I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 457 - Chapter 457 – 107 Years Old, Bai Yanqiong

Chapter 457 - Chapter 457 – 107 Years Old, Bai Yanqiong


After separating from the old beggar, Zhou Xuanji quickly found Wu Qiu and Lan Shangying.

The two of them curiously asked him where he went, and he did not hide anything.

He did not know that old beggar’s name anyways.

Lan Shangying said in a low voice, “That person is Di Guanlong’s teacher; his identity is probably extraordinary.”

Wu Qiu felt much admiration. However, he was quite rational and said, “This matter can’t be spread. Recently, Di Guanlong has been challenging experts everywhere, and hearing about this, the world is in a hubbub. Who knows how many enemies he offended? Some people who could not defeat him might come to make trouble for you.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. In actuality, he wanted there to be some trouble so he could verify if the old beggar was boasting or not.

However, he quickly threw away this thought rationally.

He could not act unrestrainedly.

The three of them then returned to the Divine Cliff.

Even though he had not been able to find a Saint Sword, Zhou Xuanji had defeated Tang Juetian and Lu Tingjun, and he had gained glory for the Divine Cliff.

After all, those people both came from overlord-level factions.

Adding on the fact that Zhou Xuanji had obtained a powerful backer, the Divine Cliff’s future became even brighter.

In the following half a month, news of Zhou Xuanji defeating Tang Juetian and Lu Tingjun madly spread throughout the Center God Province.

Zhou Xuanji had already been famous because he was a First Class Great Emperor, and now that he had defeated two Void Extreme Immortals who were a whole stage above him, many people became interested in him.

Who was stronger between Zhou Xuanji and Emperor Jundao?

If two First Class Great Emperors fought, they would definitely suffer great injuries; this was something that other ‘righteous’ factions wanted to see.

As righteous factions, they could not make trouble for Zhou Xuanji and Emperor Jundao for no reason.

They could only ignite discussions and set up schemes.

On the peak of a mountain, Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule were cultivating, about 100 meters apart from each other.

The well-built man suddenly descended and landed in front of Baihao Yixin, causing the ground to shake.

Baihao Yixin did not open his eyes and asked, “What is it?”

Seeing him, the well-built man felt angry and kicked out, saying, “From today onwards, you’re no longer to have Zhou Xuanji as a target!”

Baihao Yixin got up from the ground, first feeling angry before feeling delighted.

He asked in confusion, “Why’s that?”

Before, the well-built man had been pushing him to cultivate and would often bring up Zhou Xuanji.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Baihao Yixin now had an alliance with Zhou Xuanji, he would hate Zhou Xuanji to death.

“Because he has become your Martial Uncle,” the well-built man said before disappearing.

Baihao Yixin was stunned.

What the hell?

In the distance, Feng Kule’s eyes widened, and he fell to the ground in anger.

He was so bitter!

He should have grabbed onto Zhou Xuanji back then!

By the time Zhou Xuanji and the others returned to the Divine Cliff, it had been two months since his battle at the Nether Demon Stream.

Before they had returned, news of their arrival had spread, and as they walked through Divine Cliff City, the disciples’ gazes towards Zhou Xuanji were filled with admiration and zealotry.

“He’s Zhou Xuanji; so handsome”

“As expected of a First Class Great Emperor; his aura in every action is enough to convince people.”

“Keep boasting! Even though he’s powerful, you’re talking him up too much!”

“I feel that he will bring the Divine Cliff to new heights!”

“Since ancient times, has the Divine Cliff ever had a First Class Great Emperor?”

The disciples all heatedly discussed among themselves, and their attitudes towards Zhou Xuanji were all quite different.

Zhou Xuanji had used strength to show that the Divine Cliff protecting him was the right decision!

A Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal defeating a Void Extreme Immortal was already incredible, and he had defeated two Second Class Great Emperors who were among the top Void Extreme Immortals, one against two!

This kind of performance completely dispelled any doubts.

At the very least, even Emperor Jundao had not performed such a spectacular feat before.

Zhou Xuanji and the others first went to the Cliff Master Hall to report. Yang Yutian was very happy and vigorously praised Zhou Xuanji.

Now, he did not have the aura of a genius, and he instead seemed somewhat mediocre.

He was becoming a true Cliff Lord, but his strength and aura were not at that height yet.

The three of them returned to their own residences, and Wu Qiu and Lan Shangying did not tell anyone about Zhou Xuanji taking a teacher.

Zhou Xuanji did not try to guess their motives; trust was quite important.

The human heart was complicated, but that did not mean everyone’s heart was twisted.

After returning to his residence, he said hello to Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan before leaping into the sky to cultivate.

He used World Overlord and his Emperor’s Might to absorb Heavenly Law Immortal Energy.

This method could greatly increase his cultivation speed.

Half a year quickly passed.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 107 years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding, Congratulations Sword Owner has obtained [Glorious Gold] Towering Wall Sword, [Celestial Shaking] Earth Goose Sacrifice Sword, Concealing Sprout!!”

Above the clouds, Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes.

A Celestial Shaking sword was not bad.

Concealing Sprout was the sprout of Concealing Grass. This grass was very useful and was worth planting in large amounts.

Zhou Xuanji did not take out the swords, and he instead sensed the surging Heavenly Law Immortal Energy within his body.

Ever since he had obtained this new cultivation method, his cultivation had continuously progressed.

However, he was still quite far away from Void Extreme Immortal.

He continued to cultivate.

Now, he was already 107 years old, and if he was on earth, he may have been buried in the ground already.

However, in the Great Thousand World, he was still a child.

Three days later, an important guest came to the Divine Cliff—it was Bai Suwan’s father, Bai Yanqiong.

Bai Yanqiong was a True God of the Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan, and he was incredibly powerful.

The current Divine Cliff did not have a single person who could compare to Bai Yanqiong.

Yang Yutian led him to Zhou Xuanji’s residence.

Seeing Bai Yanqiong, Bai Suwan shot into his embrace like an arrow.

Bai Yanqiong was tall and had white hair, looking domineering and mighty. However, seeing his daughter, he gave a kind smile.

Xiao Chan walked out and looked at Bai Yanqiong out of curiosity.

Yang Yutian smiled as he asked, “Where’s Xuanji? Senior Bai wants to see him.”

Xiao Chan pointed towards the sky and said, “He’s still cultivating.”

Yang Yutian felt quite confused; he did not sense Zhou Xuanji’s aura. Why was this boy’s cultivation so strange?

Bai Yanqiong looked up and gave a profound as he said, “Good boy.”

A sword light suddenly descended; it was Zhou Xuanji.

He stood in front of Xiao Chan, and he first nodded to Yang Yutian before looking at Bai Yanqiong and saying, “Your daughter is very kind; she helped much with my ascension.”

In front of Bai Yanqiong, he was neither servile nor overbearing, but he was completely sincere in what he said.

Even though he did not need Bai Suwan’s help, her kindness had touched him.

Bai Yanqiong smiled and said, “My daughter is naturally good. I’ll have to trouble you to continue looking after her in the future.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded before freezing.


Bai Suwan felt quite excited and flew over to Zhou Xuanji’s shoulders.

Zhou Xuanji frowned as he asked, “She has not taken human form yet; are you really willing to have her continue to follow me?”

Bai Yanqiong replied, “When you ascended, you formed a bloodline pact. This is the Nine Heaven Divine Snake’s divine ability. She will help develop your Fate, and vice versa. From today onwards, you will be connected: Glory to one will bring glory to the other and harm to one will bring harm to the other.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite startled.

“Hehe, I’ll stay by your side then, little Xuanji. Dad, you not only have to protect me but also protect him as well in the future,” Bai Suwan said as she giggled and poked out her snake tongue.