I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 463 - Chapter 463 The Demonic Ancestor Descends

Chapter 463 - Chapter 463 The Demonic Ancestor Descends


“Too many people want to kill me. I don’t have the time to deal with them,” he closed in toward Lu Jingfeng as he replied on his river of swords.

It was his first time challenging a True God!

He was more excited than anything else!

Lu Jingfeng burst out in laughter full of a murderous aura.

The weapons around him were more than 10,000. They veiled over the sky and the earth. Their combined aura shook even the ground.

Devil Emperor Dugu and the two tribulation executives looked at him in fear.

So intimidating!

It felt like the Northern Wilderness Region would be crushed into pieces by this powerful aura!

10,000 divine weapons that glowed a golden radiance were shot toward Zhou Xuanji. Without thunderous movements, even the color of the sky changed.

Zhou Xuanji responded with the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow. The sword shadows tore through the sky just like the initial creation of the primordial world. Everything exploded into action.

Zhou Xuanji and Lu Jingfeng moved simultaneously.

Facing a True God, Zhou Xuanji straightaway controlled over 200 swords using Sword Sect Immortal Cry.

200 beams of silver light quickly revolved around him and soared freely. They moved so quickly that it looked as if a gigantic silver sphere had enveloped Zhou Xuanji.

Weapons veiled over the sky. As they clashed together, there were countless thunderous explosions.

A horrifying aura gave the entire Northern Wilderness Region an end-of-the-world catastrophe.

The walls of the five empires were crumbled, and countless rivers and lakes billowed. The trees swayed, and avalanches occurred on snowy peaks. Waves of white swept across everything.

Especially in the sea regions, gigantic waves arose and wreaked havoc on the adjacent land.

The coming of the catastrophe was unexpected by everyone.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji and Lu Jingfeng fought wildly amidst the explosions that filled the sky.

With both swords in hand, Zhou Xuanji’s attacks were fierce and sharp. He used the sword souls occasionally while the Sword Sect Immortal Cry that surrounded him continued to attack. But it was a pity that these were not enough to injure Lu Jingfeng.

Lu Jingfeng had a great arsenal of divine abilities. He was fast as a ghost and continued to shift around to attack Zhou Xuanji from different directions.

The two Armageddon legendary swords, along with the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power, gave Zhou Xuanji barely enough power to fight with Lu Jingfeng.

“Celestial power! Could this guy have obtained the legacy of the immortal god?”

Lu Jingfeng was shocked in his heart. Murderous intent was boiling in his heart.

Zhou Xuanji was under greater stress.

Their stages were too far apart. Even with the empowerment of two different forces, he still felt that his body would explode at any time.

It was almost impossible to defeat Lu Jingfeng!

Devil Emperor Dugu flew up far in the air and looked at Zhou Xuanji in shock.

“This brat… How is he so powerful… how long has it been?”

His heart was filled with fear.

Zhou Xuanji’s talent was far beyond what he could imagine.

Even he felt some fear over Zhou Xuanji.

The two tribulation executives were purely exhilarated.

Once Zhou Xuanji defeated Lu Jingfeng, the Northern Wilderness Region would pass through another tribulation.


The hope did not last long.


Lu Jingfeng smashed Zhou Xuanji downwards with his saber. Zhou Xuanji’s body fell through the ground deep into a seemingly bottomless abyss.

He was surrounded by rocks, and there was no light. Zhou Xuanji gritted his teeth and felt that all his internal organs had been crushed.

The power of a True God was too overwhelming.

Lu Jingfeng suddenly appeared right in front of him. Grasping his neck, the True God flung him upwards.

Zhou Xuanji lost control over his body, flew out of the ground, penetrated the thunderclouds, and was electrocuted by countless lightning bolts.

“I will not accept defeat!”

Zhou Xuanji activated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. A 10,000 feet buddha landed on the ground firmly. With a thousand swords, the buddha hacked and slashed at Lu Jingfeng.

“A mere ant dares to challenge a god!”

Lu Jingfeng laughed coldly. A ray of golden beam broke through the ground surface and cut the buddha in half.

Such domination!

Zhou Xuanji’s skin turned golden, and a nine-sword purple Taichi diagram appeared on his forehead. He activated World Overlordand gathered the world’s power.

Pain could be seen on his face. He was almost at the limits of his body and was going to break.

But he had to give his all!

If he were to be defeated, Jiang Xue, Zhou Xiaoxuan, Xiao Jinghong, Daoya Old Man, and the others would all die!

Millions of the Emperor Sword Court disciples would die in pain too.

“Go and die!”

Zhou Xuanji tossed his All Evil Yin Yang Destruction with all his strength. A beam of black light flashed past and penetrated Lu Jingfeng’s chest instantly.

Void Instant Kill!

Lu Jingfeng was not surprised but showed a mocking smile.

He turned into a faint image while his actual body appeared behind Zhou Xuanji. He struck Zhou Xuanji’s neck with a hand knife, sending Zhou Xuanji falling again.

Daoseeker and the man in the raincoat were in despair.

“Oh no… Oh no… We can’t escape this tribulation…”

Daoseeker sat on the ruined ground, paralyzed and in despair.

“Zhou Xuanji, are you still going to fight?”

Lu Jingfeng stood loftily in the air like a bright sun. His voice reverberated across the entire Northern Wilderness Region.

Only then did the world realize that a powerful enemy had come upon them, and the ascended sword emperor had come back to fight for them.

Hearing Lu Jingfeng’s words, Zhou Xuanji seemed to be at a disadvantage.

Billowing dust was dispersed by the sword Qi.

Zhou Xuanji climbed back up. The Holy Light Redemption Sword cut his back to heal him.

He stretched his neck, and blood flowed unstoppably out from his mouth.

Sword Sect Immortal Cry was still running. However, it seemed like a vain decoration against such a powerful opponent.

Because of the difference between cultivation stages, the legendary swords could not even catch up with Lu Jingfeng’s speed.

Zhou Xuanji stared fixedly at Lu Jingfeng with fearsome eyes. He showed no fear.

He charged toward the sky again, but in less than two breaths time, he was struck down again.

Devil Emperor Dugu understood that Zhou Xuanji was no match for Lu Jingfeng.

What Zhou Xuanji was capable of was already surprising to him.

Gritting his teeth, he took out a skull and lifted it high up above his head.

“The abyssal demonic god! Your people beg you to come to eliminate my enemy!”

He roared as loud as he could. This caught Zhou Xuanji, Lu Jingfeng, and the two tribulation executives’ attention.


A ray of black light shot out from the skull. The light pierced through the clouds and a black vortex appeared in the sky.

Lu JIngfeng was a little shocked. He came up to Devil Emperor Dugu in one step and cut his head off. Blood splattered all across the earth.

The skull was crushed suddenly, and its ashes dispersed with the wind. Lu Jingfeng looked up at the black vortex, and his face looked grave.

A horrifying demonic aura came, and every being in the world, including Zhou Xuanji, felt unease.

As though they were facing death!

A pair of bloody eyes appeared from the vortex. They looked extremely malicious.

As though an incomparably massive demonic god was looking down on the mortal realm from above the heavens.

Just the eyes were so gigantic, it was hard to imagine how massive the body will be.

“Demonic Ancestor…” Lu Jingfeng’s face turned grim as he said with gritted teeth.

He did not expect Devil Emperor Dugu to be related to the Demonic Ancestor.

No wonder this guy could escape from Han Xuzi.


At this moment, a horrifying gravitational pull began pulling everything up. Zhou Xuanji and the others quickly stayed low to resist the pulling force.

Faraway, countless humans, demons, and beasts were swept up toward the black vortex.


“What is that?””

“Why…How did things turn out to be like this?”

Someone save me? “Ahhh—“”

“Oh no!…”

All kinds of miserable cries and shrieks could be heard.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to save them, but he was helpless with his injured body.

Lu Jingfeng slashed toward the black vortex wildly. Countless saber Qi was shot across, which shredded the mortal beings along the way. Blood rained down.

The saber Qi disappeared the moment it came into contact with the black vortex. It neither caused any sound nor destruction.