I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 453 - Chapter 453 – Evil Eye

Chapter 453 - Chapter 453 – Evil Eye


In the depths of the Nether Demon Stream, there was a large door at the bottom of a mountain. Even though it was incredibly broken, the hall within it still remained.

The hall was very big, and there were 30 Tang King Clan disciples standing guard.

Tang Juetian stood in front of a stone coffin. He was wearing large blue robes and had a cold and handsome appearance. His eyes were sharp, and he was just standing there. He seemed like a spear with a powerful aura.

Following his gaze, he was looking at a stone sword inside the coffin.

The stone sword was one meter long and ten or so centimeters wide, and it had a shape similar to a bottle gourd.

There was an eyeball between the blade and the hilt, looking extremely like a human’s eyeball.

It was spinning, as if it was looking around, looking incredibly horrifying.

Tang Juetian muttered, “Is this really a Saint Sword?”

A voice sounded in his mind, tempting him to take hold of the sword. However, his heart was incredibly firm, and he was not influenced.

At that moment, a disciple walked within ten steps of him and cupped his fists as he shouted, “Young master, the Great Heaven God Dynasty’s Lu Tingjun is heading over!”

Lu Tingjun!

Before Emperor Jundao appeared, he was the number one genius in the Great Heaven God Dynasty. He had reached Void Extreme Immortal when he was only 8,000 years old, and now that he was over 10,000 years old, he was even stronger.

Tang Juetian’s eyes narrowed as he said, “I never thought he would also come. Very good, we didn’t determine a clear winner from our battle before.”

He turned and walked towards the door, saying, “Don’t let anyone get near the stone coffin. There is an evil sword inside and will tempt people’s hearts. If anyone touches it, their soul will be devoured.”

Hearing this, the 30 Tang King Clan disciples’ hearts trembled.

They all came from the same clan and trusted that Tang Juetian would not trick them. After all, from the start, Tang Juetian had not touched that sword.

Soon, Tang Juetian left.

Not too long after he left, Zhou Xuanji and the others came over. They looked over from a distance and could see cultivators standing guard in front of the door.

Wu Qiu said in a low voice, “Lan Shangying, you go and attract some of the enemies and I’ll attract the rest. Afterwards, brother Xuanji can go and steal the sword.”

Lan Shangying nodded and did not say anything before rushing out with her sword.

These Tang King Clan disciples only had Golden Immortal stage cultivation, and even though they were at least at the Seventh Revolution, how could they be a match for Lan Shangying?

Lan Shangying quickly grabbed a female disciple and said coldly, “The Tang King Clan is not much!”

Afterwards, she sped off with the female disciple, and immediately, eight male disciples furiously chased after her.

“Stop right there!”

“Let my cousin go!”


It was quite dark down here, making it so they could not see Lan Shangying’s face.

After they left, Wu Qiu rushed out and drew away another seven disciples.

Now, there were only 13 disciples left inside the hall.

Zhou Xuanji put on an iron mask and held the Soft Velvety Sword as he shot out.

He first absorbed all of these disciples’ magic energy before stabbing them with the sword, making them strengthlessly collapse to the ground.

So as to avoid developing enmity with the Tang King Clan, he did not kill them.

The Tang King Clan could be counted as a righteous sect, and if this matter was brought to light in the future, they would not be able to say much as they were simply inferior.

Soon, the 13 Tang King Clan disciples weakly fell to the ground and furiously looked at Zhou Xuanji.

They did not even have the strength to speak.

Zhou Xuanji came before the stone coffin and looked at the stone sword.

Was this a Saint Sword?

Why did it look so evil?

Zhou Xuanji looked at the eye on the sword in confusion. He did not immediately stretch out his hand and instead talked with the nine souls.

Liu Wuji said, “It’s most likely not a Saint Sword; I can sense the ripples of a soul within the sword.”


Could it be that there was an old demon hiding in the sword, pretending to be a Saint Sword so it could possess someone?

Zhou Xuanji raised the Ancient God Sword and slashed out.


The stone sword split apart and the pupil of the eye constricted. It no longer spun around and lost its light.

Zhou Xuanji looked calm while the nine souls were sent into an uproar.

Emperor Zhao exclaimed, “Why did you just destroy it? You didn’t even investigate it thoroughly!”

The other souls were unable to understand either.

They had come all this way, and even if it was not a Saint Sword, it was still something to be gained.

Zhou Xuanji said casually, “Apart from the Saint Swords, I don’t need any other swords.”

He now had nearly 200 swords and did not lack swords.

After the stone sword was destroyed, nothing abnormal happened.

Things remained just as calm and peaceful.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the eye, thinking to himself.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and used Heavenly Law Immortal Energy to pull out the eye, before putting it in the Supreme Storage. He had asked the Sword Spirit before, and knew that if he put evil items in the Supreme Storage, they would be suppressed there.

Of course, the Supreme Storage could not store anything living, so it meant that this eyeball was not alive.

After doing this, Zhou Xuanji quickly left.

He soon met up with Wu Qiu and Lan Shangying; they had shaken off the Tang King Clan disciples, and the three of them quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Those Tang King Clan disciples realized that this was a diversionary tactic, and they did not continue to give chase and returned to the hall.

When they saw the broken stone sword, all of them were dumbfounded.

Zhou Xuanji and the others landed behind a boulder, and Wu Qiu asked about the situation, while Zhou Xuanji truthfully replied.

After hearing that Zhou Xuanji had destroyed the stone sword, Wu Qiu said in disappointment, “Looks like it wasn’t a Saint Sword. How could a real Saint Sword be so fragile?”

Lan Shangying nodded; it seemed that they had wasted their journey here, and they started to plan their way back.

Zhou Xuanji said, “I want to challenge Tang Juetian, only to determine a winner and loser, and not to fight to the death. This won’t give the Tang King Clan an excuse to attack, right?”

Wu Qiu’s eyes widened as he asked, “Are you crazy?”

With a Great Emperor Divine Weapon, Tang Juetian was an existence even they could not defeat. Did Zhou Xuanji want to suffer a loss that badly?

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “If the Divine Cliff wants to rise up, it needs to build a reputation. If I can defeat Tang Juetian, will there be more people wanting to join the Divine Cliff?”

Lan Shangying rolled her eyes and asked, “What if you lose?”

Zhou Xuanji said confidently, “I won’t lose!”

He wanted to test his true power.

Wu Qiu and Lan Shangying could not convince him otherwise, and they could only allow him to challenge Tang Juetian.

The two of them did not follow him so as to avoid being recognized by the Tang King Clan’s disciples.

Zhou Xuanji took out his swords, forming a sword river, and rose into the sky, seeming incredibly domineering. Seeing this, Wu Qiu and Lan Shangying looked at each other, and they could see the surprise in each other’s eyes.

What a powerful aura!

On the ground, Tang Juetian was currently fighting with Lu Tingjun.

Both of their auras were powerful, and they were incredibly fast. They looked like two rainbow lights madly colliding, and the powerful wind they created shook the trees in the surrounding 1,000 kilometers, causing sand to fly everywhere.

Many cultivators hid in the distance spectating.

“So powerful!”

“Both of them are Second Class Great Emperors, and it is said that they fought before but were unable to determine a victor.”

“Ever since Emperor Jundao joined the Great Heaven God Dynasty, Lu Tingjun has been overlooked; who would have thought he was this powerful.’

“They are among the most powerful Void Extreme Immortals.”

“Looks like no one else will be able to obtain the Saint Sword.”

The Heavenly Palace’s people were also spectating. Emperor Yan of Zhou had a look of admiration on his face as he watched this spectacular battle.

If he could be this powerful, why would he need to work to the bone for the Heavenly Palace?

He suddenly thought of his son Zhou Xuanji and wondered what kind of strength that boy had now.

His smile became a bit bitter; they were father and son, but the estrangement between them made it seem like they were enemies.