I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 459 - Chapter 459 – Evil Spirit Retribution

Chapter 459 - Chapter 459 – Evil Spirit Retribution


“That person was once the most spectacular genius in the Center God Province, and he was in a position like my disciple, being oppressed by various factions. He lived incredibly bitterly, but he survived and rose up in the end. He naturally wants to take revenge; back then, Taichu Yudao was one of those who had suppressed him,” the old beggar said casually, causing everyone’s eyes to widen. They had never thought that Taichu Yudao would have a past like that.

In their minds, Taichu Yudao was profound and unfathomable, amicable, and kind; and yet, he had suppressed a genius in the past.

They could not help but look at Zhou Xuanji with a chill in their hearts.

Luckily Zhou Xuanji was on their side.

Zhou Xuanji felt speechless; why are you all looking at me? It’s not like I slaughtered the Dao Heaven Sect.

Yang Yutian asked, “Does that mean our Divine Cliff is not in danger?”

The old beggar nodded before dragging Zhou Xuanji and preparing to leave.

Zhou Xuanji asked in curiosity, “What’s that person’s name? You haven’t mentioned it yet.”

The old beggar replied in a low voice, “Mo Jiuqing. Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation, he’s also my disciple.”

Zhou Xuanji’s face twitched and the others’ expressions became strange.

The terrifying expert who had slaughtered the Dao Heaven Sect was his disciple?

Adding on Di Guanlong and Zhou Xuanji, just how many disciples did this fellow have?

The two of them quickly left the Cliff Master Hall.

The pressure on the others immediately disappeared.

Elder Yu Quan laughed and said, “Brother Zhou has a master like that; our Divine Cliff will benefit as well.”

Yang Yutian felt quite happy and started to look forward to a wonderful future.

Zhou Xuanji and the old beggar left the Divine Cliff City and went to a mountain forest far away.

“Tell me about Mo Jiuqing; how strong is he? Also, won’t he anger the Immortal Gods by doing this?” Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity.

He felt somewhat complicated inwardly.

He held much goodwill towards Taichu Yudao; after all, Taichu Yudao had protected him before.

The old beggar shook his head and said, “I don’t know how powerful he is. That fellow betrayed me and was blinded by hatred. However, don’t worry; he won’t kill fellow disciples. As for whether the Immortal Gods will find him, that’s none of my business.”

He was not worried for Mo Jiuqing at all.

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself and wondered just how many disciples this fellow had.

The old beggar smiled and said, “Today, I’m going to teach you a divine ability, and I’ll only leave after you learn it. As for whether I’ll teach you anything in the future, that’ll depend on my mood.”

Divine ability?

Zhou Xuanji felt quite excited and asked, “What divine ability is it?”

The old beggar raised a finger and pressed it against Zhou Xuanji’s forehead.


A massive wave of memories flooded into his mind, and it had a similar feeling to the feeling of receiving techniques from the Supreme Legendary Sword System.

After a while, Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, a look of shock on his face.

The old beggar was sitting below a tree nearby, and he had one leg over the other as he grinned and said, “Powerful, isn’t it?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and deeply breathed in.

This divine ability was called Evil Spirit Retribution.

When he cast this divine ability on enemies, all attacks that he unleashed within a certain amount of time would suddenly descend on his enemies after a period of time.

This divine ability was simply terrifying!

It was simply incomprehensible!

He looked at the old beggar and asked in curiosity, “Did you create this divine ability? How did you create it?”

Evil Spirit Retribution had no training method, and when the old beggar had given him the divine ability, he had also passed a strange energy to him.

This energy could fuse with his soul, making it so that he could directly comprehend the divine ability.

However, if he wanted to be able to use it proficiently, he still needed to spend a long time practicing it.

“Of course, your elder’s creativity is something that you can’t even begin to imagine. Don’t ask about it, it’s that powerful!” the old beggar said, feeling quite pleased.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Do all of your disciples know Evil Spirit Retribution?”

What if one day he fought with his Senior Apprentice Brothers?

This divine ability was too unpredictable, and it was incredibly difficult to defend against.

The old beggar shook his head and said, “Apart from you, only one person knows it. It’s a pity that that fellow disappointed me, and now he probably only thinks about killing me every day.”

Zhou Xuanji felt speechless.

Wants to kill you?

Just how did you teach your disciples?

He remembered that Di Guanlong was always incredibly impatient at the old beggar.

Indeed, this fellow’s personality was too annoying and made people want to beat him up.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji started to practice Evil Spirit Retribution.

At first, he could only use it for half a second, and the activation time was three seconds later.

It was far from being enough.

According to the memories that came with the divine ability, if he reached Great Accomplishment, he could determine the time as he wished.

He could even use divine abilities and attack the air for two hours, before finding an enemy and then unleashing all of the attacks. What was key was that these attacks were guaranteed to hit; the target would not be able to evade and could only take it head-on.

The more Zhou Xuanji thought about it, the more excited he became. If he could reach Great Accomplishment in the Evil Spirit Retribution, his strength would greatly increase.

When that time came, he could use the Furious Ape Sword to store sword qi for 100 years and cast Evil Spirit Retribution. Even if the target could deal with the attacks from Evil Spirit Retribution, after a while, the 100 year sword qi would appear. It was like a bug.

The old beggar gave a pleased smile and said, “I created many more powerful divine abilities, and the Evil Spirit Retribution is not even the most powerful. If you show me proper filial respect, I’ll consider if I want to teach you more.”

Zhou Xuanji ignored him and focused on training.

After the Dao Heaven Sect was destroyed, the Tang King Clan was attacked by Mo Jiuqing. Wargod Siling and many Tang King Clan seniors attacked, but in the end, more than half of the clanspeople were slaughtered. Wargod Siling was heavily injured, and if it was not for Immortal Gods intervening, the Tang King Clan might have been completely massacred.

The news once again shook the world.

Mo Jiuqing’s name started to spread, and the various things he had done were dug up.

500,000 years ago, he had been a peerless expert. Before that, he had been the number one genius and a First Class Great Emperor. He had been suppressed by various factions and had taken a mysterious teacher, resulting in him powerfully rising up. He battled the heroes of the world before disappearing.

After that, his name became a taboo, and the various factions covered up his existence to hide their shame.

This made the world think of Zhou Xuanji.

Wasn’t Zhou Xuanji’s experience somewhat similar to Mo Jiuqing’s?

Soon, the world started to wildly discuss Mo Jiuqing despite their fear towards him.

How should they view him, given his past?

This kind of thing was not uncommon, but Mo Jiuqing was simply too terrifying. After reappearing, he had destroyed two overlord-level factions in less than half a year.

Within a mountain range, Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule were sitting in front of the well-built man, looking at him in shock.

“Revered Teacher, you had such a ridiculous powerful Junior Apprentice Brother?” Baihao Yixin asked excitedly. Mo Jiuqing’s performance made him incredibly shocked.

Feng Kule was also dismayed.

However, this only made him even more regretful.

After all, Zhou Xuanji was Mo Jiuqing’s Junior Apprentice Brother.

The well-built man coldly harrumphed and said, “I don’t have a Junior Apprentice Brother like him. He was blinded by hatred and will never be a true expert.”

Baihao Yixin said disdainfully, “Only people of great emotions can contend with the Great Dao!”

His eyes blazed, and he suddenly wanted to meet Mo Jiuqing.

Having a Martial Uncle like this was too awesome!

However, when he thought of the fact that Zhou Xuanji was also his Martial Uncle, his heart fell down a bottomless abyss.