I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 455 - Chapter 455 – Breakthrough

Chapter 455 - Chapter 455 – Breakthrough


“Ignorant brat! Don’t be too arrogant!” Tang Juetian coldly harrumphed as his arms trembled and intense flames spread across his body, causing his aura to rise.

He wildly slashed out 18 strikes towards Zhou Xuanji with his saber, and saber light flashed out, each strike more powerful than the last. The sea of clouds was destroyed and the ground below was directly shattered.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and instinctively used Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword and All Evil Yin Yang Destruction to block in front of him to defend against the saber qi.


Zhou Xuanji was sent flying black and his blood rolled over and over as blood almost spurted out of his mouth.

He endured the discomfort and forced the blood down.

Tang Juetian once again rushed over.

18 Berserk Saber Strikes of Extinction!

It was a peerless saber technique that he had created himself!

This saber technique had been recorded in the Tang King Clan’s clan library so that later people could also learn it.

It was also Tang Juetian’s most powerful attack.

Under his domineering saber qi, Zhou Xuanji was forced to continuously retreat.

Lu Tingjun stopped and frowned as he looked at Tang Juetian.

The terrifying might of the Great Emperor Divine Weapon made him feel fear, and he now understood that he really was not a match for Tang Juetian.

On the other side, even though Zhou Xuanji was being suppressed, he had not lost yet.

He was still resisting.

“Wow, the Tang King Clan has a genius like this; they finally don’t need to bring in talent through husband-in-laws.”

“Haha, Emperor Zhao, aren’t you afraid of angering Wargod Siling?”

“Wargod Siling is indeed powerful, and he is most likely not inferior to Taichu Yudao now.”

“It’s such a pity for Taichu Yudao. He could have become more powerful and even rivaled the Heavenly Saint.”

“How is little brother Zhou going to take victory?”

The nine souls casually chatted in Zhou Xuanji’s mind, not feeling any pressure at all.

Even though it was very difficult for Zhou Xuanji to defeat Tang Juetian, it would also be almost impossible for Tang Juetian to kill him.

The Tianxia Map had boundless Heavenly Law Immortal Energy stored up in it, and it was enough to use against Tang Juetian.

Even though Tang Juetian’s cultivation stage was higher than Zhou Xuanji’s, for him, using the 18 Berserk Saber Strikes of Extinction was very draining.

Zhou Xuanji immediately cast the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

A 30,000 meter tall golden buddha appeared, giving off a faint silver light on the surface. 1,000 hands stretched out and directly started to wildly hack at Tang Juetian.

The Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha constructed from Heavenly Law Immortal Energy was incredibly powerful, and Tang Juetian was instantly suppressed and was forced on the defensive.

“What is this…” Tang Juetian’s eyes widened, his face filled with confusion.

Lu Tingjun’s body trembled, feeling helpless inwardly.

Too powerful!

Zhou Xuanji stood on Buddha’s head, looking down at Tang Juetian. Looking at the struggling Tang Juetian, he felt incredibly pleased.

This kind of powerful feeling was amazing!

Before, facing Malicious Buddha and Xuan Daoya, he had felt great pressure and even started to doubt himself.

But now…

He felt so great!

Tang Juetian was the one feeling depressed.

He was being suppressed by a Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal. Even though it was Zhou Xuanji, he felt quite frustrated.

After all, he was also a genius!

Between geniuses, no one acknowledged the other!

The ground directly collapsed as trees were swept away. Mountains were crushed, and it looked like an apocalyptic scene, causing the spectators to run and hide.

Wu Qiu said excitedly, “So powerful! He might really win!”

At this moment, he had forgotten everything else and was only hoping that Zhou Xuanji would win.

If Zhou Xuanji could simultaneously battle and defeat Tang Juetian and Lu Tingjun, the Divine Cliff’s reputation would skyrocket!

In the future, many people might join the Divine Cliff just because of Zhou Xuanji.

To the heavily-damaged Divine Cliff, this was incredibly crucial.

In the distance, an old beggar lay on a cliff as he watched the battle. It was Di Guanlong’s teacher. Back when he had met Zhou Xuanji, he had wanted to take Zhou Xuanji as a disciple.

He looked incredibly pleased and continuously nodded as he smiled and said, “Not bad, not bad. No wonder the Demonic Emperor and Great Emperor Dao Court both want him. Heheh, now that they don’t dare to enter the Center God Province, this boy is mine!

“A First Class Great Emperor, even though I already have a First Class Great Emperor disciple, I haven’t nurtured one in a long time.”

His smile became a bit vulgar, and he laughed so much that he started to drool.

Tang Juetian soon became used to the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s attacks and started to prepare to counterattack.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; this fellow was so difficult to deal with.

“Use the World Overlord’s technique to absorb Heavenly Law Immortal Energy while using Emperor’s Might so that you receive the acknowledgement of heavenly law,” a chuckle sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s ears, making him feel surprised.

Who was speaking?

He did not have time to think and followed the voice’s instructions.

The Emperor’s Might of a First Class Great Emperor exploded out, making Tang Juetian feel pressure. However, with the difference in their cultivation, he could still bear it.

Traces of formless Heavenly Law Immortal Energy descended and entered Zhou Xuanji’s body, replenishing the supply within his body and becoming stronger.

Mysteriously, Zhou Xuanji seemed to understand something.

The pressure on Tang Juetian increased and he was once again suppressed.

The Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha did not have any sword techniques and only chaotically hacked. This made it so that Tang Juetian could not easily search for any openings, and he could only chaotically defend.

Zhou Xuanji fell into a mystical trance; he felt that his soul had gone to the heavens, and he ignored everything in the world.

Tang Juetian wanted to make some distance, but Zhou Xuanji instinctively used Universal Attraction to make it so that he could not withdraw.

Lu Tingjun essentially became a spectator.

He sighed and felt quite dispirited.

Tang Juetian finally could not endure anymore and was blasted down by a sword strike, falling into some ruins.

Zhou Xuanji came to his senses and saw that Tang Juetian had already lost.

“That feeling just now…” He felt quite excited; he had never thought that the World Buddha Art and Emperor’s Might could help him cultivate.

Following Tang Juetian’s defeat, the heavens and earth gradually became calm again.

Zhou Xuanji did not take this opportunity to attack again; he was only challenging Tang Juetian, and this was not a life-and-death battle.

He looked at Lu Tingjun, using his gaze to ask if he still wanted to continue.

Lu Tingjun cupped his fists before turning and leaving.

He wholeheartedly accepted his loss!

The spectators all became incredibly excited.

“Heavens! Can a Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal really be this powerful?”

“Too powerful, no wonder the Divine Cliff was destroyed because of him!”

“Tang Juetian lost just like that…”

“He won very decisively and didn’t use any cheap tricks.”

“He didn’t kill Tang Juetian, respect.”

The cultivators were all convinced by Zhou Xuanji, while the Heavenly Palace’s people quietly left.

Emperor Yan of Zhou did not stay; he had no face to meet with Zhou Xuanji.

The dust settled, and Tang Juetian lay in the ruins panting. He did not even have the strength to stand.


The Holy Light Redemption Sword landed, stabbing into his arm, making him feel infuriated.

In the next second, his expression froze because he felt that his injuries were recovering.

This sword…

Zhou Xuanji descended and floated in the air, less than 30 meters away.

“You’re very strong,” Zhou Xuanji said in praise, making Tang Juetian feel better.

“However, you’re not as strong as me.”

Tang Juetian violently coughed and blood flowed out of his mouth.

After healing Tang Juetian for a while, Zhou Xuanji withdrew the sword and left.

Tang Juetian sat up and looked at him with a complicated expression.

This battle would definitely spread through the Center God Province, but he accepted his loss wholeheartedly.

This boy was truly powerful!

Zhou Xuanji flew towards Wu Qiu and Lan Shangying, but on the way, he suddenly disappeared.

After opening his eyes again, he found that he was in a forest. He instinctively looked around warily and saw an old beggar lying beneath a tree. This old beggar looked quite familiar.