I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 456 - Chapter 456 – It’s Him

Chapter 456 - Chapter 456 – It’s Him


“What do you want?” Zhou Xuanji asked in a low voice, his gaze locked onto the old beggar.

Hearing this, the old beggar scratched his bottom as he lay on the grass and chuckled, “Naturally, I want to take you as a disciple. Did you forget about our last meeting?”

Zhou Xuanji coldly harrumphed and said, “I’m not interested.”

Even though the old beggar was very powerful, he did not like having another senior above him.

The old beggar flipped himself up and said seriously, “I can help you surpass Malicious Buddha and the Demonic Emperor.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and said, “I can do that by myself.”

The old beggar angrily put his hands at his waist and said, “Even if you become stronger, they’ll still exist and become stronger too. Just when will you be able to catch up to them?”

Zhou Xuanji fell silent. He understood the principle, but he just didn’t want to take on another teacher.

Moreover, this person did not look very honourable or decent; he looked even more unreliable than Daoya Old Man.

Even if he was to take on a teacher, it should be someone as profound, unfathomable, and elegant as the old immortal.

The old beggar seemed to see the doubts in his heart, and his eyes rolled around as he immediately had an idea.

“Is it that you feel that I’m unreliable? I’ll have you know that in front of me, even Taichu Yudao is a junior. Back then, if it wasn’t for me, the Demonic Emperor would have long since died. As for Malicious Buddha, he knelt when he saw me in the past,” the old beggar started to boast, and Zhou Xuanji almost believed him.

He could not help but say, “Does that mean you’re the Heavenly Saint?”

The old beggar fell silent and suddenly gave a distressed expression.

Zhou Xuanji’s heart thumped and said grumpily, “Don’t tell me that’s true.”

The old beggar shook his head and said, “I’m not him, but he used to be on the same level as me; do you believe that?”

Zhou Xuanji looked at him deeply and asked, “If you want to take me in that much, why didn’t you protect the Divine Cliff back then? I don’t need a teacher right now.”

He had many ways to become stronger; why did he need to take a teacher?

“I had things to do; didn’t you see me bringing along your Senior Apprentice Brother Di Guanlong? That boy doesn’t know the heights of the heavens or depths of the earth. He first challenged Han Xuzi and then Taichu Yudao, and he is now challenging experts all over the world,” the old beggar sighed, looking very worried.

However, all Zhou Xuanji could hear was that he was showing off.

Zhou Xuanji’s heart started to relax as he said hesitantly, “How do I know that you don’t have ulterior motives? Xuan Daoya said he wanted to be my support.”

The old beggar laughed in annoyance and said, “Boy, are you afraid? You don’t even dare to seize the fortuitous opportunity right in front of you. Do you know how many people cry and beg me to take me as their teacher? I have a disciple in the Great Emperor Dao Court.

“As for those Saint Swords that you are so desperate for, one of my crazy disciples obtained one; I’ll bring it over for you next time. Also, Di Guanlong’s very powerful right? But among my disciples, he’s the weakest. No wait, you’re the weakest.”

Zhou Xuanji started to feel somewhat indecisive.

The old beggar continued to boast about his disciples.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly took out the Ancient God Sword, pretending that he was on his guard against the old beggar, but he was actually conversing with the nine souls.

“It’s him? Hurry up and get away from him!” Demon Lord Ruyuan exclaimed.

“An amazing opportunity! Quickly take him as your teacher,” Emperor Canghai said excitedly.

The two souls’ words contradicted each other, making Zhou Xuanji feel stunned.

Liu Wuji said, “This person’s name cannot be directly uttered in the Great Thousand World, or else you will receive heavenly tribulation. Even though he’s somewhat unreliable, his ability to teach disciples is indeed peerless.”

Emperor Zhao said, “Why are you talking him up? Were you also his disciple?”

Liu Wuji did not reply.

Zhou Xuanji listened to the souls talk and gradually came to a conclusion.

The old beggar really was powerful, and he was not just boasting.

He said, “Alright, you can teach me, and I’ll repay you in the future. As for formally taking you as my teacher…”

The old beggar glared at him and said, “How can you neglect the formalities?”

A massive might descended, causing Zhou Xuanji’s expression to fall. His right leg weakened and he half-knelt.

He looked at the old beggar in fear.

What terrifying pressure!

He was unable to retaliate at all!

However, the old beggar allowed him to retain some dignity and did not have him fully kneel.

“From today, you are my disciple. As long as you don’t seek your own death and challenge the old monsters above the 33rd heaven, no one of higher seniority will be able to harm you. Of course, if anyone of your generation defeats you and wants to kill you, I won’t interfere,” the old beggar said, full of mettle. He raised his head and stood with his chest out as he waved his hand domineeringly.

“Now that you’ve become my disciple, you must defeat everyone in your generation, or else you might as well die! Di Guanlong has already walked on this path; the next is you!”

Zhou Xuanji stood up and asked, “According to your words, does that mean you want your disciples to fight to the death and determine who is the most powerful?”

He was worried that there was a plot afoot.

The old beggar rolled his eyes and said annoyedly, “You think I’m bored enough to nurture you and then have you just die?”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt at ease.

The old beggar said, “I’ll leave a mark on you so you don’t get mistakenly killed by your Senior Apprentice Brothers!”

After saying this, he walked over to Zhou Xuanji and slammed his palm onto Zhou Xuanji’s chest.

In the next second, a diagram that looked like a phoenix with its wings spread appeared on Zhou Xuanji’s face.

“Eh? Why does your body have my palm print on it? Something’s not right!” The old beggar said in wonder, making Zhou Xuanji feel confused.


Zhou Xuanji looked furious as he roared, “Back then in the Yin Yang boundary, the person who attacked me was you?”

Back then, he had nearly died.

The old beggar had a strange expression as he said awkwardly, “So that boy was you. We are indeed bound by fate.”

Zhou Xuanji grabbed his neck and shouted, “You nearly killed me; what are you acting embarrassed for? Is your memory that bad?”

The old beggar awkwardly laughed, not knowing what to say.

He gave a fake cough before saying, “When you meet your Senior Apprentice Brothers in the future, your disciple mark will appear. Alright, you can go back now.”

After saying this, he turned and left.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned.

“Oi, aren’t you going to teach you anything?” He held back his anger and asked.

The old beggar did not look back as he waved and said, “Didn’t I teach you something already? I’ll bring a treasure for you; wait for me at the Divine Cliff.”

After speaking, he disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite speechless, not knowing if this was a good or bad thing in the end.

He did not think any more and left to find Wu Qiu and Lan Shangying.

In a pale white space, 16 shadows directly appeared. They all had different figures and stood in a circle as they looked at each other.

“Revered Teacher has taken another disciple,” a well-built shadow said.

The other shadows all began to talk.

“Could it be Emperor Jundao?”

“It might also be Zhou Xuanji.”

“Zhou Xuanji? Hopefully it’s not him, I want to send my disciple to challenge him.”

“It’ll be fun if it’s Zhou Xuanji.”

“Hah, that old man still dares to run about outside; isn’t he afraid of being chased down by the Immortal Gods?”

The shadows discussed among themselves; some people felt schadenfreude, some felt anger, and some felt indifference. There were all kinds of attitudes.

The only shadow with a female figure said, “The Old Indecent has wanted to take Zhou Xuanji as a disciple for a long time; why did he wait until now? Surely there isn’t something he’s hiding from us.”

Hearing this, the other shadows fell silent.