Lu Jingfeng.

“Damn… You wait! If I don’t destroy the Northern Wilderness Region, I’m not a human!”

Lu Jingfeng’s hateful cry could be heard. Then, his aura disappeared amidst the heavenly lightning.

He ceased to exist!

Daoseeker destroyed a True God with the power of heavenly tribulation!

If Lu Jingfeng were not severely injured, Daoseeker would not have succeeded.

The lightning subsided, along with the bright radiance on Daoseeker’s body.

Petrification had already begun on his feet, and it was continuing up to his body.

Looking very tired, he took a deep breath. He looked around the world, and his eyes were full of reluctance.

He had protected the Northern Wilderness for over 10,000 years.

And ultimately, he could not escape fate but to die for the Northern Wilderness.

“I really hope I have another life.”

He mumbled to himself. He was petrified into a statue and fell into the vast and ferocious ocean.

A bolt of heavenly lightning landed.

It struck the petrified Daoseeker into ashes, which dispersed along with the wind.

He was dead without even a burial place.

“He died.”

The man in the raincoat stood beside Zhou Xuanji and said calmly.

Zhou Xuanji, who was healing himself, opened his eyes in silence. He did not know what to feel.

Honestly speaking, he was full of blame toward the two tribulation executives.

The tribulation executives were the witnesses of a long history. They had always been playing with the hearts of men, but when real crises came, they could not do anything.

But this day, what Daoseeker did overturned his view on them.

There was a tinge of undescribable upset in his heart.

“That True God is dead too. Although the catastrophe is over, the Northern Wilderness Region…” the man in the raincoat sighed. Looking afar, he saw a wave of seawater rise from the crisscrossed valleys.