I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 451 - Chapter 451 106 Years Old. Solar Soul Source Crown.

Chapter 451 - Chapter 451 106 Years Old. Solar Soul Source Crown.


Seeing that Fei Hai was alive, Zhou Xuanji was not surprised but sighed.

Years had passed and the place had not changed much, but the people did.

He was reminded of Han Xuzi and Shi Shenzong.

“Get up,” he nodded and said, “the Divine Cliff is in trouble. You no longer need to serve me. Focus on cultivation and aim to become the pillar of the power in the Divine Cliff.”

Fei Hai shook his head and said, “I can still serve you, and it will not delay my cultivation.”

Zhou Xuanji did not push him and entered his residence.

The servants were still there. None of them had changed.

Zhou Xuanji settled down before flying high up into the sky to continue extracting the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power.

When he dealt with the True God previously, he did not do any damage. This gave him a sense of danger again.

He must store up more Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power.

For half a year, Zhou Xuanji did not leave the Divine Cliff City, and the news about him returning to the Divine Cliff was made widely known.

The fiends were driven out of this realm, and Emperor Jundao was active in the eyes of the people again. And now, Zhou Xuanji was back as well.

Would the two new First Class Great Emperors fight each other?

Within this half-year, the Divine Cliff was not attacked again, and Yang Yutian continued to recruit disciples.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 100 years old. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Intimidating Spirit] Bitter Raised Sword, Solar Soul Source Crown!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice caught Zhou Xuanji’s attention in the sky. He opened his eyes, and the information of the legendary sword appeared before him.

Sword Name: Bitter Bodhi Sword

Grade: Intimidating Spirit

Description: A wooden sword that contains Bodhi material. Enemies struck by this sword will suffer the pain of being cut by 10,000 blades and being devoured by 100 beasts.

Not bad!

Zhou Xuanji smiled. After that, he took out the Solar Soul Source Crown.

It was a golden crown that was ten cm tall. On its surface, nine delicately carved golden dragons could be seen. Three pins came with it to bind the hair.

“The Solar Soul Source Crown. Not only can it increase the wearer’s rate of energy extraction, but it can also absorb the power of the sun. When suffering from a fatal attack, it automatically attacks the enemy.”

The Sword Spirit introduced, and Zhou Xuanji immediately wore it.

After putting on the crown, his aura changed suddenly, and he appeared much more elegant and handsome.

He continued to extract the celestial power and found that he could do it much faster.

Zhou Xuanji immediately felt rather pleasant.

At this moment, Yang Yutian sent words to him telepathically and asked him to head over to the Cliff Lord’s Palace.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared at the palace gate and strolled inside.

Other than Yang Yutian, the previous personal disciples, Wuqiu and Lan Shangying, were around as well.

Zhou Xuanji asked astonishedly, “You are still alive?”

He thought they were already dead.

Having heard him, Lan Shangying snorted coldly, but Wu Qiu waved at him warmly with a joyful smile.

Yang Yutian burst out in laughter before he closed the gate.

“I’ve asked you to come because we have received intel on the location of a divine sword. It’s a little far, so I want my younger apprentice-brother and sisters to go along with you. I need to defend the Divine Cliff. I hope you can understand,” Yang Yutian said. Zhou Xuanji’s eyes sparkled at his words.

He said, “I can go alone. Leave them here to guard the Divine Cliff.”

Lan Shangying said with her curled lip, “You are afraid that we might snatch it from you?”

Wu Qiu shook his head with a smile and said, “That place was an ancient ruin that the two of us found. Its many defensive mechanisms killed many disciples back then. You will have much less trouble if we bring you there. Moreover, when you take the Divine Sword, don’t you need someone to watch over you?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Then, I shall trouble the both of you. Since you have been there, why didn’t you notice the Divine Sword previously?”

Could something have happened?

Wu Qiu kept his smile and said, “That ancient ruin was situated in the far west of the Center God Province. Three months ago, my contact there sent a message to me, telling me that the Heavenly Hall and the Buddha Ghost Sect found it. According to my contact, they forced a powerful sword to reappear in the world. Even a Ninth Revolution Golden Immortal could not control it. My guess is that it’s a Divine Sword. Now that the immortal god is in control of the Center God Province and the evil factions are not around, we should go and take a look.”

Zhou Xuanji was a little disappointed because it was not confirmed.

“Hold on, isn’t the Buddha Ghost Sect considered an evil faction?” He asked curiously.

Yang Yutian replied to him, “Although they are ghost cultivators, the Buddha Ghost Emperor has gained huge merit previously that protects his descendants. The Heavenly Law acknowledges them, so the immortal gods did not repel them.”

After that, the four of them discussed and decided to leave on the day itself.

Zhou Xuanji, Wu Qiu, and Lan Shangying each returned to their own place to settle some matters before leaving the Divine Cliff together.

Bai Suwan and Xiao Chan wanted to follow, but Zhou Xuanji rejected them.

This was a dangerous matter, so he did not want to bring along two burdens.

Lan Shangying drove the clouds to carry the others in flight. Zhou Xuanji sat on the cloud and continued to extract the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power.

Wu Qiu was also cultivating. Because he was too close to Zhou Xuanji, he quickly sensed the celestial power’s powerful presence.

He opened his eyes and asked in astonishment, “Something is wrong with your magic energy. Why is it so similar to the immortal gods?”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and asked back, “You have seen immortal gods before?”

Wu Qiu nodded and began to tell him what happened.

He was only a Ninth Tribulation Scattered Immortal back then. When he was roaming in the Center God Province, he encountered an injured immortal. After saving the immortal, both became friends and spent some time together, so he was very familiar with the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power.

After that, they parted ways. Wu Qiu never knew neither where he went nor why he was injured back then.

Zhou Xuanji thought as he mumbled to himself, “That Heavenly Saint brought the immortal gods to control the Center God Province. What’s his intention? Could it be related to why your immortal friend was injured?”

In the Center God Province, immortal gods were merely a legend.

Zhou Xuanji knew that the immortal gods were from the Ancient Immortal Clan. Thanks to the Heavenly Saint and the Ancient Immortal Clan, he escaped his dire situation. However, he still felt that there was an even grander scheme working in the dark.

If the immortal gods were this benevolent, they would have appeared much earlier.

Wu Qiu did not reply to him because he was thinking about this problem as well

Ever since he witnessed the prowess of the Malicious Buddha, his desire for power grew tremendously.

This time, he wanted not only to help Zhou Xuanji find the Divine Sword but also to find himself a serendipity.

Under the gloomy clouds, the mountain was covered with countless graves.

Behind a gravestone, a hand stretched out from the ground. It was withered like a piece of dead branch with a terrifying look.

The ground opened, and an emasculated man crawled out. Only strips of clothes were left of his decayed shirt. Withered hair covered his head, and his eyes were expressionless.

He rolled down from the pile of dirt and laid on the ground gasping for air.

He glanced over at the words carved onto the gravestone.

My brother, Mo…

The last four words were corroded by the sand and wind, but the three words could still be seen at the bottom.

By Emperor Xia!

The emasculated man stood up with much difficulty. He looked up at the gloomy clouds with his trembling body and suddenly burst out in laughter.


“I revived again! All of you wait for me to kill you! I’m going to regain control of the Center God Province!”

“The true supreme sovereign ruler is me!”

He laughed wildly. Strands of black Qi rose from the other graves and gathered on his body.

His body plumped up at a visible rate.