I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 458 - Chapter 458 – Shocking Development

Chapter 458 - Chapter 458 – Shocking Development


Bai Yanqiong wanted to talk with Zhou Xuanji alone, so the two of them left Divine Cliff City and came to the peak of a mountain surrounded by fog.

They stood shoulder to shoulder as they looked into the distance, and there was silence at first.

Bai Yanqiong broke the silence and loudly laughed as he said, “Not bad. Back when I sensed that my daughter had formed a bloodline pact with someone, I immediately flew into a fit of anger. However, when I found out it was you, I was pleasantly surprised.”

In the current Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan, there was not a single First Class Great Emperor.

He did not feel any pressure in leaving Bai Suwan to Zhou Xuanji, and the elders of the clan would not say anything.

Zhou Xuanji did not know what to say.

Why did it feel like Bai Yanqiong was marrying his daughter to him?

He did not have that kind of feeling towards Bai Suwan; he only treated her like a beloved pet.

Of course, he could not say such a thing.

Zhou Xuanji changed the topic and asked, “Where is the Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan? I rarely hear about things related to your clan in the Center God Province.”

The Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan could always be said to be a legend in the Center God Province, if not the entire Great Thousand World.

Bai Yanqiong smiled and said, “Above the 10th Heaven. If you have the opportunity, you can come to my clan as a guest. Your name has already spread to our clan, and many of our clanspeople want to meet you.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded calmly, but inwardly, he felt quite pleased.

He had reached such a level of fame?

“The Immortal Gods have built a god palace above the 9th Heaven. Soon, the Center God Province’s factions will be summoned by the Immortal Gods. Also, you must listen to that Heavenly Saint expound the Dao. If you’re able to, see if you can obtain an official position in the god palace,” Bai Yanqiong said as he glanced at him and said with a profound tone.

God palace?

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself.

He was wondering why the Immortal Gods had not appeared; so they were busy building a god palace.

He did not know if this god palace would be similar to the Imperial Court like in Chinese legends.

Following this, Bai Yanqiong talked to Zhou Xuanji about various things, such as discussing heroes of the world.

Zhou Xuanji also brought up the 18 Saint Swords.

Hearing this, Bai Yanqiong promised that he would help him find information on the 18 Saint Swords.

Only after two hours did they return to Zhou Xuanji’s residence.

Bai Yanqiong spoke with Bai Suwan for a bit before leaving.

Zhou Xuanji stood in front of the gate and thought to himself, “Rapid fluctuations? Is my luck turning around?”

Before, he had been suppressed by the Great Emperor Dao Court and the Demonic Emperor to the point that he could not breathe.

After the Heavenly Saint had appeared, he had gained a massive backer, and now he had also obtained the favour of the Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan.

Now, he was comparable to the geniuses of the other factions and could fearlessly show his brilliance.

He could also stealthily take the Northern Wilderness under the Divine Cliff.

He started to miss his wife and daughter—especially Jiang Xue.

It was the first time that he had not seen her for so long.

That girl definitely also missed him.

Zhou Xuanji gave a faint smile, leapt onto the sea of clouds, and continued to cultivate.

In the past half a year, he had found a way to cultivate without being discovered by others.

Absorbing Heavenly Law Immortal Energy in the air was very dangerous, so he used Heavenly Law Immortal Energy to surround him, hiding his body and aura, becoming one with the heavens and earth. Even as a True God, Yang Yutian could not easily sense his existence.

If he could use this in battle, it would definitely become a killing move.

However, entering this state required time and focus. If he wanted to use it during battle, it would be suicide in his current state.

Above the Mysterious Tribulation Crater, the Dao Heaven Sect was just like it had always been, looking like an eternal kingdom in the sky.

A figure appeared on the cliff on the boundary of the Mysterious Tribulation Crater, looking up at the Dao Heaven Sect.

He was wearing a black robe with python patterns, and he wore a dragon crown with pearls on it. His figure was straight and tall, and his eyes were icy cold and bloodshot. As he looked up, he gave a vicious smile.

“Taichu Yudao, I never thought that you would already be so old; you should be ashamed given your cultivation,” he muttered before walking into the air.

Killing intent rushed to the skies, manifesting as a blood-red tornado that blew sand into the air and scattered the clouds.

A vicious battle was about to begin.

The second month after Bai Yanqiong had left, Zhou Xuanji went back to his residence to rest, and Fei Hai came to find him.

“Senior, Shi Shenzong has obtained victory at the Hundred Sword Martial Gathering and has obtained the Heaven and Earth Sword Embryo. Gu Jianzun has greatly praised him and even asked him to stay so that he can teach him,” Fei Hai said excitedly. Even though Shi Shenzong was not at the Divine Cliff, he was sure that Shi Shenzong would come back.

Even the Hegemon Sword Emperor could not keep the Sword Saint.

Zhou Xuanji knew of the Hundred Sword Martial Gathering. Gu Jianzun was the most powerful sword cultivator in the Center God Province, and the Heaven and Earth Sword Embryo was something that could create a divine sword perfect for the user that could only be used by them.

He was not interested in the Heaven and Earth Sword Embryo; after all, he had the Supreme Legendary Sword System.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “It’s good for him to have such a fortuitous opportunity. However, it’s impossible for him to catch up to me.”

Fei Hai nodded; he did not doubt this at all.

“Do you have any information on Xian Xianghua?” Zhou Xuanji asked. After ascending for so long, he still had not any information about Xian Xianghua, and the more time that passed, the more worried he felt.

Fei Hai shook his head, and Zhou Xuanji could only put aside his worries.

On that day, a piece of news reached Divine Cliff City, sending the city into an uproar.

The Dao Heaven Sect had been massacred!

Taichu Yudao was found sitting in his Daoist temple, his body petrified.

After hearing about this, Zhou Xuanji felt quite confused.

In his eyes, Taichu Yudao was an incredibly powerful existence, and he had once been the most powerful expert in the Center God Province.

He had died just like that?

He quickly came to the Cliff Master Hall, where Yang Yutian and some elders and Core Disciples were, all looking incredibly worried.

The relationship between the Divine Cliff and Dao Heaven Sect was quite good, and they both been attacked by Malicious Buddha. Now that the Dao Heaven Sect had been massacred, was the Divine Cliff next?

Yang Yutian’s expression was extremely grave. As the Cliff Master, he felt the most pressure.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji walk in, the tense atmosphere found no reprieve.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “How long ago did this happen?”

Wu Qiu replied, “Half a month.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, “Why did it take so long for news to spread?”

Wu Qiu explained—there was no one left in the Dao Heaven Sect, and this had only been discovered after a cultivator went to visit the Dao Heaven Sect.

This meant that this battle did not cause much of a disturbance.

The Dao Heaven Sect’s enemy was powerful beyond imagination.

The hall fell into silence, and no one said a word.

“Heheh, don’t worry about it. After Han Xuzi died, there’s no one in the Divine Cliff worth him acting against. Develop well; right now, the Divine Cliff is only a second-rate faction,” a condescending laugh sounded through the hall, making everyone’s expressions change.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression became strange.


The old beggar appeared by his side and placed his hand on his shoulder as he chuckled and said, “Disciple, did you miss your teacher?”


Everyone stared with wide eyes and strange expressions.

Zhou Xuanji sighed and introduced the old beggar to everyone.

After hearing that the old beggar was Di Gualong’s teacher, everyone became excited.

Yang Yutian hurriedly asked, “Senior, who destroyed the Dao Heaven Sect?”

The Dao Heaven Sect was one of the top righteous factions, and now that it had been destroyed just like that, it was too shocking.

The old beggar shrugged and laughed as he said, “That person disappeared 500,000 years ago and died in a seated posture 150,000 years ago, and he was buried by his blood brother, Emperor Xia.”