I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 464 - Chapter 464 Impossible to Defeat. Powerful Help Arrived.

Chapter 464 - Chapter 464 Impossible to Defeat. Powerful Help Arrived.


The Demonic Ancestor devoured mortal beings. The pair of crimson eyes stared fixedly at Lu Jingfeng. Whoever was stared at by him would shudder.

Lu JIngfeng was also covered in beads of cold sweat. He was a little lost at what to do.

If he stayed in the Northern Wilderness Region, he needed to face the Demonic Ancestor.

But if he left the Northern Wilderness Region, the Demonic Ancestor would cause him much more harm because then there would be no Heavenly Law’s restriction.

It was an unresolvable dilemma.

Zhou Xuanji tried his best to heal himself. He looked at the crimson eyes of the Demonic Ancestor while remaining on guard against Lu Jingfeng.

All the legendary swords gathered around him. The voices of the nine souls resounded in his mind.

“Demonic Ancestor! Why is he here?”

“Did you fall asleep just now? Summoned by the Dugu brat!”

“No wonder Devil Emperor Dugu could rise so quickly. He had the help of the Demonic Ancestor.”

“That’s funny. Didn’t he say that he would never submit, but he still submitted to the Demonic Ancestor’s might?”

“Demonic Ancestor… I didn’t expect him to be still alive.”

The discussion of the nine souls shocked Zhou Xuanji.

They all knew the Demonic Ancestor, which meant that the Demonic Ancestor had existed for a very long time, more than any powerful cultivators he knew.

Just the name of the Demonic Ancestor was enough for people to imagine.

“What does he want to do?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with gritted teeth. The Demonic Ancestor did not attack but devoured mortal beings ceaselessly. Was he going to eat up all living beings in the Northern Wilderness Region?

If this was so, then how was it different from slaughtering all the Northern Wilderness humans?

He raised both hands, and the All Evil Yin Yang Destruction and Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword flew to his hands.

“Stop! If you go, you will surely die!”

Liu Wuji cried out in a solemn tone. It was his first time sounding so grave.

Zhou Xuanji saw more mortal lives being swept up, and he could not maintain his calmness.

He could sense the pulling power becoming stronger. If this continued, the world would be in danger, and Emperor Sword Court would not be an exception.

His eyes became more determined. All the legendary swords resonated with each other. The dragon-shaped sword Qi surrounded the blades as roars of dragons could be heard.


Lu Jingfeng, who was far away, charged toward the sky. With a loud cry, he slashed upward with the lightsaber in his hand.

A thousand-meter-long saber Qi in the shape of a crescent shot upwards and crashed into the black vortex with an unstoppable force.

Pity. It dealt no damage.

Lu Jingfeng did not stop. He charged toward the black vortex while hacking and slashing, generating countless saber Qi.

At this moment, he seemed like a saber devil, giving his all to defeat his opponent.

The powerful aura of the True God gradually crumbled the earth of the Northern Wilderness Region. The waves of the oceans crushed into the land forcefully.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath before he leaped upwards and charged toward the Demonic Ancestor.


A domineering dragon roar resounded across the entire Northern Wilderness Region. Zhou Xuanji, along with all his legendary swords, transformed into a Five-clawed Golden Dragon that was thousands of meters long. The Ancestral Dragon glowed in a golden radiance. It soared with a majestic roar, generating powerful gales that dispersed the clouds.

Lu JIngfeng and the Five-clawed Golden Dragon charged into the black vortex together.

The two tribulation executives looked up at the battle nervously.

“Will that work…”

Daoseeker mumbled to himself. His tone was filled with uneasiness.

A world-shaking explosion could be heard from the sky. Next, they could see Zhou Xuanji and Lu Jingfeng falling from the sky, covered in blood.

The pulling force stopped because of this. The mortal beings who were swept up into the air fell as well. Because most of them did not have enough cultivation, they fell to their death.

Zhou Xuanji and Lu Jingfeng were enemies a moment ago, but now they were in the same boat. The two crashed into the ruins, and no one knew if they were still alive.

“The Northern Wilderness Region, such a tiny mortal realm.”

An indifferent but majestic voice could be heard. The speaker sounded like a giant god in the ninth heavens evaluating a mortal realm. No one was even angry because they were grasped with unmeasurable fear.

Facing such a powerful aura, all the mortal beings were so weak.

On Skyfall.

Xiao Jinghong and a group of elders flew up into the air. Millions of disciples were spread across the entire Skyfall. They would draw their swords when Xiao Jinghong did.


The sound of a million swords drawn was so loud and crisp. It was enough to tear through all noises.

Each of them was trembling, but they did not give up. Every one of them was looking up at the sky, biting their teeth.

At this moment, everyone could see the crimson eyes of the Demonic Ancestor.

They were bigger than even the bright sun. It looked like an unparalleled god that was extremely arrogant.

Zhou Xuanji felt that all his bones cracked, and he had no strength to stand up.

Facing the Demonic Ancestor, he did not even have the opportunity to use Evil Spirit Retribution.

He opened his eyes with much difficulty and could see the darkness of despair.

Deep underground, he could not see what was happening outside.

Emperor Zhao’s voice resounded in his mind, “Forget it. Can’t you escape on your own? If this continues, you will only die here.”

Zhou Xuanji had no chance to defeat Lu Jingfeng.

And now, someone much more powerful than Lu Jingfeng was here.

Zhou Xuanji tried to channel the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power in the Tianxia Map as best as possible to heal his body.

“Even if this is the Center God Province, no one could stop the Demonic Ancestor,” Sovereign Xuan sighed. He suddenly felt that he should not have died.

He felt so powerless now.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply to them. He struggled to get up and opened a way above him with the celestial power to help him escape.

Somewhere nearby.

Lu Jingfeng knelt on the ground and gasped for air. Seeing from his miserable appearance, it seemed that he was at his limit. His eyes were filled with fear.

Too powerful!

He had never encountered such a powerful being!


A beam of demonic Qi descended from the black vortex and crashed into the ground. The impact shook the entire Northern Wilderness Region.

Countless cries could be heard from the beam of demonic Qi, as though the malevolent spirits from hell were about to break out.

Daoseeker’s expression changed drastically. With a loud thump, he knelt on the ground as though he had lost his soul.

The man in the raincoat clenched his fists also. His entire body was trembling.

Shortly after, countless hateful spirits flew out from the beam of demonic Qi and rushed outward in all directions.

Zhou Xuanji activated the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow. Millions of sword shadows shot out and eliminated tens of thousands of spirits.

But there were just too many enemies coming from the beam. They were coming out ceaseless like a swarm of countless ants.

Looking at this, Zhou Xuanji could not help but feel despair.

He did not have the power to revert the situation.

His legs were trembling, his leg bones crushed. He was only standing with the help of the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power.

His face turned hideous. If it was death either way, then he chose to die in the battle!


At this moment, a brilliant radiance shined from the red bead on his neck. The radiance illuminated the entire place, catching the attention of Lu Jingfeng and the two tribulation executives.

And they saw someone appear before Zhou Xuanji.

That person had a tall stature and was wearing a black robe. His white hair danced freely in the wind.

After the bright light subsided, he was completely exposed under the sky.

His face was grave and stern, and his eyes were cold. The black robe he was wearing had many holes, and he did not wear any shoes. Although he seemed to be in a difficult situation, his aura was extremely powerful.

He was Emperor Xia’s sworn brother, Mo Jiuqing!

“So it was the Demonic Ancestor. Interesting,” Mo Jiuqing stared at the pair of crimson eyes and said softly with a smile.

After that, he walked upward in the air as though there were invisible stairs underneath his feet toward the sky.

ZHou Xuanji was stunned. He could not help but ask, “Who are you?”

He instinctively grasped the red bead tightly on his neck with a complex feeling. He did not expect the old beggar’s gift to him to became useful so quickly.