I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 461 - Chapter 461 Zhou Xuanji And Magistrate Cui

Chapter 461 - Chapter 461 Zhou Xuanji And Magistrate Cui


Hearing Lu Jingfeng’s words, a murderous intent flashed in Devil Emperor Dugu’s eyes.

Their eyes met, and they could see through each other’s thoughts.

“If you were to obstruct me, I will dissipate your soul,” Lu Jingfeng said indifferently. He raised his hand slowly, and a beam of the light shot came from his palm, condensing into a lightsaber.

He walked toward the peak with eyes fixed on Devil Emperor Dugu.

He found Devil Emperor Dugu when he landed in the Northern Wilderness Region and was surprised that Dugu was still alive. Thus, he did not begin the massacre immediately and first met Dugu.

The Northern Wilderness Region had given birth to too many powerful cultivators. It also hid many secrets.

Under the oppression of so many factions previously, it was not pure coincidence that the Northern Wilderness Region had still survived.

“Does the Xuan Court have a grudge against the Northern Wilderness Region? Why should you become a tool for them to use,” Devil Emperor Dugu said casually without losing his composure.

Strands of demonic aura streamed out from his body and formed a demonic cloud that stopped the snow from falling.

Lu Jingfeng stared at him and said, “It’s not a grudge. I just don’t like the Demonic Emperor. Let me give you a chance. Submit to me and I will let you live.”

Devil Emperor Dugu had extraordinary talents and even shocked the entire Center God Province before.

The Xuan Court had wanted to loop him in back then but had no opportunity. Now that the Xuan Court was kicked out of the Center God Province by the Heavenly Saint, Lu Jingfeng began wondering. By chance, he had found the Northern Wilderness Region.

He quickly decided to kill all the Northern Wilderness humans.

He shall then support a new race to take control over the Northern Wilderness Region for his future.

“You are so confident that you can kill me? Even Han Xuzi cannot kill me. Who do you think you are?” Devil Emperor Dugu said coldly. Just when he finished speaking, he leaped down and charged at Lu Jingfeng.

Zhou Xuanji came to the netherworld and found himself not in the territory of Magistrate Cui.

He frowned.

He could not descend into the mortal realm as his cultivation would be restricted by the Heavenly Law. The Divine Cliff had no one to help him resist the power of the Heavenly Law either.

He could only dive into the netherworld straightaway and enter the Northern Wilderness Region through there. Along the way, he could not pass through other mortal realms.

Without much hesitation, he began moving.

Much of the netherworld looked alike. Everywhere was ghastly and he could see no sunlight.

A short while later, he saw a ghost soldier.

The Truth Sword was useful against the ghosts as well. With it, he got to know how far he was from Magistrate Cui’s territory.

He heaved a sigh of relief after knowing the answer.

The territory he was in belonged to Magistrate Zhao, who was a neighbor to Magistrate Cui. The two were well-related, or at least they had no grudge.

He did not go to find Magistrate Zhao immediately but asked the ghost soldier to lead the way. He wanted to head over to Magistrate Cui’s territory straightaway.

The ghost soldier had no choice but to bring him to the edge of the Yellow Spring.

“Head toward this direction, and you will reach Magistrate Cui’s territory.”

The Truth Sword had been in its body, so it could only speak the truth.

“How do I travel on the river?”

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Do I just fly across?”

There were too many legends about the Yellow Spring, so he had to be careful.

The ghost said with a trembling voice, “Either you take the nether boat, or you can fly over. But if you fall into the river by accident, then your spirit will surely be destroyed.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, “Are there any restrictive mechanisms on the Yellow Spring? How far?”

The ghost replied, “There are no restrictive mechanisms, but it’s very far. I don’t know the exact distance, but it’s within the Impermanence’s reach.”

Having heard that, Zhou Xuanji left the ghost and flew toward the Yellow Spring.

He did not have the time to find a nether boat.

The nether boat was not faster than his flight anyway.

Even though he used the Truth Sword, he still felt uneasy.

But once he thought about his wife and daughter, he became more courageous and had no fear.

He traveled full speed ahead.

After six hours, he reached the other shore and made his way straight to Magistrate Cui.

At the same time.

In the Magistrate Palace, Magistrate Cui had driven out everyone and was by himself.

With a deep frown, he was in deep thought.

He sighed faintly, “Zhou Xuanji, Zhou Xuanji, I still underestimated you. There are too many people fighting to get you. How long can I protect you?”

Zhou Xuanji’s potential made him worth protecting, but other more powerful beings wanted to snatch Zhou Xuanji away. This made him very passive.

After a long while.

Zhou Xuanji dashed into the Magistrate Palace urgently.

“Magistrate Cui, the Northern Wilderness Region is in danger. Send me back immediately!” he urged.

Magistrate Cui was not surprised but looked at him calmly.

“The Northern Wilderness Region was found by Lu Jingfeng from the Xuan Court. Putting aside the Xuan Court, factions that are even more powerful will find the Northern Wilderness Region. How long can you protect them?” Magistrate Cui asked with a serious tone, and his eyes were locked onto Zhou XUanji’s.

Zhou Xuanji’s heart sank.

“Someone threatened you?” He asked.

The Xuan Court?

How was it related to Xuan Daoya?

Xuan Daoya had been to the Northern Wilderness Region before. It was not difficult for him to find it again.

To prevent the Demonic Emperor from becoming more powerful, he had the motive to massacre the Northern Wilderness humans.

Magistrate Cui sighed, “Zhou Xuanji, I took an interest in your potential and have been under unimaginable pressure for you. Don’t disappoint me.”

After he spoke, he got up and prepared himself to send Zhou Xuanji back to the Northern Wilderness Region.

Zhou Xuanji was silent. He looked at Magistrate Cui with a complex expression.

Magistrate Cui’s support could be considered life-saving. He had never required Zhou Xuanji to pay the favor back but only hoped that Zhou Xuanji would raise his position when he had grown more powerful.

He seemed to have an ulterior motive, but how could such a motive be compared to the cost he had paid for Zhou Xuanji?

“I will not make further promises, but you are already more than a friend in my heart,” Zhou Xuanji said softly. Having heard that, Magistrate Cui smiled.

The two walked out of the Magistrate Palace.

They were silent along the way.

They came to a cliff.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “This is the second time that you are sending me off.”

Magistrate Cui shook his head with a smile and said, “Since things turned out like this, I will not advise you further. Follow your heart, and I hope you will always be determined like you are right now. I also hope that I will continue to send you off the third time, fourth time, or more.”

Magistrate Cui waved his hand. Before he could reply to him, Zhou Xuanji was swept away by a powerful force and disappeared into the billowing mist.

Everything turned dark before his eyes, and he could only feel that everything around him was revolving.

He did not faint since he was not the same as before.

Northern Wilderness Region!

I’m back!

At Skyfall.

Jiang Xue sat under a giant tree and was weaving a shirt. Under the starry night sky, she was so beautiful.

Zhou Xiaoxuan squatted down beside her and said with her curled lip, “Mum, you are weaving again. These shirts are not very useful for dad. Why do you have to weave one for him every year.”

Jiang Xue smiled in reply and said, “I want him to remember his age.”

She had watched Zhou Xuanji grow up since he was two years old. She wove clothes for Zhou Xuanji every year, and this was a habit that she wanted to maintain.

Zhou Xiaoxuan pouted. She could only sigh whenever she remembered her father.

She always went out on adventures in the world. Those genius and famous people were even older than her father. While they were still fighting in the Northern Wilderness Region, her father had already ascended.

While she was proud, it was a form of pressure as well.

She did not want to embarrass Zhou Xuanji.

“Who said they are not useful. I only like the clothes your mother wove for me.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice came suddenly. Jiang Xue and Zhou Xiaoxuan opened their eyes in disbelief.