I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 454 - Chapter 454 – One Versus Two

Chapter 454 - Chapter 454 – One Versus Two


Tang Juetian continuously pushed out with his palms, sending out immense wind, making it so that Lu Tingjun could not get close to him.

Lu Tingjun was dressed in black armor and had a red cloak, looking valiant and mighty. He held a cherry-red spear in his hands, which had a wide blade and a diamond shape.

His expression was resolute as he continuously stabbed out with the spear with his right hand while performing hand signs with his left hand, casting different types of magic. Mighty gusts of wind, blasts of water and fire, and even streams of lightning were incredibly domineering.

Tang Juetian did not even take out his divine weapon, easily receiving each attack.

“Lu Tingjun, my cultivation has progressed but yours hasn’t. You are no longer a match for me,” Tang Juetian said as he proudly laughed, filled with confidence.

Before, he and Lu Tingjun had been on the same level, but now, he had already left Lu Tingjun behind him.

Lu Tingjun seemed unaffected, and his gaze burned as his aura gradually became stronger.

His situation was quite awkward; in the Great Heaven God Dynasty, the amount of nurturing he received had decreased because of Emperor Jundao, and his reputation had also been overshadowed by Emperor Jundao. Now, facing Tang Juetian, he was unable to take the upper hand, making him feel inwardly frustrated.


An extremely powerful aura came over from the horizon as countless sword images formed mountains and rivers, charging over with unstoppable momentum.

Tang Juetian and Lu Tingjun both instinctively turned and blocked.

Countless sword images slammed into them, giving off resplendent light.

Everyone turned and looked over, and they saw Zhou Xuanji shoot over, stepping on a river of swords. He had put on white clothes and did not wear his iron mask.

He held the All Evil Yin Yang Destruction and Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword in his hands, causing faint gusts of wind to wrap around his body.

Everyone from the Heavenly Palace was startled.

Zhou Xuanji’s appearance had been spread throughout the Heavenly Palace, and Emperor Yan of Zhou was even more so dumbfounded.

“Who are you?” Tang Juetian shouted, his eyebrows furrowed.

The sight of nearly 200 swords was majestic, and in the current age, there were not many people who liked to use so many swords.

What was key was that he could instantly tell that Zhou Xuanji only had Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal cultivation.

“Divine Cliff, Zhou Xuanji!” Zhou Xuanji replied. In that moment, 50 swords rose up and gave off bright light, quickly circling him without any rhythm, as wild as the wind.

Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep!

With the support of Heavenly Law Immortal Energy, Zhou Xuanji’s speed became incredibly fast, quickly coming in front of Tang Juetian and Lu Tingjun.

Fifty swords violently attacked them, making it so that they could barely respond.

Tang Juetian immediately took out his Great Emperor Divine Weapon. It was a large saber surrounded by intense flames, and the saber’s blade took out one-third of the body. At the edge was a dragon’s head, looking incredibly domineering.

He slashed out with his sabre, causing saber qi like a torrential rain to rush out, blasting 20 or so swords back, and Lu Tingjun fell into a passive state.

This scene scared all of the spectators.

Zhou Xuanji had only just appeared, and yet he was suppressing Tang Juetian and Lu Tingjun?

Some cultivators with powerful cultivation were completely dumbfounded.

How could a Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal be so powerful?

“As expected from a First Class Great Emperor!”

“Looks like the rumors were true.”

“Too powerful! He can fight with those with higher cultivation, and one versus two as well!”

“Who is stronger between him and Emperor Jundao?”

“How can he control so many swords? It feels like all of their trajectories are different; all of them are so powerful!”

The cultivators all discussed among themselves, seeming incredibly shocked.

Emperor Yan of Zhou’s expression was quite complicated.

It had only been a few decades, and yet Zhou Xuanji had already reached such a state.

If he had protected Lady Zhao Xuan and Zhou Xuanji back then, perhaps his current situation would be completely different.

Lady Zhao Xuan’s beautiful face appeared in his mind.

He then thought of the Great Zhou’s Empress.

In the end, even though he had ascended, he had no one beside him; only boundless loneliness accompanied him.

Zhou Xuanji unleashed Sword Sect Immortal God Weep, and soon, he was able to injure Lu Tingjun.

However, Tang Juetian was still unscathed.

Zhou Xuanji looked closely at the Great Emperor Divine Weapon in Tang Juetian’s hands, and he inwardly felt quite startled.

He could sense danger from that Great Emperor Divine Weapon.

If he was not careful, that divine weapon could launch a fatal attack to him at any moment.

As for Lu Tingjun, Zhou Xuanji did not place him in his eyes at all.

He was not clear as to the separation of ranks in the Void Extreme Immortal stage, but it was evident that both of these people were in the mid-upper level among Void Extreme Immortals.

It had to be said that Heavenly Law Immortal Energy and Armageddon grade swords were truly powerful.

He felt great confidence in his heart and started to try to fuse his nine Sword Souls.

Zhou Xuanji had unleashed two powerful divine abilities at the same time, which was a great burden on his soul.

He had continuously tried and succeeded before, but it was not very stable yet.

During battles, he could always challenge his limit, and after each battle, he would become stronger.

Just like during exercise, one would use up all of the strength in their muscles, but they would become stronger after resting. Doing this over a long period would result in a lot of growth.


The two Armageddon swords slashed against the large saber, causing countless sparks to fly.

Tang Juetian’s strength was greater than Zhou Xuanji’s, but Zhou Xuanji had Heavenly Law Immortal Energy, so he was not at a disadvantage at all.

Lu Tingjun was blocked off by 20 swords, and he was unable to get close to Zhou Xuanji at all.

Lu Tingjun did not run away; under so many gazes, he had to earn glory and could not bring shame to the Great Heaven God Dynasty.

Tang Juetian started to fight with his full strength. His Great Emperor Divine Weapon was incredibly mighty and he forced Zhou Xuanji with a strike.

Nine Sword Souls appeared behind Zhou Xuanji, continuously blasting out.

Sword lights flashed, but they were all blocked by Tang Juetian.

“Zhou Xuanji, you’re indeed incredible, but don’t think you can defeat me!” Tang Juetian said as he wildly laughed, looking incredibly domineering. However, inwardly, he felt slight panic.

If he was defeated by a Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal, he would lose so much face!

After returning to the clan, the seniors would heavily punish him; just thinking about it made him feel terrified.

Zhou Xuanji’s gaze became sharp, and his other swords joined in Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep.

Nearly 200 swords of light madly spiraled around Zhou Xuanji’s body, and once Tang Juetian came near, he would be attacked. The scene was incredibly grand, and the spectators all felt their blood roil.

Only the Heavenly Palace’s people felt quite conflicted.

It could be said that they had watched Zhou Xuanji grow.

Not too long ago, Zhou Xuanji had just been a mortal in their eyes.

And now…

They could only look up at him.

Emperor Yan of Zhou remained silent, feeling quite complicated.

In the distance, Wu Qiu and Lan Shangying were completely dumbfounded.

“How can he be… so powerful?” Wu Qiu asked with a trembling voice as he gulped.

He had never thought that Zhou Xuanji would already be stronger than him, and it was not just by a little bit.

Lan Shangying did not reply; she also felt quite complicated.

Back when they had gone to capture Shi Shenzong, Zhou Xuanji had not been this strong.

It had not even been that long…

Was this the talent of a First Class Great Emperor?

Lu Tingjun had completely given up on getting close to Zhou Xuanji; he cast divine abilities and magic techniques from afar. All of them were big and grand techniques, and they were like an unceasing ocean, wave after wave.

Zhou Xuanji used Sword Sect immortal Ghost Weep to defend against his attacks while also resisting Tang Juetian.

Tang Juetian and Lu Tingjun did not even realize that they were being forced into working together.

If it was in the past, they definitely would have felt disdainful towards such a thing.

However, Zhou Xuanji was simply too famous and was too powerful, forcing them to work together.

In the spectators’ eyes, Zhou Xuanji was already superior to the two others in terms of aura and image.

“Is that all the strength you have?” Zhou Xuanji asked as he coldly laughed. The World Fool Sword came into effect, causing Tang Juetian and Lu Tingjun’s expressions to instantly change.