I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 450 - Chapter 450 Killed Void Extreme Immortal With Ease

Chapter 450 - Chapter 450 Killed Void Extreme Immortal With Ease


The faction that occupied the Wangwei Realm was called Eight Fist Sect, which had a few True Gods.

Previously, they seemed so insignificant before the Divine Cliff. But now, they had allied with other factions and began preying on the Divine CLiff.

The two Void Extreme Immortal brought a few hundred Revolution Golden Immortals to occupy this land. It was obvious that they did not take the Divine Cliff seriously.

They were not afraid of Yang Yutian because many other powerful cultivators were preying on him.

The Divine Cliff was a big cake that was up for grabs.


A cold snort came. Zhou Xuanji arrived on a river of swords, and the All Evil Yin Yang Destruction and the Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword were in his hands. His black robe danced in the wind, and he was looking at them with a murderous gaze.

Elder Yuquan appeared beside him with excitement.

It was finally time to fight back!

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji had appeared, the Eight Fist Sect’s cultivators got up and got ready for battle.

The two Void Extreme Immortals gave a mocking smile.

Zhou Xuanji said coldly, “All of you, come here and die! Don’t block the portal!”

Hearing his words, everyone from the Eight Fist Sect took out their enchanted artifact and stared at Zhou Xuanji furiously.

One of the Void Extreme Immortal mocked, “A Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal dares to be so arrogant? You think that you can be fearless with an elder around?”

After that, he charged at Zhou Xuanji first, followed by the rest.

Just when Elder Yuquan was about to respond, Zhou Xuanji activated the world-destroying power in an Armageddon sword and slashed with the empowerment of the Sword Soul of the Sky Dominating Divine Sword.


The sword flashed, and everyone closed their eyes instinctively.

The leading Void Extreme Immortal opened his eyes wide as he pushed forward with his palm. Shortly after, he and those Revolution Golden Immortals behind them were turned to ash.

The clouds and mist dissipated. The sword Qi swept over and disappeared into the horizon in the blink of an eye.


Elder Yuquan’s jaw dropped. The remaining Eight Fist Sect cultivators were stupefied.

It was a death-like silence.

“Brat! You are looking for death!”

The other Void Extreme Immortal from the Eight Fist Sect roared furiously. He disappeared on the spot and wanted to attack Zhou Xuanji from the back.

Zhou Xuanji stomped his foot, and 30 legendary swords flew out, beaming with a silver radiance. They revolved around him with extreme speed.

Elder Yuquan could sense an extremely powerful repelling force and immediately identified it to be from Zhou Xuanji. He did not resist and drew some distance from him.

That Void Extreme Immortal appeared behind Zhou Xuanji suddenly with a black sword resembling a snake and slashed toward Zhou Xuanji.

Pssshhh! Pssshhh! Psshhhh…

The silver light flashed, and he was pierced by the 30 legendary swords like a porcupine. Blood splattered across the vast sky.

Zhou Xuanji did not look back but fixed his gaze at the other Eight Fist Sect cultivators.

The cultivators were all covered in a cold sweat because of his gaze. They began backing off.

“How can it be…”

The Eight Fist Sect’s Void Extreme Immortal was covered in beads of cold sweat with a hideous expression. He wanted to land his black sword on Zhou Xuanji but to no avail because all his magic energy was sucked away.

Celestial power was of a higher grade than his magic energy, so he did not have the power to resist.

The 30 legendary swords moved again and shredded him to pieces immediately, turning him into a mist of blood.

The two Void Extreme Immortals were like mere mortals before Zhou Xuanji!

The two Armageddon legendary swords, along with the Sword Sect Immortal Cry, was enough for him to kill enemies of a higher stage than him!

With his cultivation stage, the celestial power in his body depleted after slashing with his swords twice. However, since he had the Tianxia Map abundantly stored with celestial power, it was enough for a prolonged battle.

He charged toward the other Eight Fist Sect cultivators and began slaughtering them.

The cultivators were struck with fear and fled.

Elder Yuquan was stupefied, and it took him a long while to come back to his senses.

Why was a Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal this powerful?

It was beyond his comprehension.

Was this the power of a First Class Great Emperor?

It was no wonder those factions wanted to kill Zhou Xuanji even to the point of attacking the Divine Cliff and the Dao Heaven Sect.

“Zhou Xuanji!” You still dare to appear!”

A loud cry came, and a thousand-meter-tall silhouette appeared on the horizon. It charged toward Zhou Xuanji swiftly, pushing apart the clouds and mists along the way.

Heavenly Law True God!

The stage above Void Extreme Immortal!

Elder Yuquan was merely a Void Extreme Immortal. If not for the fact that the Divine Cliff suffered a great loss, he would not even be an elder. Seeing that a True God had appeared, his face turned pale.

But Zhou Xuanji was calm. He immediately activated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. Standing on the buddha head, he rose into the sky swiftly.

“A little True God wants to kill me?”

He laughed arrogantly, “Even the Malicious Buddha cannot kill me! Much less you!”

“If you dare to attack me, the being who is supporting me will not let you live. Neither will the Malicious Buddha. The Malicious Buddha and the Demonic Emperor still want to use me. Are you qualified to fight with them?”

The True God stopped out of fear.

A golden radiance was beaming from his body, and no one could see his expression.

But he had to believe Zhou Xuanji’s words.

Even Han Xuzi had died at the Malicious Buddha’s hands, why should Zhou Xuanji be alive?

Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly, “Get lost now. You, and the others hiding around, will all die!”

He burst out with his aura fearlessly.

This made the Eight Fist Sect True God hesitate.

Zhou Xuanji slashed toward the True God with the Sky Dominating Divine Sword Soul, which exploded upon contact and did not cause any damage.

He was shocked in his heart. Was the Heavenly Law True God this powerful?

“Zhou Xuanji!” You are lucky!”

The True God snorted coldly before turning around and leaving.

The other cultivators from the Eight Fist Sect had already fled.

The Eight Fist Sect retreated!

At the same time, the other hiding True Gods were also shocked.

They were not stupid, but the Malicious Buddha was just too frightening.

Even Han Xuzi was killed, so how could they fight the Malicious Buddha?

Elder Yuquan came up to Zhou Xuanji in excitement. When he was about to say something, Zhou Xuanji gave him a look, and he immediately understood.

The two returned to the Cliff Lord’s Palace and informed Yang Yutian about this.

Yang Yutian sighed in amazement, “A Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal could kill two Void Extreme Immortals and hundreds of Revolution Golden Immortals. That’s just overpowered.”

“Not only so, but you also took advantage of your situation to bully the enemy. I could sense those True Gods retreating. It did not seem like the other factions needed us to settle. They had already fled out of fear.”

Taking advantage of my situation to bully the enemy?

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. What are you talking about?

Next, Yang Yutian began gathering core disciples to reclaim the portals to the mortal realms.

Zhou Xuanji told him about the Northern Wilderness Region, and he agreed to help.

The Emperor Sword Court was merely a faction in the Northern Wilderness Region. It was not a big issue to add it to the Divine Cliff’s fray.

However, because the Divine Cliff had been attacked, they needed to purchase the world stones to create the portal, which would take some time.

Zhou Xuanji also told Yang Yutian about the 18 Divine Swords and Xian Xianghua. Yang Yutian agreed to them all.

On the same day.

News about Zhou Xuanji’s return spread all across Divine Cliff city. In the beginning, the disciples were furious. However, after hearing that Zhou Xuanji had fended off hostile factions, their anger was reduced.

Along the way, ZHou Xuanji could sense many hostile eyes. He was not angry because he would have felt rather unpleasant if he were in their position.

Under Elder Yuquan’s guidance, he returned to his original residence, and it had not been destroyed.

Fei Hai stood at the gate in excitement. When he saw Zhou Xuanji, tears of joy flowed down his cheek.

“Senior, you are finally back. So good to see you back…” He exclaimed with a trembling voice.