I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 452 - Chapter 452 – Tang King Clan, Wargod Siling

Chapter 452 - Chapter 452 – Tang King Clan, Wargod Siling


The historical site that Qu Qiu mentioned was called the Nether Demon Stream. It was said that the demon race had dominated the Center God Plains very long ago, and the Nether Demon Stream was one of their territories. They were later destroyed by powerful beings and their demonic wrath rushed to the sky, creating this dangerous area.

It required a long time to travel from the Divine Cliff to the Nether Demon Stream.

On the way, the three of them did not encounter any danger.

After the Heavenly Saint spoke, all the evil and demonic cultivators had disappeared.

The only thing that was surprising was that even to now, the Heavenly Saint and Immortal Gods had not appeared. If it wasn’t for the fact that some evil factions had been reduced to rubble, everyone would have thought that it was a joke.

Zhou Xuanji asked Wu Qiu to keep an eye out for information regarding Xian Xianghua, and Wu Qiu asked some questions about her.

“Demonic cultivator? She might have already left the Center God Province,” Wu Qiu said as he frowned, causing Zhou Xuanji’s heart to sink.

Lan Shangying said, “There are not any demonic cultivators remaining in the Center God Province.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and thought to himself, not saying anything else.

He was not too worried. After all, Xian Xianghua had lived for over 10,000 years and had the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique; she would be able to take care of herself.

Half a month later, the three of them were less than 10,000 kilometers away from the Nether Demon Stream.

Lan Shangying stopped and landed on the summit of a mountain, and Wu Qiu pinched his fingers together as golden mirrors flew out from his sleeves and floated in front of him.

The mirrors showed scenes from the Nether Demon Stream, all of them from different angles and perspectives.

In the surrounding 10,000 kilometers, there were unending mountain forests. Mountains rose and fell, and the Nether Demon Stream was like a black line that split the ground in half and was unfathomably deep.

They could see many cultivators traveling. Some flew into the Nether Demon Stream and others were fighting.

Wu Qiu coldly laughed and said, “How lively.”

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Are there any True Gods?”

Wu Qiu shook his head and said, “All of the demonic factions in the Center God Province have retreated, so each faction’s True Gods are busy taking back territory; how could they have the time to come to the Nether Demon Stream?”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt that this was true.

The opportunities at the Nether Demon Stream were insignificant to True Gods. As for the Saint Sword, no one knew if there really was one or not.

“Since there aren’t any True Gods, can we just directly act?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He could rival Void Extreme Immortals, and Lan Shangying and Wu Qiu were also Void Extreme Immortals. With the three of them working together, there would be nothing to fear.

Wu Qiu raised his hand and said, “Don’t rush, I think I saw some people from the Tang King Clan.”

Tang King Clan!

It was an overlord-level faction in the Center God Province, and after the Northern Wilderness’ Wargod Siling had ascended, he had received the appreciation of the Tang King Clan. He eventually married the Tang King Clan’s big miss and married into the Tang King Clan.

To date, Wargod Siling was still an extraordinary existence in the Center God Province, and he had already become a True God and one of the pillars of the Tang King Clan.

Zhou Xuanji’s impression of Wargod Siling was quite deep. Back at the Juedi Cliff, he had been killed by Wargod Siling’s Heavenly Law Puppet. From his senses, Wargod Siling was not inferior to Liu Wuji.

Lan Shangying frowned and said, “The Tang King Clan is domineering and are not to be trifled with.”

If the Tang King Clan’s disciples suffered outside, their clan’s experts would always act on their behalf.

Even the Divine Cliff at its peak could not offend the Tang King Clan.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly looked at one of the golden mirrors and saw some Heavenly Guards discussing something, and he also saw Emperor Yan of Zhou.

Emperor Yan of Zhou stood in the group silently, standing near the back.

After ascending at the Great Realization stage and joining the Heavenly Palace, he could only start as one of the lowest soldiers.

Zhou Xuanji only glanced over and did not pay much attention.

The karma between the two of them was over, and now that he had helped Great Zhou become strong, he had not let Emperor Yan of Zhou down.

Afterwards, the three of them decided to enter the Nether Demon Stream where there was no one else around.

The walls of the mountains around the Nether Demon Stream were quite wet; they did not know where this water came out of.

Flying down, they could sense some cold wind blowing at them, and the sound of the wind sounded like ghosts and wolves howling.

Wu Qiu sent a telepathic message, “Try to hide your aura as much as possible. Don’t do anything before obtaining the Saint Sword.”

No one knew just how many people were at the Nether Demon Stream, so they had to be careful.

Zhou Xuanji was not too worried—he had stored large amounts of Heavenly Law Immortal Energy in the Tianxia Map, so even if he had to face a group of enemies, he was not worried.

The Nether Demon Stream was not as deep as he thought, only about 10,000 meters deep. There were all kinds of crystals on the walls giving off faint light, making it so they could see the path within 100 meters.

They walked in one direction, using the divine senses to stay wary about their surroundings.

On the way, they saw many corpses; most of them had fallen to their deaths, and some of them had not died for very long.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and used his mind to communicate with the nine souls.

“Nether Demon Stream, heheh, what a nostalgic place. I explored this place back then.”

“Same here.”

“You’re all so young; I remember the Nether Demon Stream was cut open by a junior from the demon race.”

“Everyone here is a soul; no need to act cool.”

“There’s a Saint Sword? It’s possible, the 18 Saint Swords have disappeared for countless years, so perhaps one of them fell in this place, which no one comes to.”

The nine souls started to squabble among themselves. Some of them had come here before, which made things much more convenient for Zhou Xuanji.

Wu Qiu and Lan Shangyinga voided many of the restrictions, and occasionally Zhou Xuanji would warn them too, making them quite surprised.

“Have you come here before?” Wu Qiu could not help but ask. Zhou Xuanji could discover some restrictions that they did not know about, which was quite embarrassing.”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “I just have good eyes.”

That made Wu Qiu feel even more depressed.

Soon, they saw a group of cultivators, and they immediately hid behind a large boulder, reducing their auras to almost nothing.

“The Tang King Clan is too domineering! Despicable!”

“Is that sword really a Saint Sword? It feels so evil!”

“Even the Tang King Clan’s Tang Juetian came; let’s leave.”

“Tang Juetian is a Second class Great Emperor, and now that he has reached the Void Extreme Immortal stage, his strength is sufficient to sweep away any Void Extreme Immortal. Even all of us together won’t be a match for him.”

Hearing the cultivators discuss among themselves, Wu Qiu and Lan Shangying’s expressions slightly fell.

After those cultivators flew away, Wu Qiu gritted his teeth and said, “Tang Juetian also came; this is not good news. Tang Juetian is one of the top geniuses in the Tang King Clan; all of us together won’t be able to take him on.”

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows and asked, “Aren’t you two also geniuses of the Divine Cliff? Why do you have such little self-confidence?”

Wu Qiu rolled his eyes at him.

Lan Shangying explained, “Tang Juetian has a Great Emperor Divine Weapon, and he is extremely powerful.”

In the Great Thousand World, magic treasures and weapons did not have many grades. However, Great Emperor Divine Weapons surpassed the vast majority of magical treasures and weapons.

Great Emperor Divine Weapons were forged from Great Emperors using Great Emperor Fate. Once they were formed, they were incredibly powerful and contained Emperor’s Might.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed and he said, “I’ll go and test him out.”

He had two Armageddon grade swords, and he wanted to see which was stronger, his swords or a Great Emperor Divine Weapon.

After saying this, he prepared to rush out.

Wu Qiu grabbed him and said in a low voice, “The current Divine Cliff and the Tang King Clan are existences on completely different levels; we can’t do things recklessly. We need a plan and steal the Saint Sword without anyone noticing.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned; the strength of one’s faction was a big problem, and he could not bring trouble to the Divine Cliff.