I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 462 - Chapter 462 If You Want To Fight, Fight Me

Chapter 462 - Chapter 462 If You Want To Fight, Fight Me


Zhou Xuanji appeared beside Jiang Xue. He bent down to touch her hair gently.

Jiang Xue looked up in surprise. She got up immediately and jumped into his arms.

“You are finally back.”

She mumbled softly with a grin on her face.

Zhou Xuanji hugged her tightly and said, “I will bring you along this time.”

Her body shook a little, and her grin became even happier.

Zhou Xiaoxuan felt jealous and cried out, “Hey, dad. You are not going to say hi to me?”

Her tone sounded like a complaint, but there was a tinge of excitement hidden within.

Zhou Xuanji had been away for so many years, and she looked up to him more and more.

Somehow, when she saw her dad again, she always felt that he had some kind of divinity and loftiness.

Zhou Xuanji threw her a glance and said, “Why aren’t you married off yet?”

She almost fainted at his words.

“Are you really, my father?”

She cried angrily, “You want me to be married so eagerly? Humph, if I don’t surpass you, I will never marry!”

Zhou Xuanji looked at her in astonishment.

“You want to be a single-dog all your life?” he asked.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was so angry that she wanted to catch him but was stopped by Jiang Xue.

“Don’t play around with your dad. He is mine. You go back and cultivate. Don’t disturb our time together!” Jiang Xue pinched her face and said.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was saddened. With a stomp and a cold snort, she felt furious.

Only Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue were left on the peak.

They sat under a tree, hugging each other tightly.

Zhou Xuanji first asked about how Jiang Xue had lived through these years, to which Jiang Xue replied with a smile that she had never left Skyfall and focused on cultivation every day.

With the help of the Colorful Celestial Fruits, she had reached Great Realization Level One.

After that, Zhou Xuanji began telling her his side of the story.

Jiang Xue was stressed listening to him. Although he made everything sound so casual, she could sense the pressure.

To be pursued by the Malicious Buddha and Xuan Daoya, how stressed had he been?

She did not dare to imagine.

She also got to know Daoya Old Man’s identity and asked, “Should we tell him? Although he was formed by part of Xuan Daoya’s soul, I believe he will not harm you. He had no choice either. We should help to free him in the future.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He had no hate for Daoya Old Man.

“Let’s put his matter aside first. A True God has descended into the Northern Wilderness Region,” he sighed.

Jiang Xue opened her eyes wide. She grasped her clothes tightly and said with unease, “You are going again…”

With a deep sigh, Zhou Xuanji said, “After this battle, I will establish a portal to the Divine Cliff on Skyfall. In the future, when the Northern Wilderness Region ascends, they will enter the Divine Cliff straightaway.”

Jiang Xue was still very worried.

Because Zhou Xuanji told her about the stages above Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

There was also the Void Extreme Immortal stage between the Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal and True God stage.

The two caught up a little longer before Zhou Xuanji gathered all the upper ranking cultivators in the Emperor Sword Court.

After knowing Zhou Xuanji’s return, they were all exhilarated.

Zhao Congjian, Lin Changge, and the little black snake surrounded Zhou Xuanji and asked him to tell them what happened above.

Zhou Xuanji threw them a glare, and everyone became silent.

He told them about the portal and asked Xiao Jinghong to be in charge of it personally.

Shortly after, he told them about the crisis regarding the True God. This shocked everyone.


A world-shattering explosion came from outside the palace, and they all looked outside.

A massive, powerful aura pressed against their hearts. Their scalps felt numb.

With squinted eyes, Zhou Xuanji mumbled, “I didn’t expect someone to be able to fight with a True God.”

His words shocked everyone.

There was someone who could stand up against a True God?

They thought that Zhou Xuanji was already the most powerful cultivator. They did not expect someone more powerful to be here too.

Zhou Xuanji got up and said, “Guard Skyfall well and wait for my return.”

After that, he turned into a gust of wind and flew toward the horizon.

Jiang Xue crossed her fingers and put her hands before her chest to pray for Zhou Xuanji.

Devil Emperor Dugu and Wang Hou stood up with much difficulty on a grassland that had turned into ruins. Both were covered with injuries and looked to be in extremely bad shape.

Wang Hou vomited a mouthful of blood and cursed, “If my original was here, I could kill you with one slap!”

Lu Jingfeng levitated high up in the air with his lightsaber. He looked down at them.

Devil Emperor Dugu looked up with a hideous expression. His eyes turned crimson like a devil god.

He tried his best to channel his demonic aura, which shook the ground violently.

“You cannot defeat me. Why fight anymore? You are buying time? Waiting for Zhou Xuanji to come back?”

Lu Jingfeng looked down at them and asked coldly, “I’m waiting. Someone wants him dead.”

Devil Emperor Dugu and Wang Hou were not surprised. They still looked at him hatefully.

“He’s here already. It’s time for you to die.”

After he spoke, Lu Jingfeng slashed at them.

Wang Hou could not evade in time and was smited immediately. A horrifying shockwave sent Devil Emperor Dugu flying off.

Far away.

Daoseeker and the man in the woven rushed raincoat were watching the battle. The two tribulation executives watched the whole thing in silence. They were helpless.

Devil Emperor Dugu charged out from the billowing dust toward Lu Jingfeng fearlessly.

Almost instantly, he got up to Lu Jingfeng’s face. With two palm strikes, the demonic Qi around him transformed into heads of ferocious beasts. The beasts crunched at Lu Jingfeng with an unstoppable force.

Lu Jingfeng snorted coldly, and the beast heads exploded instantly. Devil Emperor Dugu was also sent flying off as he vomited blood.


Lu Jingfeng stomped onto Devil Emperor Dugu’s chest, and they both fell straight toward the ground. The powerful force crumbled the ruined ground and cleared out a pit that was a dozen kilometers wide. The mountains far away shook violently, and a powerful gale swept across the forest. Even the cloud sea in the sky was shredded and dispersed.

A True God’s power was far beyond the mortal realm!

Devil Emperor Dugu grasped Lu Jingfeng’s foot and struggled as hard as he could.

Lu Jingfeng looked down at him loftily and said, “Devil Emperor Dugu, this is your last chance. Submit to me, and I will allow you to live!”

Devil Emperor Dugu said with gritted teeth, “I will become a devil again but never a slave…”

Lu Jingfeng frowned. He swung his lightsaber, aiming to decapitate Devil Emperor Dugu.


An air-piercing sound came. The Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword was shot over in a flash and crashed into Lu Jingfeng’s lightsaber. The impact shredded the lightsaber.

Lu Jingfeng and Devil Emperor Dugu turned around and saw Zhou Xuanji coming toward them on a river of swords.

“If you want to fight, fight me,” Zhou Xuanji’s icy voice came. The Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword and the All Evil Yin Yang Destruction were in his hands.

Seeing that he had appeared, Daoseeker and the man in the raincoat were excited.

Zhou Xuanji was really here!

Lu Jingfeng looked over with his peripheral sight and said, “Zhou Xuanji, I’ve heard about you. First Class Great Emperor. Killed Void Extreme Immortals as a mere Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal. But you think you are qualified to challenge a True God?”

He rose slowly and was not in a hurry to kill Devil Emperor Dugu. He turned his attention toward Zhou Xuanji.

“Do you know how many powerful cultivators want you dead?” Lu Jingfeng asked with a murderous tidal aura. Countless light weapons appeared around him. There were sabers, swords, clubs, polearms, and all of them were pointed at Zhou Xuanji.

Thunderclouds gathered toward them, and the heavenly might pervaded the entire place.

Zhou Xuanji activated the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow. Countless sword shadows formed into a vast and scenic primordial river. He and Lu Jingfeng occupied one side of the sky each.