I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 460 - Chapter 460 Ninth Nether Buddha

Chapter 460 - Chapter 460 Ninth Nether Buddha


“Focus on cultivation. Don’t be too happy. Mo Jiuqing’s wild action might draw the fury of the immortal gods to us,” the muscular man said as he spoke to Baihao Yixin. The disciple before his eyes made him feel both love and hate.

Baihao Yixin was his most talented disciple. It was a pity that he took nothing seriously.

Although Baihao Yixin had already become a True God before he descended into the mortal realm, he had never seen True God as Baihao Yixin’s final destination.


This brat turned back into a Revolution Golden Immortal. Every time the muscular man saw Baihao Yixin, he had an urge to beat him to death.

“Revered Teacher, don’t worry, I will become powerful very quickly,” Baihao Yixin said casually. In his heart, cultivation was never his number one priority.

No matter how hard he cultivated, he would always encounter someone more powerful.

Feng Gule sensed a wave of murderous aura and quickly tugged at Baihao Yixin to tell him to shut up.

Baihao Yixin looked up. The muscular man’s face had already turned demonic, and his murderous aura surged into the sky.

He immediately understood the situation and zipped his mouth, but he was still thinking about Mo Jiuqing in his heart.

Mo Jiuqing’s acts of revenge disrupted the Center God Province’s peace.

Following the Dao Heaven Sect and Tang King Clan, which faction would be next?

The immortal gods’ reinforcements to help the Tang King Clan had also created a commotion. They had finally appeared.

The Center God Province would welcome a new era under the rule of the immortal gods.

This had nothing to do with Zhou Xuanji.

He was still practicing the Evil Spirit Retribution at a forest near the Divine Cliff.

The old beggar would sometimes infiltrate Divine Cliff City to steal some good food and wine. He was enjoying himself.

Yang Yutian knew that they were in the forest, so he commanded that no disciples should go near so that no one would disturb Zhou Xuanji and his teacher.

Half a year later.

Zhou Xuanji’s mastery over the Evil Spirit Retribution had grown much.

The activation duration was extended to three breaths, and the explosion comes after ten breaths.

He seemed to be on the right track, and it was enough to slay enemies.

The old beggar was very pleased. He shook his wine bottle and smiled.

“I love teaching geniuses. Before this, I had a dumb disciple, and teaching him really killed my longevity.”

Zhou Xuanji asked casually, “How is that person now?”

He often heard about the old beggar speaking about his other disciples, and each was more powerful than the other. Zhou Xuanji only half-believed him.

“He’s no longer in the Center God Province. He became a Buddha somewhere else,” the old beggar replied casually. Having heard him, Zhou Xuanji stopped and turned around to look at him.

“Is he the Ninth Nether Buddha?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

He had heard about the Ninth Nether Buddha when he was in the netherworld. That was the most powerful being in the netherworld.

The old beggar rolled his eyes at him and said with an unpleasant tone, “Ninth Nether Buddha? He has been one of the powerhouses since the creation of the world. How can he be my disciple? The netherworld maintained its peace without disruption because of his unmatchable prowess. Your senior apprentice-brother is still far from the Buddha. But if he was allowed into the Center God Province, no one can defeat him.”

Zhou Xunaji heard him and asked with squinted eyes, “You mean the Center God Province is not the most powerful province in the Great Thousand World?”

The Centre God Province was already powerful enough in his eyes. He had yet to know the vastness of the Great Thousand World.

“Of course. The Center God Province is merely at the geographical center of the Great Thousand World. In terms of power, it’s not at the top. Many ancient powerhouses are hiding in a vaster world to cultivate. If they were to swarm into the Center God Province, then the current situation would be overturned for sure,” the old beggar said faintly, which raised even more questions in Zhou Xuanji’s mind.

He immediately waved his hands and said, “Stop asking. Focus on your training. I’m too bored here and cannot wait to go out and have fun. Don’t delay me!”

Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly and continued to practice Evil Spirit Retribution.

He hacked at a boulder with the Swineculling Sword in his hand. He did not use any magic energy and minimized his strength to prevent the boulder from breaking.

A month later.

The old beggar felt that Zhou Xuanji had already learned the ability and decided to leave.

“This bead is for you. I cannot tell you what it is exactly right now. You must bring it along with you always. Don’t put it into your storage bags.”

The old beggar opened his hand, and a thumb-sized red bead appeared, which resembled a marble ball.

Zhou Xuanji took over the bead. But before he could ask, the old beggar disappeared into thin air.

He sized the bead up for a while and could not see what was so special about it, so he took out a special-made string and put the bead around his neck.

He did not continue practicing Evil Spirit Retribution.

He had already mastered it enough to use it. It was more important for him to boost his cultivation now.

Cultivation was core.

After returning to his residence, he saw that Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan were cultivating together. Fei Hai was not around, and the other servants were busy with their tasks.

He did not disturb anyone but went back to his room to pack some things. After that, he flew up into the air to extract the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power.

Three days later, a piece of news came into the Divine Cliff City.

Mo Jiuqing had slaughtered the Eight Desolate Spirit Sect!

The Eight Desolate Spirit Sect was also an overlord-grade faction in the west of the Center God Province. It controlled over 23 mortal realms and had firm foundations.

But this time, before the immortal gods could descend in time, it was massacred. There was not even one survivor.

Mo Jiuqing only left behind a line of words written in blood on the stele at the Eight Desolate Spirit Sect’s gate:

Vengeance of a lifetime. Another Eliminated!

The world was shocked. Countless people felt fear.

Most cultivators from the Tang King Clan, the Dao Heaven Sect, and the Eight Desolate Spirit Sect had not participated in oppressing Mo Jiuqing, and yet they were slaughtered. If this continued, wouldn’t Mo Jiuqing massacre the entire Center God Province?

The least pressured was the Divine Cliff. Yang Yutian had already informed his disciples that the Divine Cliff had a helper, a younger apprentice-brother to Mo Jiuqing. As such, they would not be attacked. But of course, this must not be made known to other factions.

Zhou Xuanji was not updated on Mo Jiuqing’s news. He was still cultivating above the clouds.

This day.

He suddenly opened his eyes and took out the Spirit Communication Heart.

Wang Hou’s voice came from it, “Bad news! A True God has found the Northern Wilderness Region. He had already entered the boundary. If he were to report the location back to the Upper Realm, the Northern Wilderness Region will surely be exterminated!”

Having heard that, Zhou Xuanji frowned and immediately replied with a deep voice, “I will return now!”

He got up. After some thought, he slammed his hand down and activated the Nine Hell Flame Extinction.

He wanted to get the Divine Cliff’s help, but the only True God left here was Yang Yutian. If he were to leave, Zhou Xuanji could not bear any responsibility for the Divine Cliff’s loss.

He quickly entered the boundary between the Yin and Yang realms.

In the frozen land of the Northern Wilderness Region.

Devil Emperor Dugu stood on the snowy peak and looked down. Through the blizzard, he saw a silhouette that was beaming with eye-catching radiance. Even the snowstorm could not veil the light.

He was wearing heavy silver armor that looked rather imposing. He was dozens of meters tall, and his eyes were shining brightly. No pupil could be seen.

He was like an unmatched war god. Just by standing there, he gave off an invincible aura.

Devil Emperor Dugu said with gritted teeth, “Lu Jingfeng, why are you here!”

Dugu knew how horrifying this person was and posed himself to face a powerful enemy.

Lu Jingfeng turned to look far ahead and said peacefully, “I’m here to massacre the Northern Wilderness humans and to catch Darknorth Monarch Tao along the way.”