I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 46

Chapter 46


Chapter 46: Chapter 46 – Prince of Great Zhou

“Master, be careful!”

Northern Valiant Sword reminded him, while Little Jiang Xue looked at Zhou Xuanji instinctively.

She knew Zhou Xuanji’s real name, but the other two only knew to call him Sword God Zhou.

She took a quick glance and her face showed that something was wrong.

Zhou Xuanji also tried to look calm. He could not expose his identity yet.

Although he could skip a rank and kill Inner Pellet cultivators, the Inner Pellet stage could only be considered mid-upper range in the Great Zhou Empire.

If the Empress of Great Zhou found him, it would be easy to kill him.

The four of them looked over and saw someone on the head of the black dragon.

It was an old man who wore a loose black robe. His long white hair was coiled with two hairpins. His eye sockets were sunken and his eyes were cold, the corner of his lips raised in a haughty smile.

Little Jiang Xue asked softly, “What should we do? Detour?”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head. The opponent was apparently targeting him, how could they circle around him?

Northern Valiant Sword looked grave and said, “I’m afraid his cultivation is above the Inner Pellet stage.”

In other words, the opponent could be a powerful cultivator at the Soul Fountain stage.

The Soul Fountain stage allowed the cultivator to live to a thousand years old. Each and every one of them were like demons.

Not only were they powerful, but their minds were also beyond comparison too.

Zhou Xuanji muttered, “Let’s split up…”

“I cannot!”

Little Jiang Xue objected decisively. She hugged his waist tightly and said, “Let’s either run together or die together.”

From what the old man in black said, the target was Zhou Xuanji; they could run away.

But how could she leave him alone?

Zhou Xuanji turned back, looking her in the eyes. He saw such strong determination in her eyes that he could not resist.

Forget it.

Huang Lianxin said in a sudden, “This person is badly injured.”

With this, the eyes of Zhou Xuanji and the rest glistened with hope.

Northern Valiant Sword already knew that she had a penetrative sight that could see other people’s bones and tendons. “No wonder he did not come at us straight away,” he said.

Huang Lianxin nodded her head and guessed, saying, “He called out to Prince Xuanji, but there is no Prince Xuanji among us. He could be merely testing us.”

She and Northern Valiant Sword had not heard about Prince Xuanji at all.

If he were the son of Lady Zhao Xuan, they might have heard of him.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and muttered to himself. The old man in black did not come at them for long, but merely watched them from the head of the black dragon, which was really weird.

He immediately made the decision, “We will fly in another direction!”

After he spoke, the four of them changed their direction.

The old man and his black dragon did not chase them but still watched over them from afar.

Zhou Xuanji sighed in relief and cursed in his heart.


So it’s just a bluff!

If he were to meet this asshole ten years later, he would surely teach him a lesson!

After the four of them left, a bunch of cultivators passed by about half an hour later.

“Prince Xuanji, it has been eight years since we last met. You look impressive now, indeed.”

The old man in the black robe cried. The cultivators shook in fear because of the loud cry, and they almost fell from their enchanted artifacts.

When they looked back at the black dragon, they almost fainted.

The group of people was like Zhou Xuanji’s party. They were first frightened and dared not to move. After that, they realized something was wrong and quickly ran away.

The whole time, the old man in black had a haughty smile on his face, as though he would surely take down his opponent.

As dusk was about to come, the four of them returned to the valley. However, Northern Valiant Sword stayed outside. There were already six buildings in front of the valley’s entrance. Other than two of them for residence, the rest were used to store all sorts of materials and food items.

Ah Big and Small Er also lived outside the valley because the valley was too small for them.

Huang Lianxin moved out half a year ago.

Zhou Xuanji disliked the woman following him everywhere because it made him very uncomfortable. He was always worried that she would peak at him when he took a bath.

“The two of you be careful if there is danger, give off a long whistle.”

Zhou Xuanji instructed. Northern Valiant Sword and Huang Lianxin nodded.

As they watched him and Little Jiang Xue enter the valley, she walked to an open space to practice her sword.

Northern Valiant Sword returned to his own room and began internalizing Qi.

The forest was not too dense but was enough to cover the sky. It was considered well-concealed.

That night, Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue were very anxious and they could not fall asleep.

After seeing that the old man in black did not follow them after the night had passed, they finally felt relieved.

At dawn, on the second day, Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue laid on the long bench of the swing. She was determined to coil her arms around his neck, which made his whole body sore.

She opened her dark-circled eyes and asked softly, “Xuanji, are you a prince?”

She never asked about his background because she was afraid that he might feel sad.

But after what happened yesterday, she felt a little down.

If he was really a prince, how could she be fit to marry him?

Zhou Xuanji sighed and said, “Yes, my mother died because of the Empress’ schemes. If I expose my identity, the Empress will surely kill me. Don’t let anyone know about this.”

This damn identity as a prince made him hide for eight years already.

Eight years!

A whole eight years!

The heart-throbbing he experienced when he faced the old man in black made him furious.

Wait for another year. Until he breaks through to the Enlightening Stage, he will move into the Great Zhou Empire!

“You are the prince under which kingdom?”

Little Jiang Xue asked curiously. There were many kingdoms under the Great Zhou Empire.

Regardless of which kingdom he was from, his status was far above hers.

Zhou Xuanji rolled around, changing into a comfortable position that faced her back and said, “Great Zhou.”

“Great Zhou? Is there a Great Zhou Kingdom? There is only the Great Zhou Empire?”

Little Jiang Xue was stunned. The next second, her eyes were wide open.

The Great Zhou Empire!

Zhou Xuanji was the prince of the Great Zhou Empire?


Could he be…

She heard about it from the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends and others eight years ago, a concubine of Great Zhou, Lady Zhao Xuan left the royal palace with the little prince. Both the concubine and her son died. Could he be that little prince?

She immediately flipped him around and held his face with her hands. “So, you are the prince of the Great Zhou… No wonder you are so devilish…”

Killing someone at two years old, someone who was an evil cultivator at the Inner Pellet Stage!

Famous across the world at nine years old.

How could an ordinary family give birth to someone so devilish?

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and thought, My little sister, shouldn’t we be feeling sad right now?

Little Jiang Xue wrapped her arms around him, rubbed his head, and she comforted him, saying, “Don’t cry, Xuanji, I will always be with you. It’s okay even if you’re not a prince.”

How am I crying?

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. He quickly pushed her away and flipped himself up and ran far away.

We are already more than ten years old, how can we just hug like that?

How improper!

As she watched him running away, Little Jiang Xue did not give up and chased after him.

That moment, the two of them started play-fighting in the valley.

Outside the valley…

Northern Valiant Sword was cultivating in his room, while Huang Lianxin woke up very early in the morning and practiced her sword in front of Ah Big and Small Er.

It was good to start the day early. The spiritual Qi was the richest and cleanest in the morning.


At that moment, Huang Lianxin heard something fall down from above the forest, landing behind her.

She turned around and was immediately horrified.

It was a head!

It was the head of the old man in black they met yesterday. The head was full of blood and was still smiling haughtily.